IVF Lifestyle Tips and Myths with Dr Larisa Corda

hi welcome back to my channel it's a I've got dr. Larissa back with me here and we're going to be talking about IVF myths around lifestyle choices next let me say yeah yeah we'll get stuck in yeah thanks so much for suggesting all of these tours because it's been a great type of conversation and yeah and there's some really good ones yeah it's there at the moment I'm like halfway through our face I guess and there's two things that have come up for me about Lyme what thinking should I be doing the first one is after embryo transfer mm-hmm should I be laying on my left side so I've read this in a forum I don't know where it where it comes them but then I worry because I've turned over in the night on the other side yeah I mean this just causes an SOS stress there is no evidence or proof behind this at all it's generally not something we recommend so the the reason why I think people might have mentioned that to you is when you are pregnant I'm lying on your left side in the latter stages of pregnancy could be of benefit cause you take the pressure off the aorta and so it helps to improve the blood flow to the baby and yourself but after a transfer there's absolutely no evidence that that helps you can lie which ever side you want to and not get stressed about that and then the other thing is whether we should be doing bed rest so again there's absolutely no solid evidence basis behind having vaporized a usually popular to recommend that several years ago but actually more and more evidence is emerging to suggest that actually what you should be doing is just continuing about with you normal like yeah now obviously you're not gonna do anything high impact or too strenuous after you do that transfer you're generally going to be encouraged to do nice and nurturing things and so my thought might be bed rest at home you know if all you want to do is get into your TV and watch Netflix you know go for it and then it's what you should be doing listening to your body yeah but forcing yourself into bed is actually really quite bad because it can depress you and you're right it doesn't get the circulation moving which is what should be happening we should be you know trying to encourage the blood flow to the uterus and to the ovaries people almost make you feel very guilty by saying it's because you're not relaxing enough yeah and it's impossible to be totally relaxed doing IVF because it's it's a stressful experience remembering all these hormones and they're affecting your brain and you're worrying about whether it's going to work but then I use stopping it from working because you're stressing yeah it becomes a bit of a vicious cycle doesn't say I mean the thing about stress is that it's this constant source of contention because there is no study yet to date so now you know I've done the majority of my research and stress actually cuz I find it so fascinating yeah there isn't a city today that categorically proves that stress has a negative impact however we generally all accept that it can and there is sadly evidence that women going through several rounds of treatment become more stressed the more rounds that they do because all of a sudden a lot more hinges on it they've invested a lot emotionally financially physically and so their stress levels do start to increase and there are studies that have shown that having an increased amount of stress when undergoing IVF can have less of success essentially think for the couple however it's really really hard to prove because of course with stress there are so many other what we call confounding factors definitely try and do what you can to try and calm your mind now that doesn't mean feeling guilty every time you have a bad thought because it's almost inevitable that you will yeah and you know as women in particular we punish ourselves so much we judge each other so much we're our own worst critics and we're so harsh with ourselves and actually it's about sort of turning that around and having compassion for yourself we were talking about this weren't we and whether that means doing some meditation or whether it means exercising or doing a hobby that you like whether it means creating something that gives you satisfaction and breed encourage you to do that because that in itself will distract your mind yeah and we'll try and take this off exactly and always always remember and I you know I'd say this to anyone that we're all doing our best yeah all doing that best and there's only so much that you can do to control these outcomes I mean there's so much I can do as a doctor to control this out yeah when your TV even had a cry it doesn't mean you're gonna have made it not work it just means you're letting out letting out that stress as well and there's so many women who've contacted me or has said they didn't think it worked during the whole two-week way and then they thought they had messed up because they didn't own it but then it's still hot and you know I'm not a correlation between if you think negatively it won't work doesn't yeah no no it doesn't absolutely not guilt and no right so so please don't go punishing yourself favorite and I know that hearing people say things just relax you know it's this the thing that it was friendly summer the answer but they they mean well by it because what they're trying to say is you know you might look after yourself and do nice natural thing yeah wearing orange apparently can help you get pregnant I mean to read this it sounds quite bizarre doesn't turn any and on the the face of it you just dismiss that and think well that there isn't any truth yeah but actually but there could be some truth to it so one of the first associations that comes to my mind with a color orange is at the sacral chakra so I'm gonna get into a little bit of a different realm here but just bear with me on it so the chakras are energetic centers within our bodies and each chakra has a specific set of organs associated with it the sacral chakra the chakra has even reproductive organs at its basis so that's important for men and women and the the sacral all reproductive chakra is important because it dictates our emotions it dictates our relationships it takes our ability to create or be creative and how we feel about ourselves in the world around us so and the next one is a hot good spots on your feet now when I had acupuncture there lady and recommended that too many ways of warm feet anyway yeah but if there anything medically in that yeah so I'm gonna think aside from the fact that it's quite comforting especially as we head into the autumnal winter months and I think you know that the theory behind this is that it helps to improve your circulation yes so yeah so she's right to suggest potentially putting some heat on your feed so whether that's wearing a pair of socks or whether it's a hot water bottle can actually help to improve your overall circulation which ultimately can improve blood flow to the ovaries and the womb and help implantation so I'd say that's a good one to try you can also put it on your tummy area but just not after transfer you doing want to be putting anything too hot or you're talking out of the transfer so be really careful about that laughter can help so like when I go for IVF and I make a new one now I make a Netflix list a funny movie yes I get a positive list of songs that gonna make me to buy in laughs yeah it's laughter does it have effects the science behind it so apparently it does so there was a study that was carried out several years ago which looked at outcomes for men and women going through IVF and their success rates when they introduced the clamps and when they saw [Laughter] but these were funny clown yeah and it was shown and demonstrate said that actually those who have interaction with the clown actually did better and had a higher rate of success so there's got to be something to it and I think that you may you're so right to do that and what I say to my patients is that they can ask for transfer go and do something that's fun that makes them laugh you know quite a lot my patients now go to comedy gigs yeah and they have a good laugh and I just think you know there's truth in that age-old adage of lotteries the best medicine yeah cause it helps reduce our stress hormones it makes us feel better it's gentle exercise that's why I believe it or not in addition to that it helps to improve the circulation which was spoken about before as being a benefit so I think laughter is definitely a really really great thing Michael McIntyre is watching now you can come spend a week I have perfectly one that came through it was about wearing ich pan you know I do this all the time anyway yeah so I mean I think this is more for the men out there rather hanging women because I haven't found a great deal of evidence that wearing boot has for women he certainly has the big Bridget Jones pants so generally wearing loose-fitting bigger pants a boxer short is something that I encourage in my male patients and that's because if you think about where this burner house so it's in testicles and the testicles lie just outside of the body and why is that well it's because there's a cooler environment that so if you're wearing pants which are looser then they help to encourage that cool environment where whereas if the pans that you tight yeah then actually that will compress the testicles and can generate more heat so if any of you guys have had any other lifestyle things that that you've tried maybe you think and feel like they've worked for you or that you're wondering about leave them in there in the comments below so we can see Finnick yeah yeah I mean leave there's an experiment below it for louis xiii go find out more about her and she's got new websites got loads of really interesting stuff that you will love all around lifestyle and food and women's health and they can catch anyone yeah exactly go and ask your question on there yes so please come over there I've made a special fertility cause yeah that was put out in March and it's still up there that's got loads of really great tips about lifestyle and one of the main things I love about the forum is you get to see that you're not the only one going yeah there's so many other people good luck thank you for watching bye [Applause]

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  1. carry on living your life normally. I can't stand all these what we should and shouldn't. Just be healthy and keep chilled :)! This is my plan anyway. Started meds any day now x

  2. Brilliant video with some super ideas and tips. I’m sure these vids will be massively helpful to so many people. X

  3. I didn't do bed rest as soon as I had the transfer we went out for lunch then went shopping to ikea

  4. I didnt I carried on like normal and even went to Ireland in my 2 week wait, I think mentally it helps to carry on and both times I did I get pregnant, where as the first attempts when I did everything to the book I didnt xx

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