IVF | 4 days after Egg Retrieval – Symptoms | TTC VLOGGING from Hawaii

hello ladies I am doing this video to record my symptoms post egg retrieval so today is Tuesday and I had my egg retrieval on Friday so it's been instead of the Sunday Monday four days since dag retrieval and I felt great on the first day right after the egg retrieval as you can see by this video right here on Saturday I think the symptoms caught up to me a little bit but we had great news we heard from the fertilization report or semi I guess they call this I said that out of the 48 eggs that they were able to retrieve a whopping forty one or at mature which is great in twenty eight fertilized but they did have to do it see they what it's the very last minute and they had to do exceed we didn't want to do but it is what it is so we're happy that we have so many embryos now we have to wait and see how many actually survived but on Saturday you know breakfast symptoms on Saturday I started to also feel very very bloated that it was obvious that my belly was huge and I couldn't really stand up straight and walk you know like I had to kind of bend forward it would hurt my belly too much so I did a lot of heating pads I drink a lot of liquids husband made me some chicken soup because I guess the salty drinks or soups are supposed to help a little on Sunday that was really the peak of the crappiness I didn't even get up I just stayed in bed all day and I did he pads and I was feeling very nauseated and very creepy my nipples were unbelievably sensitive I still couldn't stand up straight I also was spotting ever since the hospital have been spotting I think I did some today as well I did have shortness of breath the pee was pretty minimal I mean I did pee but not for as much water as I was drinking not as much was coming out and my belly was really hard in really but other than that I think there was it but I think that's pretty much almost all of the symptoms of OHSS the one thing that's defining for HSS that I didn't have was the fact that I didn't gain I think my doctor told me three pounds online dr. Google says it's five pounds from one morning to the next I'm gonna gain I almost gave him three pounds from Saturday to Sunday or it's two inches in waist size which I didn't even gain either so I didn't call him and then by yesterday things were much better I still couldn't stand up straight I still spotted it a little I and I did have to do the eating pie all day but I felt so much better by Monday and today I feel almost normal so I'm guessing tomorrow I'll be great so the good news is that me and my BFF have been reunited and the funny thing is I also tried to be your knight with coffee cuz I used to drink coffee every day and I just don't even want to anymore so now we're just waiting to see how many of these eggs have lived through these days and they come we'd only call it Friday which I can't do that that's seven days later I know it only takes five days six things max so I'm gonna have to call them on Thursday to find out because I'm not gonna wait till Friday so we're very excited other than that everything is great we're excited what's up Zoey sorry very excited and we're hope everything is good with you to let me know how your cycles going and stay tuned for more updates Aloha

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  2. To give you update on mine I did my IVF cycle did too embryo transfers and only one stuck and go back on the 24th so Christmas Eve to get my ultrasound

  3. Hi Leticia Siqueira, sorry for not replying directly but youtube isn't letting me reply to your comment :/ But to answer your question, I have never tried TCM, really curious to know how it'll work for you though! We've been trying since 2012 and we this is our 1st IVF cycle and hopefully last. Im not pregnant yet, still waiting to transfer the embryos which will happen in 12 days! Good luck with TCM!! xoxo

  4. Hi Daniele  how many months you trying to conceive? Im going to my first cycle of Femara recommended by my specialist for Fertility before try IUI or IVF because it is painful and expensive  . We will try first TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine what I been reading, studying and searching a lot  online and I read in few websites TCM  is more effective than IVF. Did you get pregnant? If not try the TCM with acupuncture.
    We will start Acupuncture and the Chinese herbs next week.. They said the treatment its around 3 to 6 months to get pregnant . Let me know when you get pregnant and if you IVF works and if it was painful. Keep faith and god luck 😉

  5. Wow! This is such awesome news 🙂 So very happy for you and also very optimistic that your bfp is right around the corner. It's so good to see you happy and smiling. Your hair looks beautiful! Enjoy this time in-between to the fullest. Best wishes!

  6. Sweeeeet! That's aMazing whoo whoo…cant wait for more updates. Glad ur feeling better n reunited with ur bff lol

  7. ahh….  i totally dislike you right now you over achiever 😉 haha! Thats an amazing amount of embryo's you have there! Praying that they all make it, that way if I'm not having any luck … i may make a visit to Hawaii for your embryo's…… and to see you of course 😉 

  8. Were you over stimulated with the HCG shot? That's how I got . it was so painful. I was walking around like a cowgirl. All that liquid in my ovaries…. look like I was 6 months. lol so glad you're feeling better!! if you feel uncomfortable like that again.. drink salty water. The salt acts like a vacuum. 🙂 can't wait to find out your news soon.

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