IVF – In vitro fertilization – Can lifestyle choices influence your success?

Hi! I’m Dr. Randy Morris. I’m a
board-certified fertility expert and the medical director here at IVF1 in the
Naperville Fertility Center and this is infertility TV IVF helps more couples to get pregnant
than any other treatment. Unfortunately however, there are still many attempts
that do not result in a pregnancy. Many of the factors that predict IVF success
cannot be changed so patients and physicians alike look for any factors
that can be modified to improve success. There are some lifestyle changes that
you can make that can improve the success of your IVF cycle. First, are you
overweight or are you too thin? Multiple studies have shown that extremes of
weight – either too high or too low – will result in lower IVF pregnancy rates.
There is good scientific evidence, for example, that an abnormal weight will
adversely affect egg quality, uterine environment and hormone levels. While
weight loss or weight gain may improve IVF success, there is little good
evidence that what you eat specifically affects your chances for success. So
avocado diets, grapefruit diets and the like don’t seem to help at all and may
not be healthy for you. Do you drink alcohol? Even a little bit might affect
your IVF success. A study from the University of California found that
women or men that drank alcohol before starting their IVF treatment were at
risk for getting less eggs, a lower chance for pregnancy and a higher risk
for miscarriage. Another more recent study from Harvard University also found
lower pregnancy rates even when couples drank only a few times a week.
As you might have guessed by now, cigarette smoking also has an adverse
effect on IVF success. One study found that a woman who smokes during IVF
treatment will have to do twice as many IVF cycles to get the same number of
pregnancies as a woman who doesn’t smoke. For a woman in her 20s or 30s,
cigarette smoking had the same impact as adding ten years to her age. Following
these common-sense recommendations can maximize your chances for having a baby
through IVF. Hi Dr. Morris here. If you liked this video remember to “like this
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  1. Dr. Morris do you have any specialized treatment plans for older women? I am age 45, starting seeking fertility treatment about a 6mo ago, but only had 2 treatments of IVF. My original OAR test results were AMH .54, E2 32, ERS 5, FSH 7.55 Inhibin 81.6 and LH 3.58. But pretty sure those numbers changed by now. I am single using a young donor sperm. We tried doing IUI first but my HSG showed no spillage in right tube and every month my right tube would produce the dominate follicle. Anyway to get both tubes to produce? Then with my 1st IVF cycle, I ovulated on my own one week before retrieval (from right side that is) , but since the left side kept going we continued on to retrieval (which I wished he would have converted to IUI). They retrieved 5 eggs from left, 3 fertilized, one was no go from the beginning and the other 2 never made it to blastocyst. The 2nd IVF the started meds and monitoring early, this time I had 12-14 mature follicles at time of trigger, but got to retrieval and eggs were gone. Another premature ovulation. I wanted so bad to try with my own eggs, but my clinic is making it hard for me. I only have 2 more tries this year with my insurance using my own eggs. I'm getting older and older and never had fertility issues in the past. Have 4 adult children, and just my age against me. Do you have a better protocol than what my doctor used? The first failed cycle he started my meds to late, which caused the early ovulation. The 2nd cycle he let my follicles grow to large (between 20-30) most being over 22mm which I believe caused premature ovulation after trigger. I need help from someone more experienced with older women.

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