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  4. Who knew how much research it takes to save some money- sucks having to pay out of pocket. regardless, its definitely worth saving the thousands of dollars! My meds cost over 5k in the states alone! Thank goodness my ivf support group suggested international pharmacies. Saved over $3k with SaveIVF . People do your research!!

  5. I also wish I knew all this things. Now I am even questioning myself where was I all this time? I actually started checking on the vlogs recently. This is after my Bio texcom clinic doctor started her own vlog. So when she told me about it. I decided to also have my own account. So that I can be following up what is happening. Like recently se updated us that in 2018 there will no longer be the economy package. This is because they are all sold out. You can try to imagine how many clients they have. This is because they are very affordable. Yet there have high quality services too. I have been there twice so I know they are worth it. So vlogs are so important. Spreading news and information. Like the way you are using it to

  6. I am extremely blessed because I am going through IUI right now and my Aetna insurance pays in full for 6 IUI’s and 3 IVF’s!! Crazy! I live in New York.

  7. Would you please share what pharmacy gave you a 25% cash discount on the meds? We're about to order ours…found you two in December when we found out we're going the IVF route – what a blessing you are! Watched every video on your channel 😀

  8. We spent close to 60 thousand and are finally pregnant. In California and had to do 2 IVF rounds..pgs testing ..and pregnant on our first FET. Waiting to make sure everything is ok.

  9. Everything I think about this subject just brings up negative thoughts for me. I want to change that and hopefully see it through. Every time I hear someone is pregnant all I can think about is maybe it’s my turn too now. When it’s brought up all I can think about is – the financial cost of IVF. I do really want to change my mindset, I feel like all these things are a combination of fears and selfishness. But I really refuse to address to fertility center because of its prices. And especially I don’t want to travel to countries like India or Ukraine in order to use their, cheaper service. I don’t care that Ukraine has the highest rank of the quality of reproductive medicine. I won’t be waiting few months to just get in some overcrowded clinic only to have free consultation. I mean I care about my health and don’t want to risk. Recently Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom sanded to us their list with packages and services. Crazy. It just insane how reproductive medicine has developed. They can do almost everything possible for your money. Nevertheless I don’t want to become a mother risky. Everyone create their own life and choose right roads for them. So I think I will look for mine for more time.

  10. It makes me pretty sad that some people say oops I’m pregnant, while others have to struggle for years and spend $20,000 to have a baby.

  11. This video is very important. Financial plans are really important. I once visited a clinic in Ukraine. It was really nice. They had many handsome packages. Financial aid is really important. It is good to share the packages in the form of video. IVF cycles really help. So, financial plans are really important. Wishing everyone good luck.

  12. IVF prices vary from one clinic to another. It also depends with which country you are in. For example. America is very expensive when dealing with fertility treatment. This is the reason we have people travelling to Europe. They are very affordable. I have had treatment in Bio texcom clinic in Kiev. I can say that they are very affordable. Their prices also vary according to the packages. Like next year their economy packages have already been sold out. This is due to the high number of clients. Many people are preferring treatment in Europe. So it is better to book early in advance. However, there is still standard and VIP packages. Which are also affordable if you compare to treatment in America. But it is for someone to choose according to what they can manage.

  13. This was a great ivf information video, cause me and my hubby has been thinking about doing ivf. Y'all are such a awesome couple. I just love y'all vlog ❤ Congress Congress on the twins, they are going to have amazing parents. 😊

  14. holey crap! we paid 8,000$ for ours ( that included meds ) we didnt pay for any of our blood work, SA, and ultrasounds before IVF. Tricare covered it, and monitoring while in cycle was included in the IVF cost. And the OB appts again were covered through tricare with the referral.

  15. Thankfully our insurance covered all but 5600 and our first cycle worked!!!! He we are pregnant naturally after 2 years of not trying but not preventing and no tracking!!!>>>I BLAME the eclipse my doctor laughed and I said no I googled it and seriously it talks about some werid phenomenon with eclipses and ovulation or just the moon in general>>> so strange!!! ANyway JUST SUBBED LOVED YOUR CHANNEL SO FAR… We literally just posted our SURPRISE PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT a few weeks ago!!! Hope our story gives hope to those on the crazy train of TTC I am praying for you all!!

  16. Thank you for sharing your cost for your IVF. We were very fortunate that my husbands insurance paid a portion of our procedure. Even with that our total out of pocket was over 6k for the first IVF. process. We also did icsi due to issues of my husband's swimmers swam in circles. We also had to stop the fresh transfer due to hyper stimulation. In most cases a woman would produce between 10 to 12 follicles. I produced 39! Wowzers! Out of those 39 we had 17 that grew beautifully. And were frozen from May to October. My ovaries hyperstimulated and were the aize of my whole thumb. My ob said the average size of a ovarie is the size of your thumb nail. Over all the experience was amazing. We then did another transfer 20 months later and had another successful baby. I told our daughter Brooke she has blonde hair (just lije yours Rachel because she was left in rhe freezer to long. LOL) total bill before insurance was 37k i honestly think the prices have come down since 2003 and 2006. With our transfer with Brooke was a total of 3,400,
    One thing I tell our 2 daughters is they were Hand picked. (Icsi)
    I told my husband thst with the costs of our IVF we could of bought a really nice Lexus.. its worth it.. even yrs later those progesterone shot sites still worth it.. now our Hannah is 13 and 5 ft 7 playing sports.. volleyball, basketball and softball and plays the violin ans clarinet… Brooke is almost 11 and is such a loving child.. at the age of 5 she was asking her friends if they knew why women had to experience pain in childbirth.. she said it was because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Your path has just begun and you will treasure it every step of the way. Sorry its so long…

  17. And how much was the procedure to retrieve the sperm? And how much for the implantation of a successful egg?

  18. New Subscriber! I love you and your husbands personality and positivity! Me and my husband are starting our IVF journey and I'm so nervous but hopeful. Congrats on the twins!!

  19. Wait….you guys are military? Why didn't Tri-Care cover most of everything except for IVF? Like the actual procedure.

  20. it will cost us about 3000 dollars in Vietnam ..now I understand why my husband doesn't want it done in the UK

  21. i LOVE your story. I had twins and I can attest to this is probably the only time your twins will be buy one get one…lol I'm so happy IVF was a success for you all.

  22. This was an adorable video. Congratulations!!!! Blessings with the babies🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈

  23. This is a good video, thank God my insurance pays for IVF once in a lifetime. Me and my husband are in a IVF cycle now, fingers crossed. Congrats on the twins, please send tons of baby dust my way.

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