wait help huh except again genuinely I swear I'm not even pretending I am so scared right now hey guys this is our first time we're Kinsley's at the beaches she's walking she doesn't really love water so we'll see but look how fun so Saddleback Church Aliso Viejo is having a family beach day so we are down here Kinsley got her morning nap so we got down here a little bit later but now we're at the beach a Jackson she doesn't like it what does she not like her today sixteen okay I don't know you know we're adopting again and it's next month so there'll be fifteen months apart so I'm looking Emily like you don't see the three clearer than out without it better I think the beach is like not only is it scary because it's so loud the waves come in so fast it's just kind of like jarring to her there's a beach a little bit further south right here and it's called baby Beach then it's like a little color so there's no waves so we should go there and kind of introduce her to the beach slowly all right you guys we are back from beach day which was an absolute blast I love it when our church family gets together we are here doing our IVF injections day nine how has IVF been oh I don't know first I'm gonna mix this because this is time-sensitive and I literally have to give it plus or minus five minutes so I just want to mix it and show you before we're on a time crunch I think there was a lot more views and comments that I was supposed to give it to you it's been a few days ago where we asked you should Philip give the injections and I am such a better nurse to her than she is to herself a few people said that I should be giving it and then there was a big chunk that said Philips so I think I think the agreement maybe it will be Philip can give it today and then I'll do all the rest or if I'm so good at giving them that I'll be able to do every day some people take gonal-f and then some people take follow stim but it's the same thing it's just like different brands or something like that and same thing with cetera tight some people take set riptides some people take ganna relics so this is cetra time i am going to pop the top and then it comes with this prefilled syringe so i'm going to take the big needle that comes with it it's a 20 gauge oh my gosh i know that does not have to go inside that is a monster monster that is a monstrosity yes so it goes that looks like an epidural needle this one does not dissolve as well as together too but I mean it does but it's a little more like you have to make sure you get all the powder you don't have to stick that in yourself right No thank goodness but I'm slightly terrified because I know that this is how long the IMS I am injections are for giving that trigger shot like right before you do the retrieval so the HCG or the I'd know whatever you want to call it injection I don't think it's this thick though I think it's been there's no way I don't know so if you put the lid back on it's so much easier to unscrew a needle FYI okay five minutes until I have to give this one you mean you have five minutes until I have to give this one this one burns though this one burnt you guys remember yesterday I like got a big red mark on my belly because it like burned kind of like that tissue that it was probably in and you could see where the medication was because it was all like red so again I want to do a tutorial of like how to give injections but kind of like the quick and easy way cuz that other video was kind of long kind of explaining every step um but it would kind of be fun to just show like a quick and easy how to you guys like that let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see something like that I'm gonna grab my injection and one minute okay for the time crunch one I'm gonna give it the other ones we can oh I'll let you give it just because I don't want you to feel pressure under time crunch and more honestly I don't want to feel like you have pressure to I don't feel like I have any pressure to perform Jack Bauer says time is almost up Jack barber says time is up I have to give this one first and then we'll come back and worry about the other one I don't want to do it I don't want to do it I don't want to do it I want to do it I want to do it you're getting so good see how red it is oh my gosh we should play a game when you take your shots if your stomach goes red you should comment below on what country it looks like as the shape that's funny to me it looks a little bit like Antarctica okay that's a continent though this is one I want you to give me but I drop the cap so I can't set it down now these seem like some mighty fine excuse okay fine you can come give this to me but I can't set this down so you have to come give this to me now is this sensitive no I gave the time sensitive one so these you can take your time don't let that touch anything in chard shake it and then okay shake what shake your skin oh you know the salt shakers to get that good song shake it you just hold it and you have to clean it first I know do you yeah that's not cleaning Hey goodbyes might be cotton it's not cleaning guys I got this hey don't let that touch anything that's pointing away like there's alcohol I can do this okay so go ahead and pinch me that's nice and firm that's good okay I am going to be the best most prolific nurse you're hurting me already like that hurts wait wait you have to clean again alex has shaken me off like three different times so here's the thing in a few seconds I want you to pause this video not yet and tell us and guess in a comment below how many more times it's going to take Alex to freak out before I'm allowed to actually shoot her with this needle okay pause now and comment below okay glad you're back so I'm going to give her the fourth try of trying to injector I am going to pinch her then clean her then stabbed her very gently with love and tenderness and inject her with this medication this is the dull needle to you're good wait wait wait do it lower one gentle gentle you're hurting me wait to stop counting is that three they can count themself I think that might be trick I love you I'm so proud of you you're an amazing woman a great wife an incredible mother you're hurting me and this pain that you're feeling the chef's can't be worse than that yeah seriously he's like pinching my all right close your eyes and let him just do this why don't I close my eyes and do that you keep your eyes open I'm gonna give it to you in a minute one weight great that would be number four please don't count if you guessed 10 or above you may be winning account go no it's just me having a despot I you up in there Pam why don't you do this because apparently I'm not trustworthy wait I'm wait okay six mm-hmm I'm gonna talk to you guys and look at you so I'm not not not wait wait so I'm five focused on the fact that my husband's gonna fuck me Alex I have so much to do tonight okay I need you to just buckle down and let this happen no okay guys wait help huh yeah genuinely I swear I'm not even pretending I am so scared right now this is so much more tear this is how people feel just about needles in general I'm so sorry because I can I'm fine when it's just me but there's some big guys good do you know how to dart I know how to dart keep your eyes on the camera but I'm looking at it okay now I can't look oh that wasn't bad Oh guys that was bad don't put alcohol on it though oh it makes it believe I meant the other one who's incredible at giving shots this guy I know I don't know about incredible but he was helping you right now how good that was fine it was fine and that was the big needle yes no that was the dull oh yeah there's a dog yeah yeah that was pretty incredible yeah that was pretty good hide that gave me so much anxiety though I think the anxiety was worse than the shot I think you can now call me Philip Florence Nightingale oh that's so good I know I don't know does anyone know what he's talking about I am a nurse so I obviously know Florence Nightingale was the person that do you even care I go look it up go google it guys done for the night are you not gonna do the other one oh I get to do another one there's that one oh gosh you acted like this was the one and done no I have three shots every night edible so sorry you guys this is going so long but I'm kind of panicky Josh don't go in the same spot can you let Florence Nightingale do his magic Philip Philip night Philip fluorinating yeah wait wait I I it's literally still giving me anxiety I know it felt fine but okay I love you um can you go any slower oh well that wouldn't burned hey you are welcome all of you people that thought it would be fun to watch okay so now you are one of every single one of you now to comment below and say Phillip you did a great job and you should do every single shot for her every single night that she has to take shots why cuz Phillip Lawrence nightingale he's the man do you want me to like your comments because I don't think that how would that you're gonna love them and I know it because you love me I'm a great nurse because I care alright guys after a very anxiety-filled dramatic evening um I think we're gonna call it a night and I go in tomorrow for another ultrasound and blood work to see how we're doing and how we're growing and so when will we see you we will see you tomorrow bye who's the man I'm the man oh you're filming oh okay but I am I'm the man I'm the man if you would like me to come to your house and give you shots just call me or comment below and subscribe we'll keep making these videos I'm gonna eat a bunch of grapes now to reward myself for the incredible job that I did we'll see you guys tomorrow bye

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