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natural IVF is something that that we've researched out considerably and are now offering there's nothing really natural about natural IVF but the natural word more implies no drug or less drug but still you think about it we're getting an egg from the body putting a sperm with the egg in the dish there's nothing natural about that but naturally refers to how much trouble did you do to get that when in vitro maturation is is really an offshoot of the concept of natural IVF in the sense that just like natural idea the amount of medications needed in the initial part of the cycle are really minimized in a traditional IVF cycle the patient will take hormone medications to stimulate the ovaries in order to mature mini eggs all at one time when we retrieve those eggs those eggs come out in a mature state the difference now between a traditional IVF cycle and vitro maturation is instead of taking those medications here on the front end of the cycle in order to bring about this egg maturation we actually will go in and retrieve these eggs in an immature state and then and then in the laboratory setting mature these eggs to the point where they're usable in order to make embryos which can be put back put back in our patients you

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