um they took us back we went in immediately and they were doing an ultrasound and the lady says to me I was gonna do that how this pregnancy came about and also just you know I will talk about necessary to see I will give you guys all that I just want to kind of break it down cuz stories are long so I did my appointment went great which ones are going good as you've heard one is breech one is it down so what that means is I'm going to have to have a c-section more than likely but they could change within these three weeks so I'm hoping to deliver naturally but we will see so I wanted to sit down and talk with you guys and in the last video I did express to you guys that I on quite a journey just trying to get pregnant and just to kind of give you guys a little bit of a backstory I was a surrogate and that was another journey in itself and I will definitely go on to detail about that with you guys at a later date but in essence it took me to a lot I was in the hospital and I was in the hospital for a few days recovering was tough you know there was things going on with my body that I really really didn't understand and because it was my first time doing surrogacy I wasn't really aware of the outcome of the way things could go I mean when you think about doing something such a blessing for another family you really don't think about this could also end thing alone with my husband with LJ and it was tough it was tough they were covering was tough I didn't plan to have more children we didn't want more children and it was kind of like we we figured we would do it after seryoga see so that's what we did so you guys can see this little table set up I won't draw it out door but you can see this little table set up I actually we started trying and I will put pictures up through the video but we started trying and this purple section over here I wasn't really really like logging at the time when I first started I was using the fertility friend app and I wasn't logging anything I wasn't writing on any of my um my ovulation tests I was just taking them hoping that hey my body's normal I should kick right back into gear that didn't happen so I to get worried but nonetheless I continued because I figured hey I just had you know baby so I would just you know just keep trying so um that's right it I started off with the pink section over here which I started actually documenting my cycle dates i purchased a trigger shot it came in two so i you know i was triggering i was doing all the stuff that i knew just from surrogacy and just trying to get my body to react and get my eggs to react um didn't work so then I started seeing my doctor my OB which he then referred me to a fertility doctor because I was having issues with every month every month I you know nothing no conceiving and again like I said mice I had a lot going on during my surrogacy and what occurred in the end which I will give you guys that so it'll kind of come together but I was I was really like concerned at this point I started taking the black coffee extract I started I said they're right yeah I started taking this and I'll get I'll give you guys my my milligrams and how much I actually took just for those that you know honestly didn't work for me but it may work for you and I got these over the counter at GNC so it's not like you know their prescription I started taking the primrose oil just everything that I could find out there you know to try and conceive I started taking the soy in flavin in flavonoids and again I got this at GNC and I of course had purchased an b6 everybody knows what b6 and our favorite is the folic acid so I also I actually have the prescription for the folic acid the surrogacy but this is also over-the-counter so I'm sure you guys know that I also was using the progesterone cream a lot of people you know they're concerned about using progesterone cream because it's it's used for people that are of a certain age and it helps with like night sweats and things like that but I also had heard read and did a lot of research of my own and it's not for everybody but once I took the trigger they say that a rubbing progesterone on your body I guess it helps your body ambulate so that's something but none of this worked so I started using pre see that was like I started using pre-seed and I stopped everything this was just like really taking a toll on me I was taking these medications like daily on a daily it was taking a toll on me I got tired of taking them I you know my husband was like you know you're just stressing yourself out and it's probably making it harder for you to conceive at this point I just stopped to everything I was like okay nothing is working for me personally I've seen a lot of stories I read a lot of stories watched a lot of videos on YouTube nothing was working for me so I said you know what I'll just use the for the precinct coz proceed it just really is just honestly a good lubrication for both male and female and I I don't have any earthly yeah I would have loved to have it but physically it comes a little you know bar I know I'll have pictures of it going through and it comes with like four little push caps and you fill them to where it says or you can fiddle more I would fill them over and it has leaked so you can insert inside of your personal area or you can obviously place it on your you know the person that you're using with whether it's male or female honestly so she or he can use it and it makes for a perfect situation sorry and it really just does it it really helps so I started just using that I gave up on all of this I gave up on the progesterone cream I was taking as you can see I have every I used the cheapy test the the ones from then rain ances sort I used the ovulation and pregnancy test from equate and the Walgreens brand I I used the clear blue the platelet people and then I also used the ovulation kits the the electric are the ones that the digital ones so the ovulation this is that they're all digital but this one gives you like the smiley face ones which I really don't recommend they didn't help it off which is sorry spell easily this box clear blue this thing I never know when I was ovulating I really honestly didn't I mean it was just like hi Pete it felt like I was getting a low face all the time so I don't really you know recommend using this one I recommend these sorry these are the cheapest ones that I would like and I'm telling you I got the best results out of these the equate early ovulation as you can see I took pictures and you'll be able to see you can see the consistent consistency some of the shots I tried tested out the trigger so some of them are going to read positive as pregnancy tests but they weren't positive pregnancy test they were just testing out my trigger and obviously some women know that if you take it to the shot and you have within your system it will stay there just like pregnancy test no shot but this early activation equate I'm telling you it did wonders and I don't want to stand out this room either Walmart Awards what are the two but I always you know first response also worked really well but again and it comes with a pregnancy testing so it works don't go out and get all these expensive clear blues and unless you really have the money for it you don't have to do that equating like I said the Walgreens or the Walmart brand works really good works the same if not better and some people's eyes and again if you if you just feel like no you don't want to go the route you want it you know the cheapy way is just not for you oh good at the end of the day they these that you get from the night at set store these I only recommend again just like if you just because they don't catch as early first response is the best one that I would recommend they catch early they catch really early so I would recommend getting at least the first response for the pregnancy test but that's it and even the early accusation the that comes with the pregnancy test works wonders okay so just appointment scheduled I wasn't feeling well so I told LJ like I'm just not feeling well I really really need to you know find out what's going on I I thought I had like Oh sick I didn't know if it was mine my stomach folks just constipated like I had no idea what it was but I needed to go to the hospital so that's what we did we dropped off the kids and we went to the hospital and you know they didn't hear and they asked me if I could be pregnant I'm like no we were trying but no I'm not and unfortunately and I said okay well they said we want to go ahead and do an ultrasound anyway and I thought to myself it was a little strange but I thought that people right we have something going on because you're getting cysts that was a big thing my doctor was noticing that I was having you know doing some ultrasounds that I was having cysts so I thought oh my god I have another cyst and it could be back because that is a part of obviously when you ovulate you know they turn into cysts so they took us back we went in immediately and they were doing an ultrasound and the lady says to me she says are you sure not pregnant and I say no I'm sure and I don't know like will you tell me and she's like ah I think there's a baby in there and I couldn't believe it I was very excited I you know we had been trying so I you know all those thoughts in my head that I could not conceive on my own I was just happy because I had always been able to conceive on my own so honestly I you never dreamed or thought in a million years that after surrogacy I would no longer be able to conceive on my own just after what I had gone through it and just the journey that we could went on so I am I was like wow okay okay so that explains why I'm in so much pain and then she says okay you might want to sit down for this and I'm like I'm already laying on the table but my husband is not he's watching the screen and then she says I think there might be two in here and only just about died um I couldn't believe it I you know it was still very very early um you know I was in denial for a long time um when she said that I just thought of paying no she probably just you know it's it's you know my husband who we were like just in so much denial just no way it can't be twenty-two like I've got the v2 so um you know we leave we go home we have you know all this news and we're like okay you know I want to tell my mother-in-law want to tell everybody but I'm just like okay well let's just wait cuz you know we don't even know what it is cuz it was so early like six weeks so um we definitely wouldn't got ultrasounds and sure enough guys there was two babies in there and I couldn't believe it I still sometimes can we fit in there ovals here and just amazing the blessings that God will you know I stared to see it that was through like an IVF process the babies were placed there and I you know never dreamed in a million years if I would carry twins and I did carry twins Bert my surrogacy and just the fact that I was trying to conceive and I was very hurt by that pregnancy even though I couldn't say anything about the I'll have to like I said I have to do another video because it just takes me off into another Lane but I had a decent relationship with the parents and so that goes to say that it's just your own emotions I guess that you deal with when you're doing something like this you have to have a strong strong you know chest I guess you could say I am I just never in a million years thought that I myself would be having twins after giving birth to twins and giving them away and then God blessing me with my own set of twins and obviously it hurts to my husband he has twins that were in his family and I also have a bunch of paternal twins which are my twins are fraternal everyone is so excited but I had no idea I just did it and again it was just a blessing coming from doing surrogacy and like I said you have to have thick skin when you do that when you do surrogacy and just coming from that to then being blessed and having my own set of twins I would have never imagined so guys it really goes to say that don't give up don't give up because whether you cannot have children or you say you are not able to conceive whatever the case may be but other medications they give you whatever route route you take to try and conceive don't give up just keep trying because I feel like whether I could have children or not I was able to I was able and blessed but not just one baby but two babies you know and I feel like yes it has to do with my body in genetics and how you know all of that stuff but it also has to do with God it also has to do with just keeping my faith and I continued as you can see I have a lot of rose and you'll see them lay it out and I didn't give up though I I may have stopped taking all the medications just to give my body a break but I didn't give up on what I wanted which was I wanted a child I have four beautiful beautiful children and obviously having these twins is gonna make six and you know me and my husband we are blessed with however many children we have and how you know we obviously don't have a number this wasn't planned to have twins we obviously did not know we were gonna have twins but at the end of the day now my family is expanding and I couldn't be more blessed but again just don't give up if you feel like you know you're at the end in the road and you feel like you know I've done all this stuff I've taken all these pills and I'm you know I did this Erica see I did the shots I know what women are going through that are doing IVF and are trying to extract their eggs and all of the above and I definitely will give you guys the insight to what I would do for surrogacy and just again another inspiration to you that are going through IVF that are trying to have babies just alone this process I'm sure you guys have all seen all of this stuff and just don't give up okay that's just my main thing it's just not giving up so at the end of the day here we are with two babies and I really and come on guys let's get us there to the 100 subscribers cuz I so want to tell you what I'm having before I go into labor so um you know my doctor says September 21st is around where he thinks that I'm gonna be 30 or not I'm sorry 40 weeks but in my surrogacy I delivered my water broke at about 35 so these babies contractions I'm having my NSC appointment I'm leaking fluid already so I don't know what that hasn't still referred me and LJ but we are hoping for two healthy babies and I can't wait till we can do the Gymboree bill for you guys and I'm gonna do a giveaway at that time me and LJ I'm definitely gonna do a giveaway when we get to 100 subscribers along with this little bundle and telling you what we're having so it'll be exciting so click the buttons and I race I need you guys to click click click hit the Bell like comment subscribe let me know what you guys want to talk about in the description below if you want to see more of me and talking about just this stuff I obviously I'm going to give you guys good detail about my surrogacy I'll get all that stuff ready it was a completely different journey you know completely different medications I should draw all kinds of stuff so just let me know what you guys want to talk about below we definitely have more videos for you guys I know LJ government has a lot in store for you guys please please please comment below hit that Bell notification so when I post you guys are watch and I hope you enjoy what we're giving you as a family and

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