IVF Injections and Side Effects

hey guys welcome to partner party up – I'm toilet and I'm Chris you had a move that today we're gonna be talking about updates to our journey and where we are in the process so we're all with um first okay first um baby starting at her birth control pills for 12 days yeah 12 days I was on birth control for 12 days and um I've never been on birth control before so what I did notice is that it made me Moody I didn't want to be around anybody and on top of that I was eating junk food and just poorly and I usually don't know so so after that we went up to the doctors and they were supposed to do my bloodwork and ultrasound yeah we got some um we have got some interesting news we found out that my baby has a cyst in her left ovary so we couldn't continue as planned as we previously thought yeah we couldn't start our shots and everything so and so that I like is delaying us about two weeks or something like that and basically they gave me a shot yeah they prescribed her a shot call IVA drill it was basically so it can make the cysts kind of go away or shrink or not continue to grow yeah so hopefully you know but basically yesterday and we just have to wait and then see what the doctors say I'm just downstairs I'm cooking and I decided to make a video about the medications and the stimulants that's what it is taken right now and later on in this video we're gonna get some footage of me actually mixing and administering the shot to toys so Toya is currently on menopur gonal-f and cetera tied menopur is I'm just came in this little box right here and it's basically something that stimulates her eggs or follicles whatever you want to call it um it makes them grow and it makes them grow more and at a rapid pace so we are looking for them to be like the size of grapes right now but your eggs your follicles are really really little the menopur makes them grow and we're also taking gonal-f be careful you got no F that also coming does the same thing that the menopur does I'm not going to give super long drawn-out scientific doctors definitions you guys definitely can look them up but that is the gist of what it does the next shot is in the refrigerator because we have to keep it refrigerated and this is called such a type okay and basically it controls your ovulation and controls your eggs releasing like they normally would on a on a period where eggs release because they're ready to get fertilized but we don't want to his eggs to release we want the doctor to go in retrieve them and then fertilize them and then implant them in me got it so that's what the secretary is what's up guys we're back and um we just kind of want to go over the side effects so for all of the drugs or the stems I guess that toy he was taking so what should we start with first um start with hitman appear because that's the one I took first okay so admit up here and burn you know I mean it burned us who was going in and I had to wine the entire time just to take my mind off of it but that hurt the worst the second one I had to take was what I'm gonna f or gonal-f whatever left I took that one and that one was the easiest I was fine with that one that one breeze and then the last one was such a tight what she said and that one was okay to take but once it was done it burned we have to take the shot so we had to take a guy like eight or nine o'clock in the morning and then also take the manipulative here yeah that at like 6:00 p.m. so and I get up at 4:00 a.m. to go you know go to work so like I had to stay from stay at home and work from home so that she can give it to me and thankfully my job mm-hmm was nice enough to allow me to do that but yeah so after I get off of work I would just go straight to bed pretty much like no energy to do anything and you really kind of can't do anything because your eggs are growing inside of you you said yeah and you yeah usually you'll like grow one egg at a time you know the rest will die off or whatever but like I'm literally growing all of them at the same time and they basically feel like like someone said like it felt like water balloons cuz you know like hangs wants the more water cuz that's how it fills in my stomach like sometimes I could barely walk like the worst days were the days that we went in to get an ultrasound so like every two days they would go in and like check them count them measure them and I would just be so much in pain after and on top of that I've been super bloated like these pills like they really make you buddy you can't work out the price you can't work out you can't really do anything and they try to tell you to eat better and all that stuff but you know like maybe what you can know cuz she's strong like she was getting three shots at minimum you know a day some days she would get four maybe five depending on who was poking her like that's a lot of shots and they don't feel good so so anyways um they're supposed to be calling later today to let us know about pretty sure I'm gonna be triggering tonight so yep so what that means is it's going to cause me to go into ovulation I guess kind of like release eggs maybe so they can get to them and then um I think they said that my retrieval will be on Tuesday so today Sunday yeah yep sorry two days and everything has to be a to a specific time have to take the trigger shot at a specific time she goes in for her egg retrieval at a specific time and we're gonna record all of that – thanks for watching and staying up with with us and dealing with us all that and make sure you comment below um if you have any questions of course and likens our dogs under here and like and subscribe to our videos and we will see y'all next video that it and who's that [Applause] Kato trip another phenom such a 15 simple weapon on me go make babies I'm not my business tax chicken like but it's wrong be cool when the cut ain't you want us for a bum when I tell a big piece lovers

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  1. Toya, you are strong to go through with this process. Your emotions and hormones were probably taking a toll on you. Although I am miles away I’m glad you have Christina to be in your corner to help you through the mental and emotional side of this process. I am proud of you. 😘❤️

  2. Hi guys. Thank you for sharing. It’s great to know all the side effects . I’ll be going through it soon so this can give me an idea of what will be happening. How long after birth control do you start shots?

  3. Really interesting. Didn’t know that much went into IVF. Can’t wait to continue following your journey !!

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