Ivf Journey /Surgery fibrosis

I'm just coming on to give a short update for my surgery I did my myomectomy surgery I'm home now today is my second day home my surgery was Thursday so is Thursday yesterday is four days pulls up and I'm still having a lot of pain I'm walking a little more but it's difficult and breathing is very is like I'm trying to catch my breath I have like shortness of breath but I'm trying to do all what the doctors say walk at least 20 minutes but the pain is not easy especially when I have to sneeze or cough it's like my insiders it's coming out but I hope I yield properly and also while doing removing the fiber bras they also figured I had in the material so they did treat it so that was at least something good also so I got my fibroids removed and I got my endometrial I'm treated one time so that that means they remove what they could have seen but the pain is not easy at all I'm gonna keep you guys up to date I'm not really gonna stay on for too long and talk but soon I'll do another video hopefully the next video I do I'll be more strong so please do not forget to subscribe and click on that Bell notification alright they

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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    If you have to sneeze or cough use a pillow on your stomach to provide some stability.
    Wow it's good they got the endometriosis.
    Rest up hun.

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