hi you guys um today's choice for a day so I am mixed with so many different emotions but the greatest emotion that I do have is I am so excited I am so ready to feel those little babies and I'm just excited of course you know that we are transferring two embryos today so I'm excited about that I'm getting ready to run real quick to do acupuncture before I have a bunch of format in 9:20 and I did transfer at 1:15 so so excited I've been a little bit sore from the position I don't know and I looked it up and they said that the petitioner on is it it has you constipated and he has his story and the needles just felt different from when I was doing the menopur and gone on and on heretics and all of that so it's a little different feeling on kind of store back there but good everything is worth it I'm not complaining about it because I want to kind of feel something because I want to know that it's working so yes I just wanted to come over here real quick just to say that he's transferred a and I will be videoing some more of it you know at the UM doctor's office so excited so yeah we'll be back with another video bye you guys of my babies Oh alrighty where girl which I we tried getting there and then we'll make sure it will flush the cap to make sure the inverters of the transcript once we verify that go ahead and get up okay and just stay in all this okay you're on a lot of stuff right great mr. rockstar yes ready hi we just did transfer I didn't when I did the trial transfer I'm coming right now crown camera I feel like I just see my babies get please keep keep praying that their thing is cute corn that's his plan so that much closer maybe a great job thank you so okay you guys this is day four through six yeah this is day four I took this like around ten some that night and then I took this around 3:00 in the morning which is day five you see you can see the line is kind of faint day 4 – I'm sorry you can see the line is kind of faint can't see this is day 6 you can see the line oh my god oh my god you can here is basic this way or you can see the clothes in day 6 you sleep pregnant oh my God thank you Jesus this is now oh my god oh my god oh my god you today and you're pregnant okay oh my god 249 okay so we're gonna repeat it and so Friday you'll come in we're just gonna keep watching the trend okay you said my beta number is wood now to 49 to 49 okay and I have to come in next Friday Oh can't come again on Friday okay ha and what do is that a high number it's good okay so we just watched the trend so we'll take this number and the next one Friday and then we can kind of see with the trend how you're progressing okay all right yeah thank you you're welcome I hope you have a baby you too bye-bye you


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