IVF Egg Retrieval and Embryo Results – Our IVF Journey #3

as many of you know we are currently undergoing IVF treatment because we want to have another baby so we are going to go into how our first egg retrieval went and how many embryos yeah hi I'm Joseph and I'm Tasha with one big happy life and we make videos about how to find balance build wealth and live happy so if you are all about creating a life that you want on your own terms then be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any of our videos now if you've been following along we have been doing this IVF thing and planning for it for quite some time and if you want to see how the initial stages went we can have links up here so check those out to you and down below in the description box so we are up to well we just got through with the egg retrieval process which i think is the biggest most complicated part of it yeah and so at the end of the last video we had already done the stems like with the medication and everything and it was the day before the retrieval so we're just gonna pick up day of retrieval early in the morning I meant to ask you this before we started shooting what time did we have to get this so we had to be at the center at 6:30 yeah and we do not live near it it's like an hour away and so so we had to drive an hour early morning I think Todd I don't know if Josh was napping I don't think I did honey it's retrieval day it is what time is it Joseph that's not rain since 34 it's 6:30 – and we're late because we're supposed to be there at 6:30 we hit traffic so should be hitting getting there at 6:42 and let's see been up since 5:00 a.m. took a shower couldn't put on any lotion which was like a nightmare my skin is gonna be so super ashy haven't eaten anything since midnight like I ate and drink up until midnight countdown no makeup so yeah I'm feeling really uncomfortable like the most uncomfortable that I have felt this whole process like I definitely feel really full I could definitely point out exactly where my ovaries yeah and I guess I'm a little hoarse I can't drink any water or anything I'm so thirsty it's just this so you were up late you're up late doing something I know what we're doing Game of Thrones I think it was Game of Thrones we're watching it like we were late getting to bed and then I'm like I can't go to bed without watching Game of Thrones and it's been disappointing me like just okay but so then we get there the first thing we do is we go up to the surgical center and I change into like a surgical gown and take off my ring they let me keep my tragus piercing in though which was nice because I didn't want to have to take that off it's a pain yeah they started her IV it was interesting some a lot of times nurses started I have used this stuff dislike the anesthesiologist came in he did it himself so I was interesting everyone was super nice and very friendly very I felt very catered to and in that moment because there were two nurses right plus my our doctor doctor I was gonna say it plus our doctor and the anesthesiologist were all and the the head nurse was also there she kind of popped her head in too and said hello and we were the only people at that point in the surgical center she was the first yeah and so it's like all these people just just being so cheerful so supportive and I was really really scared cuz I've never been under anesthesia before but it just made me I know the whole IVF process I know the whole IVF process is really expensive but the level of care that we received and the number of people involved in that care just really hit home to me that day in part why it's so expensive and how grateful that I am that there are people doing this kind of work and how much I want to make sure that those people are living financially comfortable lives and so if that means yes I'm paying for more for that service so that their lives when they go home at the end of the day after they've taken care of people like me are amazing then that's that's how it should be so that that was a thought I had which was kind of random but yeah so there are a few conversations with with the the doctors about the process what's gonna happen I also started to cry cuz I don't know what was I crying without mind I was gonna die so just in case I died I went to leave a final message to the people what's going on yeah she's still coming off all these hormones have so heightened stuff with that and then so then she they kind of walked her out of the room and it's like that was it oh she could go to the bathroom one last time so I went to the bathroom yeah and I had an IV drip like there was I don't know what that is the fluids that they give you as part of the IV so I had that and then I had to leave Joseph and I walked back to the room by myself and that was tough I was hoping that to be able to fall asleep holding Joseph's hand because I've never had anesthesia before so Joseph doesn't know what happened at this point cuz he wasn't in the room okay they just took Tasha back and I got to walk back not even riding in a wheelchair or a bed that I saw so that's interesting good spirits so it'll be like a half hours all in 40 minutes 50 tops and then that'll be that okay to go see where she wakes up which i think is back in that way really so I got in the room I laid down on the bed they had the the bed had like stirrups like really sturdy stirrups not just like putting your feet in the stirrups but like actual leg braces holding my legs you know splayed apart and then they actually strapped my legs down it was really like it while you're away while I was away they're like yeah we're strapping you down and then they strapped my arm down and then they strapped my body down and meanwhile I'm chatting with them and the anesthesiologist is like yeah I'm gonna give you something to help you relax and then that's the last thing I remember until I woke up and I guess I'll finish out up until well no you go ahead okay so mine wasn't nearly as interesting looks like that I went to the we went to the little waiting room and they're like okay so the embryologist is going to come in and go give your samples my sorry I waited in a little waiting room for a little bit and then and he came in gave me the spiel that I don't now I've heard a whole bunch of times about how to deal with semen and how they do that the semen collection and and all the things you have to follow when you do that and so then I did that and went back to the little waiting room what are the things that you have to follow I don't even know frequently there are a lot of instructions with what you're supposed to do usually say like wash your hands haven't used a special disinfectant have a towelette that you're supposed to wipe with beforehand but this time it was like now I kind of do what you want if you wash your hands before that just make sure they really dry okay well that seems pretty straightforward so I guess it's back to me at this point now they have their wheelie I woke woke up in the place but they wheeled me out they were wheeling me out I guess as I woke up and I immediately noticed that I was in a lot of paid way more Phe the very first thing that I said was this is far worse than having a baby that was a very first thing I remember saying when I woke up and it definitely hurt worse than having a baby I definitely asked them for to give me another hit of whatever it was they were giving me to kind of dull the pain even more and I think pretty suit day I was sitting there for a little while they gave me animal crackers my favorite animal crackers and apple juice and then after a little bit Joseph came back there with me yeah so they can I was in the little room they got me I came in and she was I mean fair and we pretty much fully awake at that point and then he didn't mm-hmm she was like pretty good and my dive arum we were talking they gave me some medication to help me mellow out and then I felt thanks you know they were willing me out my tummy hurts they went well I mean at least you know I don't know how many eggs or anything yet but embryology is coming to talk to that oh god I didn't eat my tummy hurts did I mention that I have to have some more painkillers so yeah I was really groggy it was like coming out of the deepest sleep in my life but it cleared up like right away you know certainly I don't think I've been awake more than five minutes so then the next big thing that happened was the embryologist came and told us how many eggs that they eggs they retrieved so they retrieved 37 eggs which is a whole bunch of eggs and so but after all they knew at that point was the number of us they didn't know how many were mature or any of that so they said they would call us the next day with information on how many were mature and how many fertilized so in the meantime I just needed to go home and be pampered by Joseph yeah so that's what we did what drove the hour back and then she went upstairs and just hung out and then I brought her whatever snacks and dings because right afterwards they want like they want the fluid that's been built up there to to leave and so she's supposed to have salty things not sugary things and no not a lot of carbs either they said so I will say that the recovery was really challenging far more challenging than I was expecting I was expecting to go back to work the next day no not happening at all and maybe part of that might have been had to do with the number of like how well I responded to the medications so I responded like someone that was 10 years ago in terms of the number of eggs and stuff in the number of follicles that developed so and so I think that had a lot to do with it because they said so normally your ovaries are like the size of Kiwis and they said mine were the size of what well so one person said cantaloupe cantaloupes yeah so that means basically I became four months pregnant with twins in the span of a week so you can imagine it would be difficult for my body to recover because like each follicle is the size of a grape and so they pulled out 37 eggs plus there may have been follicles that didn't even have eggs in them but were developed so you can just imagine just how big everything got and I definitely was looking pregnant for for several days afterwards yeah and she was still in quite a bit of pain and not being able to get around very well and so we ended up going back to the doctor yeah I was worried just to make sure and so they did another sonogram and everything was with okay like they could tell that there was a little bit of fluid still there but but nothing that's like high-risk really concerned and so we just want to emphasize this because I think the whole process was a lot harder on me than I was expecting like I went through after three days on the meds I needed to be on sick leave because I was just so sleepy all the time from the medications and then after the retrieval it took a whole week for me to feel somewhat normal walking around so just be cautious of that as you're planning out your cycle so in terms of our results we found out that of the 37 eggs that were retrieved 27 were mature so we were like having a little happy dance and then 17 fertilized which is still within kind of normal parameters and so then we had to wait to see how many made it to day five blasts and to be biopsied and frozen yeah and and also of biopsied for genetic testing to see if their chromosome only normal and then so on day six we got I mean what for us is just devastating news only two embryos out of 17 of 17 made it to the state the blastocysts stage that looks normal and so that was a huge shocker because the average is around 50% yeah so we were like thinking oh my gosh we're gonna have like eight or nine embryos that's gonna be expensive because the genetic testing only covers six and what are we gonna do and then we only had the two it was like it was tough like I cried quite a bit cuz that also meant that even if we were lucky enough to have like both of them be genetically normal which at this point I'm like but what are the odds of that that chances are we would still need to do another cycle just so that we could have several embryos and several attempts at pregnancy so but of course then it was just kind of like sitting and waiting for the results to come back on the genetic screening meanwhile we knew we were gonna have to start another cycle so as soon as I got my period two days after I started birth control again so we're already I'm on birth control now and we're already in the midst of a second retrieval cycle yeah so the doctor then calls us a couple weeks later to fill us in on how the genetic testing went and then kind of talked to us about I guess the the rate of the drop-off from the 17 fertilized to the the two blastocysts and so the good news here was that one of the eggs was chromosome ly normal yeah like I had I don't even know like it's crazy how happy I was when she told me one I'm like oh my goodness because it we could have just so easily been done and we could have gone through all of that and walked away with nothing so to have one like I was just celebrating and on top of that it's they're different rates different levels of quality of proper blastocyst stage chromosome ly normal eggs and this one was excellent and so they've had a 70% success rate of term babies after implantation eggs like yeah that kind of embryo so that means we've got like a superstar embryo waiting on ice so fingers crossed yeah but didn't you also said that when there's a drop-off from the number of fertilized to that few that make it to the blastocyst stage that it's usually and like very likely this to some undiagnosable issue with my sperm and that they they don't know what exactly it is they just know that it's an issue and it's it's causing that drop-off and so there are a couple of things that they can do to help that next time yeah so that's what they're gonna do and one of the things that she told us with something called pixie which was is a different type of sperm selection process so we'll see how that goes but one of the things that we found really interesting obviously we're gonna be doing another retrieval so there will be another retrieval video in you know I don't know four or five weeks or six weeks something like that but one of the things that we found really interesting was how closely that mirrored our attempts at conceiving Rives naturally because we tried to conceive for thirty four three years basically perfectly because I was tracking my ovulation and all of that we were doing time to intercourse for three years and during those three years we so that is equivalent to the thirty seven eggs we retrieved in this cycle we had two pregnancies one that was a miscarriage and one that was a baby and similarly we got thirty seven eggs we got two embryos one that was chromosomally abnormal which would result in a pregnancy loss and then one perfectly healthy normal embryo they also know the sex of the embryo but we we don't know it so Tasha might find out I like I walked in while she was on the phone from I came home from work while she was on the phone with the doctor and and then we hadn't discussed if we were actually gonna figure it lined out or not and so I said no I guess we don't know we'll see um but it's just really interesting how the this accelerated what was three years of trying in out you know to try to conceive naturally into just two months worth so that is how it went for us each of our retrieval retrieval cycles is costing us around five thousand dollars be because of the genetic testing the genetic testing is $3500 by itself otherwise each cycle would only cost us like $1500 yeah but and we felt that it was important for us to do the genetic testing because otherwise there's the risk of implanting chromosomally abnormal blastocysts that then will end and miscarriages or highly likely to ended miscarriages and then that sets back the whole process a lot yeah so that's where we are right now wish us luck on the journey and for all of you out there who are going through this our hearts are with you this stuff is hard oh and I've been seeing a therapist that specializes in you know infertility and fertility treatments so that's been really helpful and so follow us on Instagram because that's where the latest and greatest news happens first and we'll see you guys in the next video

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  1. It can be depressing taking all those meds and not getting the desired results. I also agree that you guys will do well with ICSI. Wishing you guys the very best.

  2. so i’m educating my self because i want a child more than Anything 😍😍😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ when i have a baby shower i’m inviting everyone that’s i’m close too

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, it takes a lot of courage to open up about these sorts of experiences. ❀️

  4. My daughter and SIL did IVF. Retrieved 31 eggs, 22 mature, 7 fertilized and only 1 made it to blastocyst. She is now 9 weeks pregnant! It only takes one!

  5. Wish you all the best. I appreciate you comment about health care professionals getting paid enough for their hard work. I am a Physician myself and people talk about the medical bills, and how doctors make a lot of money but the truth is that the amount of time and effort we put in our patients, the care we deliver and the liability we take , really is a lot. Thanks for recognizing this.

  6. Honest question: What is the oldest age a woman can have egg retrieval? I always thought 33 was the cut off but last few years it seems to be getting older.

  7. Thank you both for sharing your journey! To Joseph, thank you for being candid about your role in this process. Speaking about infertility cannot be an easy thing to do and you've both done it with clarity and maturity.

  8. So grateful for your braveness & for the update. All the best & lots of prayer & love sent your way.
    Greetings from South Africa

  9. I'm 40 and just went through my second frozen embryo transfer and in the middle of the torturous 2 week wait. My first cycle we retrieved 23 eggs 19 mature and only 3 made it to blast to have 1 genetically normal that resulted in a chemical pregnancy. After that my husband and I got on a healthy paleo like diet, no alcohol, no fried stuff and a cocktail of supplements every night. I took Ubiquinol, myoinositol, l arginine, fish oil, alpha lipoic acid and resveratrol off the top of my head. We made it a routine every night to take our supplements together. My second cycle resulted in 27 eggs, 21 mature all 21 fertilized and resulted in 9 blasts. We got 3 perfect aaa genetically tested embryos and just transferred the first. The other thing we did different with this retrieval was adding hcg injections to all the other ones. Can't tell you what helped but I think probably a little bit of everything. Good luck!

  10. Are you guys still following keto during your IVF journey? Would love to see another update on how that's going for you, as I consider starting keto myself! Thank you!

  11. God Bless you both through this process and give you the desire of your hearts.! I can hardly wait to hear you tell us great news in the near future. Love you guys!

  12. Sending you guys some love! We did 3 cycles a few years ago (not attempting to conceive at the moment, but to preserve fertility options down the line), one thing I learned was that my egg count went down a lot when dieting or stressed in the process, so eat up and RELAX. πŸ’•

  13. Good luck y’all! I had no idea this process involved so much and I’m glad you’re seeing a therapist Tasha!

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