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  1. Sir my age is 28..my husband age 34 his count and motility is less so doctor told it hard to conceive naturally.. And he stay abroad comes nine months ones and stay for one and half months. So doctor advised us to go for IVF.. So during IVF embryo process so we are planing to tell doctor to transfer two instead of one whether it would be risky

  2. Can i Direct get IVF Treatment (sep-2019)? and how much cost and how many days stay there ,because i am from Bangladesh and i do Privet Job. Please replies your answer

  3. স্যার আপনে বাংলাদেশের থাকেন না ইনডিয়া।পিজ জানাবেন

  4. firstly, I want to mention that, your chances of pregnancy with frozen embryos are 90-95%. this technique is very good. Most of the infertile couples choose this technique. Embryos transfer, pregnancy & IVF are very sensitive matters. we must have to be very conscious about them. when we are making decisions to go for them.we must have to keep in mind the factors that affect them. the success rate means a lot.

  5. I am visiting a clinic named biotexcom in Ukraine for my surrogacy journey. The clinic has a proper legal procedure to start this journey. They have laws and rules and they have given a complete contract to read before signing it.

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