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as promised here is my pre IVF supplement regime hi thanks for cooking on simply Tanika I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let's hang out a while if you are returning welcome back what's that fertility BAM we got to do what let's get those babies ladies what's up fertility fam how are you so as promised here is my pre IVF supplement regime not a lot as you can see yay so the first thing hopefully you already have is a prenatal vitamin I'm using vitae pearl these are prescription whoa they're just little blue tablets take them before bedtime so that you can absorb all the yummy goodness that they have everything in it it's got like D H E or DHA vitamin E vitamin D iron folic acid etc so that's kind of the foundation of my supplement regime ubiquinol which i have a whole other video on ubiquinol Co Q 10 in the form of ubiquinol which is most readily absorbable I am taking 300 milligrams if you are like what is that what's the Co Q 10 once ubiquinol basically it's energy where your mitochondria order your mitochondria there's the battery of your cells where all the like the energy is coming from and eggs are the largest cell the biggest cell in the female body interestingly enough sperm is the smallest in the male body so they kind of do get out but hopefully that makes it easier for the sperm to find the egg but so I'm taking that 300 gram I'm no longer taking in the DHEA after having my levels checked the doctor the new re doctor oh hi ginger asked me to discontinue it because I was good there so I'm not supplementing with that any longer but I am continuing with the ubiquinol 300 milligrams I think when I start swimming I'm gonna up it to 600 milligrams oh my day just during the stems the other thing I'm taking is neck which is I'll put the whole word down here but it basically is a super powerful antioxidant it helps with the glutathione which is like the main and oxidant in our bodies and it just is good overall I'm taking a thousand milligrams as we age obviously we're exposed to oxidation our cells are exposed to oxidation and other oxidizing agents and so as many antioxidants as we can get to kind of help stop and/or reverse that oxidization of ourselves the better it is for us and again eggs ourselves so the goal is to improve the overall quality and health of my eggs vitamin d3 this is like fertility goals I think I had my vitamin D levels checked they were okay they weren't great and so I do want to take this if you're somewhere where it's nice and sunny you don't have to worry about it you can go outside and get your vitamin D naturally but I lived in New York and it's raining out or don't you can hear it's raining right now and it's like what is today June 20th so yeah I need all the vitamin D I can get this is 5,000 IU and I take that before bed and then vitamin E which is also another great antioxidant it's also a blood thinner so you've been here a while you know I only have one kidney I can't have aspirin I know a lot of the ladies on the TTC band why didn't take the aspirin because it helps as a blood thinner I can't take it but vitamin E I can and so I take that so I get you know two for the price of one both antioxidant and blood center bt-dubs if you're gonna have a procedure you gotta stop your vitamin E because it is a blood thinner um I had to stop it like when I had my cheeks done just so you don't bleed excessively and they were worried about it when I have my biopsy so if you're gonna have any other sort of procedure don't take it like I'm going next week for my I've to have a little surgery on my gum I have to stop taking it two days before um just a boy I am NOT a doctor or medical adviser please consult with yours if you have any questions and the melatonin so melatonin is tricky it's three milligrams I stick with it because there are so many studies related specifically to IVF on how it helps with the molecular fluid which is follicles or where the eggs are sitting inside of the fluid is what's in the inside of the follicles and so it helps improve the follicular fluid helps improve the eggs and so just another good boost for the eggs I'm only gonna take it while I'm stimming the same as like when I'm doubling up my pubic one I won't take it before because it can impact ovulation and do other things with your body because I'm zooming and it will be medicated and control obviously no we're not I'll be late because they'll give me a trigger shot so I'm not worried about that then but if you're not doing an IVF cycle I don't recommend you take the melatonin just because you don't know how it's gonna behave and then last but not least I'm doing the omega-3 fish oil these have 2,000 milligrams of EPA and 1500 of DHA so this is like the super Cooper and they're not you have to take 300 they're not that big but they are kind of three of those so and I'll show you the other ones too because they're the ubiquinol is about the same size is that the ubiquinol I take in the morning because it does give you a little bit of an energy boost I don't want to take that before bed and then be up all night the neck I take in the evening it's an antioxidant I want it to be in my body while I'm sleeping and let my while I'm resting and let this cells kind of absorb all of that vitamin E is tiny and cute it's very tiny I was keeping them in the fridge but then they were getting a little bit opaque so now I just leave on room temperature vitamin e be a little bit larger also good for your skin in males ladies and then the little tiny melatonin this doesn't have a coating so I take it with a lot of water okay so that's that on what I'm taking for my pre IVF supplement getting ready for round two and then I just want to go over like some of the other stuff so next up I'll have for you guys the EKG video I already recorded it I haven't edit it I'll put it up next Thursday which is the 27th of June it will be like throwback Thursday and then Friday I'll put up my glucose test because I have to go and get that done this Friday so you'll see it next week um it's the 300 or glucose tolerance which haven't done it since I was pregnant with Cheyenne I don't remember liking it but we'll see I'll let you know how it goes and then there'll be the meds unboxings you guys can see what as I'll be taking I'll do that on a post that on the fifth of July then I'll be tracking ovulation for the cycle a doctor I have to notify them so I'll post that video and probably a compilation video like that compilation blog I'll post that on the 12th of July and then the priming I'll post that on the 19th so that kind of gives you a lay ahead and just a little bit of background so I have the notes from the nurse at the clinic and here's basically what my instructions are I'm gonna start my priming on suckle day 21 so on cycle day ten I have to start monitoring my ovulation at home so that's what I was saying I'll have that like compilation and then after I have my positive OB ki email the doctor and the nurse and they'll have me come in 21 days or 7 dpo and I'll start my priming so it'll be the s trace fill the sector tied and the what's the other one that's tres secreto in the Omni truck I'll start the Omni truck during the priming so that's kind of what's going on there and then I will go in for baseline I have to let them know in cycle day one after the priming go in for baseline one day two or three for bloodwork and ultrasound and then we're off to the races as long as that all comes back clear like lining is clear gnosis etc then I am good to go for my injection so it's happening yeah so that's what's going on what's going on with you ladies who else oh I wrote it down somewhere I'll put it up in the end I know some of you let me know that you bought your VF PL rolled up the ones that I've been watching on youtube I think Christa Bowman Brown got her bf bu she did an IUI and there are a couple of ladies in the comments like I said I'll put it my phone is in my room I'll put it up at the end of the screen but congratulations out of your BF e for those of you in here to week wait hang in there I know some of you I said you're in a late tool cycle day 12 or 12 dpo to test and nerves of steel nerves of steel um I'm excited for all of you guys and I wish you well as always all right ladies bye baby does to you all

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  1. Hi Tanika, I wish you all the best on your getting your little one ❤️ Have they checked your follicle count? If so how many do you have? I only have 2 on each side total of 4 follicles. I started taking DHEA about 2 months ago but nothing has changed.

  2. Hey Tanika!! I’m so happy ur back! Thanks for sharing the supplements you are taking to prep for your next IVF cycle. I like how the prenatal look. Ive heard great things about the CO Q 10. Thanks for the congrats shout out!!

  3. After changing my lifestyle and converting to veganism, detoxing my womb, taking herbal supplements and exercising yesterday I found out yesterday I'm expecting my first baby. I'm over the moon with excitement. Thank you Tankia and other Youtubers for you insight and advice 🤗🤗🤗🤗❤

  4. Other than being an antioxidant why are you taking vitamin E?

    Thanks for this video by the way. It’s helpful to me as I am starting my TTC journey again.

  5. Im crossing fingers and toes that this next cycle will be positive for you!!!!Starting mine mid August. Fsh in 2018 was 13.9 now im at 9.94. I was happy about it but my doctor tried to convience me that there is NOTHING I CAN DO TO GET BETTER EGG QUALITY😒😒😒

  6. Thanks Tanika! I actually wrote you an email asking about supplements. I didn't hear back from you but even if you didn't see the email, it's like you heard me and I am getting a response with this video. All best to you!!!💙🌹

  7. Welcome back hun😊
    Great, educational video.
    Looking forward to the updates.
    You are close to 5k subscribers. I hope you can do a live sometime soon.

  8. Back amd back at it! Things are moving, moving, moving along. Time will go by so quickly from here. I can't wait to follow along. Sticky sticky baby dust!

  9. Hey sis thank you for sharing this with us I take a lot of supplements as well and I’m driving myself crazy

  10. Sadly I miscarried number 6!! I am now on cycle day 4 back on the TTC journey! Thankyou so much Tanika for showing us what you take, it has been such a huge help!!! xxxx I think i have got it all covered now except NAC, however i do take selenium – Might have to see if we can get NAC in Australia! I had AMH test done and they came back 0.71 so its low, all other tests are normal including genetics and mutations etc… My specialist did say that possible cause of miscarriage is yes poor egg quality being 41yrs old but also the stromal layers in the lining are not telling abnormal embryos not to implant so all embryos are sticking, so unfortunately i will fall pregnant all the time but will keep miscarrying until i get that 1 good egg. Could be many more miscarriages before a good egg, so it will be continual heartbreak until we get success. Such a difficult and long journey for so many of us! I hope this month is a successful month for you xxxxxx

  11. That is great info to know I just got my BFP yesterday we are pregnant 🤰 !!! I keeping you in prayer with your journey 🙏🏼

  12. My Ubiquinol only comes in 200mg.. so i take 2.. but i was worried its too much.. what do you think? Advice? My husband is taking that with me..

  13. Exciting. I take my vitamins at night also. Have a great weekend ❤️❤️❤️

  14. The coq10 helped my husbands sperm count tremendously I can thank you for that!!! Will the melatonin help prevent the Ohss?

  15. Glad to see you’re back!! We may be cycling close together. I start bcp next week, go in on July 17th for baseline and if all is well I will start stims on July 19th. I hope this cycle is successful for both of us, baby dust to you! 💕

  16. Hey tanika wanted to ask you about ubquinol since Iam not doing ivf can I still take it along with my prenatals and also I bought a herbal supplement call Lydia Pinkham have you heard of this they said that u could come out pregnant with this it comes in tablet and liquid

  17. We take a few vitamins in common. I take d3 5000 because I'm genetically deficient. I take prenatal, coq10 not ubiquinol, and maca root to help with ovulation. ^_^ fingers crossed this is the month for me and Sam because we are gonna break til Aug otherwise. Moving and all that. Praying for you girl.!

  18. Well let me start off by saying YAAAAY! So I had to have the old shipment sent back because I developed a better baby dust for you. Yes, we have a whole whare house of it. Before it was glitter and gold dust, but you needed an upgrade to ensure that this next IVF will be the BOMB!!💣💣💣. It is made up of DIAMOND DUST💎💎 AND PLATINUM!! This stuff is going to definitely help you get pregnant. I'm sending you two truck loads of the18 wheeler stuff with lots of love, hugs, and rainbows 🌈 🌈 🌈♥️. Love you sweetheart 💋🤗🌈🌺🍼👣♥️💎💎🙏🏽🚛🚛

    I'm cheering for you Tanika! GO GET THAT BABY LAAADY!♥️

  19. I am taking a prenatal with DHA, plus vitamin D3 4000 IU ,COq10 but I just switched to 300 that absorb better then what I have been taking also taking zinc and B6 with super foods with antioxidants and super foods with all the greens even with maca.
    I think I just need omega 3.
    What does a baby aspirin do sis ?
    Oh I am now working with an RE along side my OBGYN . I had my HSG tubes are not blocked did a baseline ultrasound at the RE they found a mass next day did a hysteroscopy it was a fibroid inside uterus but RE said it's off to the side and small so it wont effect getting pregnant but he found polyps had to cut them out so recovery from that , that was painful because all I had was 4 ibruprofin be4 hand with of course a full bladder uug but pushed though now healing still have my donor but it's crazy because I am dating someone lol he is supportive of my choice of being a SMBC but still weird it's a new relationship see how it goes I'm staying focused. Ty for the comment on my black and white photograph on IG . So glad your making vlogs again I know you have been taking a break a little bit just keep taking care of you mama your amazing inside and out love and hugs sis

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