I don't look at if it would help you know Yosh you get your finger yeah I think you should look good morning you guys I am back at the doctor's office and we are gonna go in and see how all the medication has been working and how my eggs are looking so yeah sometimes it's so crazy that we are doing I've yet but we're just kind of like jumped in two feet and we're just doing it so let's go in and see all right I'm in and so we are about to see how I'm doing still early so what time's the blood test is more important than the ultrasound of the stage okay so nine of the light to the six on the left okay so that's 15 yeah you juergen so I am back from the appointment which went really well um she counted nine growing eggs on my right and six on my left so I'm really happy with the six because my left has really not made many since I had the surgery so I'm really happy about that so that's 15 total so that's really good um but she is gonna um call me after the blood work comes in so tell me hi I know you wouldn't say hi say hello I'm messy I had hummus you want more mmm man yeah hey show me more you want more good yeah yay okay I'll get to you more don't wipe that in your hair though so we it's really hard to talk to you guys and feed my child all at the same time you so my fertility doctor is going to call me back after she gets the blood work from this morning and tell me what dose of medication so um I know it can change everyday so I won't be giving my injections until I get a call from her so yeah that's where we're at and I guess we're really doing this one step at a time I'm not really thinking about it a whole lot pretty much the only time I think about it is when we're doing the actual injections at night but other than that I kind of just go about my day and I was telling dr. hatch then she's like that's a good thing that's like that's a really good thing so just kind of distracted from it not stressing so yeah it's really good you guys ready for night four I went to dr. house this morning based on my blood work my estrogen was 33 which I don't really know that means but it was low so she increased my menopur dose to three vials instead of two she said it wasn't a bad thing it was just more needing to wake up my ovaries a little bit more partly it might be that they're a little bit more on the sleepy side because I was on birth control before um which kind of just said shuts everything down and then I'm staying on the same dose of the Ghana lab I was telling her about how this needle gets like dull because I have to draw up with the same needle and she said yeah that's the reason she doesn't like the multiple um dose vials cuz she says they are more dull that is one day of injections trash Wow you okay yeah it's just that my favorite part of the day wait a minute after going to work you don't want to come home and get a stabbed by two needles I know I didn't even stab any of my babies at work today so I don't think I should have to stay on myself I think that's correct I think I should be able to stay ah yes get a girl don't look at it it would help ya know Yosh you get your finger yeah I think you should look ah that's funny to help you there you go that was really well done good job high five IVF day three day four four check I'm curious what I'm going to feel like today the last couple days I kind of get like a little hot flash like within like ten minutes afterwards that goes away doesn't last but thank you guys again for watching and we will see you guys again tomorrow bye

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