23 Replies to “IVF Didn't Work. (Why We Quit Fertility Treatments)”

  1. Please please please do not adopt if your knee jerk reaction is I want this to be “my” child.
    I’m an adoptee and I can tell you first hand how harmful that is, every time you see your adopted kid and they don’t look like you, or they don’t have your habits you’ll be reminded.
    Also you can afford to adopt a child if you’re doing IVF treatments you’re just wanting a fancy closed adoption from birth. But adoptions from froster care are nearly free.

    But again don’t adopt until you’re comfortable with the idea that they’re not your biological child.

  2. If you are an infertile partners, you should give a test the “Zο Fanvuko” (Google it) I tried the West prescriptions however I was only disappointed with their results. I had been able to get pregnant just after having a good diet plan and achieving planned acupuncture treatment methods for a few months. It’s a wonderful feeling seeing my year old daughter walking around the house. get much concerning this fantastic program from Google.

  3. Your story is touching. Ttc for over 5 years’ can still feel that there is still love. As if you met just recently. But I can tell you going through infertility is a journey. It needs both of you to support each other. At no point should you start pointing fingers. Lamenting that the other person is the reason of your failure to be having children. When you go through this journey together. It will seem easy to deal with. I really thank my husband for being there for me. At times I was giving up. But kept reminding me that he loves me for who I am. And that having children is Gods plans and I should not stress about it. When I came to realize about Bio texcom clinic. We went through the procedure together. We are now proud parents and I can never trade him for anything in the world. He was my support when everything else seemed like it was not working out.

  4. Hugs! You’re not alone! I hate it when people say “why don’t you just adopt”, like it’s just an easy answer to all of the infertility nightmare. People have no idea what going through infertility is like.

  5. Going through an IVF is challenging. But if you have the support of your husband or partner. Then it will not seem as hard as you think. If it is going to be your last trial. Choose the best clinic. In my years dealing with infertility. I learnt a lot. One of them is that a clinic has a lot to do with the success of a procedure. How long has the clinic been in existence? Have you checked o its reviews? How are their customers saying about the clinic? Does their patients have positive remarks concerning their services? These are among the questions that you are supposed to ask yourself. I did the same and found the best clinic. All my two procedures were a success in bio texcom. So I hope your journey will also be the same. All the best dear.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story…I was diagnosed with POF at the age of 25 and was pretty much told I would not be able to have anymore children (I had already had a 6 year old at that point). I met my husband a year later and told him that we would not be able to have any children of our own when things began to get serious and he married me anyway…Well long story short we now have a 3 year old daughter and doctors can’t explain (I guess God had other plans for us), we are currently on a ttc journey trying to get pregnant again, we have been trying for about 2 years now and nothing, so we are looking into ivf.

  7. Hi Lillian, I’m sorry about your situation I have myself going through exactly the same thing that you are going through (POF at 25) and I’ve been dealing with this for the past 6 years and still trying to find a way of getting pregnant naturally. After researching all these years I’ve found that unfortunately there’s no cure for it (depending on the reason why you have POF) so we decided it was time to get pregnant with an egg donor. it’s pretty devastating and I know exactly how you feel. I really hope they find a cure for this soon!
    I wish all the luck in the world!

  8. Honey its NOT hopeless! definitely get a second opinion….someone mentioned it could be your other meds blocking the stims. I completely understand not wanting to use a donor….dont go down that road yet…you HAVE eggs!!!! Infertility is very defeating but there is so many different levels of knowledge out there and not ONE doctor knows it all!! Keep that in mind:) Gonna start following you sweet girl!! 😘😘

  9. Did the follicle grow when you were taking the ovulating meds? (Not the ivf) is it safe to continue on that? Maybe that's what your body responds to.

  10. This was really sad to here you're such strong person Lilian Don't lose hope , my prayers are with you and I hope very soon we here better news

  11. Hi Lillian, I'm so sorry to hear about your fertility struggles. One thing that might not have come to mind yet but that I've found very helpful for maintaining my health is Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can be pricey but I was able to bring my TSH level down without changing anything in my diet and I started to see my hair grow back after dealing with hair loss for 2 years. It helped me absorb the iron in my diet better so I no longer had low iron levels, my menstrual cycles were more regular and my energy improved! If you can find a local Acupuncturist/TCM Herbalist, I'd highly recommend going in for a consultation to hear what they can do for you 🙂 Sending love and prayers, xx

  12. My heart breaks for you guys. While I haven't gone through IVF, I did experience a miscarriage of multiples almost 5 years ago and it was devastating. I know how upsetting it is to feel like your own body is betraying you – that it can't even perform the literal one thing it was created to do. 🙁 Thank you for being so open about your struggles with this. Infertility and pregnancy loss can feel so isolating and lonely. However, you are NOT alone in this, and we are all cheering you and Soloman on!

  13. this is so upsetting, i really feel for you and Solomon. but as other comments say, don’t lose hope! praying for you! ❤️

  14. I'm so sorry Lillian… you are so strong. Thank you so much for sharing, I'm sure it's helpful for other women who are going through something similar. I can understand being frustrated with your body… it just seems to have a mind and agenda on its own. Stay strong, you are in my thoughts! <3

  15. I can’t wait for your next video, I feel like I could do with some information on how u pick urself up time and time again just incase I ever get to a stage where I just need a friendly reminder that everything will be ok. You’re amazing ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  16. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. My sister struggled with fertility for years and she finally was able to have a baby this year at 42! So don’t lose hope, it may be difficult but trust your doctors and trust your body. I really think this can happen for you guys.

  17. Also, try reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." Best book on fertility for the lay-person.

  18. I don't mean for this to sound crass… but do you feel that all of this happening is some sort of sign that maybe your body just isn't up for this? It's possible your body isn't allowing you to ovulate because you wouldn't be able to carry a baby to full-term. I have learned that our bodies do things for a reason and to try to push it past its capabilities can cause significant damage in the future. It's just a thought.

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