8 Replies to “IVF injections Days 1-8 | Round 2”

  1. Hi again!…. Heather here. i just wanted to update you and ask about yours. i had my retrieval today. Got 5 eggs. have you retrieved yours yet? if so how did it go?

  2. The moral issues with testing the embryo's was one of the reasons we did not do IVF. They were strongly suggesting we do testing and destroy any embryo's that had the genetic issues that my husband has which we were NOT OK with. I guess we were never really OK with it but knowing that they wanted to do that as well made it way easier to be OK with our decision and every time I question it and want to try I remind myself of that and feel good about our decision again.

  3. Day 5 of stims today on our 3rd cycle! I'm on a kitchen sink protocol and only 1 ovary! Good luck! I've been following your progress the whole time! I'm rooting for you!

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