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this is Jacoby and this is elijah and there are products of ivf of florida we chose ivf of florida because we had heard through some friends that it was just a great place everybody was friendly everybody was loving and welcoming and I had some big beers in Javier through those figures out the window IVF of Florida for me never made me feel like a number and I walked in here and everybody knew my name everybody knew what point i was at without having to look at my chart joy you know took us under her wing when we were scared financially that we wouldn't be able to afford this we almost walked away and she stopped us at us down in her office and said we'll make it work every staff knew my fear and they and they helped they made me feel loved they made me feel like I could do this probably definitely a real roller coaster ride of ups and downs we have a few scares we have a lot of positives you know seeing first heartbeat you know each time for both of them and I would say the IVF process itself and it was difficult as far as an indication and emotionally I mean you're pumping yourself full of a lot of hormones so I think for him it was difficult because I was I was feeling the medications and how it was affecting my mood for him he just kind of I think with a little blown away some days because I pencil job and I would cry it was a pretty you know step by step process that everything was very direct there wasn't any confusion of what stuff we were at or what the next step was going to be it was completely worth going through a vehicle floor absolutely absolutely worth a hundred percent you

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