okay I knew that there's been some videos that are kind of like off logs are behind and everything but I'm really trying to catch up so today I wanted to do an IVF meds haul now most of these medications are for Jenna and that's because she's the one that's doing the egg retrieval and I will be doing the transfer so I'm gonna discuss some of my meds too but most of them are gonna be hers and she's just not really into this type of video but I am so I'm gonna go and explain exactly what she has like dosages and all of that okay let's get started okay now there is one medication that's in the refrigerator which I will do last so the first medication we got is Menna per net appear this one is 75 iu and Jenna's gonna start her medication June the 14th I'm not sure when this video will come out but that's this week Friday so today's Wednesday so in two days and she will be starting with this menopur 75 I you and then one more medication which I'll mention later at the end the menapii r is for stimulating to get more follicles growing and it'll encourage the body to make lots of good eggs so that one is in the stomach it's subcutaneous so again shots here in the belly and I haven't opened it yet but I will put like a picture over here of what everything looks like like I'll show you the mat here and then I'll put the rest over there okay next medication I'll have to spell it its ganna relics and again subcutaneous in the stomach this one the gana relics it's all that Reich and relics that one is for kind of putting the body on hold so this medication she will start really social start with the two shots take those to Friday Saturday Sunday Monday up until they think that her body is made enough good mature eggs and then she will start taking this gana relics and that one again is gonna put her body kind of on hold so her body doesn't release the eggs and then that way they can get ready for the egg retrieval so again this one I'm not sure when she's gonna start taking because we just have to wait and see how her body grows eggs and probably it'll be like maybe the end of next week somewhere around there me think maybe like I don't know anywhere from day six on word we don't know but that one is really nice because with the men appear I think if you saw in the picture there's like different files and you have to like mix them together and do all of that whereas this one is a prefilled syringe and you can just give a shot you don't have to mix anything so I think that's gonna be much easier for her oh and I'm also gonna mention that yes Jenna was using birth control she stopped that now but before she was just taking and case if they pronounced it she started birth control just after her peer well technically I think she started her period with brown day the day two three something like that she started birth control and that was about five weeks well almost five weeks like four weeks and two days and then just recently I had her second baseline ultrasound that's when she stopped so that was yesterday was her last birth control so now we're just waiting until Friday for the other man so birth control this one I don't know what it's actually called cleric gana doe trimmin shot it's ten thousand USP units and that one is the trigger shot so that one means once she's done with all the medications and ready to have the egg retrieval she will take this shot and this one is in the but it's inter intra muscular not sure what the I think it's intra muscular so that just means that it's in the muscle and that means it's in the butt so I'm gonna help her with that one and that she will take the shot whenever if they inform her to and then I believe it I think it's about 36 hours and then they will do the egg retrieval and get all of the eggs hopefully a lot but not too much so yes that's ten thousand okay um the one I'm not gonna show you and I'll just put pictures over here so I'm just really nervous is her gonal-f it's a pen I think it's called the ready jet I think it's what it's called but it's gonna laughs and that one again is she's gonna start at the same time as the men appear so both of those start together so she will do both of those subcutaneous every night and so that'll be starting on Friday and with the guy don't laugh again it's just another stimulation for hormones to help grow and develop more eggs but that one has to be refrigerated and I just want to be real careful because it's very expensive so if you're curious you know what's all included with IVF cost I will make a video like much later I'll try my best to kind of keep receipts and all of that but yeah the Ghana lamp is very expensive medication so I don't even want to take it out to show you and then if I forget to you know I take too much time and I forget I just want to keep it in the fridge okay so really the only other thing that we got are we got needles and um show you here just this this is once you use your needles you put them in this it's a sharps box and it's a bio hazardous whew okay so those are all of Jenna's medications and so now for me obviously she's doing the egg retrieval and then they're gonna transfer to me and we decided to do a medicated cycle which I'll explain more about why we did that in another video and update of what's going on with you know all of the IVF and everything but I'm gonna have two medications well really three right now and I'll just put them all up here because I don't have them yet the well that's not true I have a total of four so right now I am taking a string estrogen like an ass trace I think it is I think that's the name if not I'll look I'll put it down here that medication I just started recently when I started my period on day three because I started on Saturday so then I went in the clinic on Monday so I'm taking estrogen starting that day and so right now my dosage is one pill two times a day and then after about four or five days then I will take two pills two times a day so four pills and then another four ish days later then I'll start taking a total of six pills every day and that six pills daily will continue for I think until well either until we find out if I'm not pregnant or I think like week ten maybe during pregnancy I'm not 100% sure I'd have to look again on my scheduled but you continue it for a long time so that I already started and then I'm taking a baby aspirin or a low-dose aspirin and that's just to help with the uterine lining and again that estrogen kind of does the same thing so that I DS take they're both like really tiny pills I can show you over here they're super tiny and then the other one again which I don't have because we just haven't picked it up yet is the PIO which is possessed your own in oil and that one is a shot but again that one's in the butt so and that one unfortunately you have to do every morning you start the day it's also at the day of Jenna's egg retrieval and then you take that every single morning and if you're lucky and you get pregnant you continue that for a total of 10 weeks into pregnancy so yeah fine so that's that one and then the other one is a suppository kind of um this one I forgot the name of it so I'll just put it over there it starts with the C I think it ends with the next maybe I don't know it'll be over there so that one is before it was supposed to be prescription she had given me which is a pedestrian but it's a vaginal suppository and that one we ended up having issues with my insurance and covering it at a special special pharmacy and whatnot so we changed it to this one and that one is a gel it's almost like in like a tampon type of thing and then every night at a specific point which I don't remember when it's on my schedule you inject the gel and do that nightly for I don't know however long probably while I'm at work yeah because I work nights so there's those so those are the four that I will be taking taking taking so there's that and that is what we're gonna try so those are all of the medications I'm curious what is your ivf med schedule like if you're doing IVF ours is always a split because we're doing reciprocal IVF but yeah genna's is considered I guess a low amount because she had so many follicles to start with and so she's starting on a low dose and not too high because thankfully you know we don't have to get too many meds because they're really expensive um yes so that is that again leave a comment down below what is your IVF med schedule what are you taking did it work I'm just curious okay thank you so much for watching and remember to subscribe and hit that bow there will be more videos coming out soon IVF and all of that happening so see you next video bye [Applause] baby


  1. so I went to a fertility clinic and the only option they gave me was that because I did not have many follicles they could not take out my eggs to do in vitro. do they only do invitro? When you were got pregnant with Mikko and used your own eggs and donor sperm, they did not extract your eggs first and start the process in petri did they? I am in CA.

  2. Interesting! It's a lot of meds, I know.

    I have to check up my old anonymous blog about our journey with IVF. It's written in Swedish, so, but if you want to read with Google translate or so, I can send the link.

    I did in total 5 IVF treatments, 2 frozen transfers and two miscarriges and many negative pregnancy tests and we also got our two kids.

    First IVF I did something what the clinic called short method and I started with birth control pills, stopped after 20 days and then after a week without meds I started with Puregon shots. After 6 days with Puregon I had ultrasound check up and also started with Orgalutran shots. On day 8 of shots it was ultrasound check up again. On day 10 I had the tigger shot called Pregnyl.
    We got 11 eggs in total but only 9 eggs were good to fertilize and everything ended with 2 eggs. One to froze and one to me. After the egg transfer I use one meds called Progesteron MIC. It's like pills in the vagina. The treatment ended up with a negative pregnancy test.

    After that we tried with our frozen embryo. And I started with estrogen pills called Femanest, I took 3 pills a day and 2 days before the transfer I started with Progesteron MIC. And we got a positive pregnancy test. I was finally pregnant but we lost it in week 8. A miscarrige. It was sad.

    The clinic found out that I need meds for my hypothyroidism. They missed to check up if I really had any problem with that. That maybe caused my miscarrige. So I started with meds for that and right now I have been on that meds for 10 years. It will be a lifelong medicination for me. One pills every day.

    Our second IVF treatment was pretty much like the first one, but without birth control pills. I started with Puregon on day 2 in the cycle, started with Orgalutran on day 5, Pregnyl on day 11. We got 8 eggs and 5 of those were fertilized and 4 became embryos, but none were good to froze. So I got two embryos to me. And I used Progesteron MIC until the test. It was negative again.

    For our third IVF we used same meds. Puregon, Orgalutran, Pregnyl and Progesteron MIC. We got only 4 eggs, 3 became embryos but none was so good. So I got two embryos to me for the transfer again. Ended with a negative test.

    These three IVF treatments and a FET were paid by the government (by taxpayers) so it was free for us. With a limit amount of trying. We just only paid some amount for the meds, but it was also pretty much covered by the government and taxes.

    From now we must pay our treatments. Before our fourth IVF treatment, so we had a meeting with the clinic and they apologize for they missed my hypothyroidism. They offer us one free IVF treatment because what happened us was their fault.

    When we started with our fourth IVF, the time had really flies two years! This time we changed our method to what the clinic called long method. I started with a nose spray called Suprecur. I did spraying for many weeks. After 4 weeks I added Menopur shots and reduce my spraying to half.
    Trigger shot was Pregnyl again. Got 7 eggs. 3 eggs became embryos. I got one for the transfer and one to froze. Used Progesteron MIC again.

    Ended up with pregnancy! Finally! From that IVF we got our first miracle, our oldest son, today he is 7 years old. And one frozen embryo.

    When we wanted a second child, we tried first with the frozen embryo. We paid full for that, like 9000 Swedish crowns for the treatment. My meds were estrogen pills Femanest and Progesteron MIC. I became pregnant. It was amazing and our first ultrasound in week 8 ended up with no baby. It was a missed abortion. It was empty there. So sad for us. After 4 weeks I still feel I was like pregnant and I got a surgery for to remove the pregnancy (like an actual abortion).

    So later we got our fifth IVF treatment. Paid like 26 000 Swedish crowns for that. I started with nose spray Suprecur, added Menopur and I don't remember which trigger shot I had, it might was Ovitrelle. Or Pregnyl. But anyway, we got 9 eggs. 5 became embryos. I got one to transfer and the other four might could go to frozen.

    The day after the transfer we learned that these four embryos have died. So we thought that treatment would fail for us. But we got a positive pregnancy test! I was pregnant again. That ended up with our second miracle, our youngest son. He will be 5 years old about few weeks.

    Sorry for a loooong story, but yes IVF is amazing. It helps so many people to start families. Even if it sometimes is so hard and expensive.

    I am excited for you guys. I hope all is going good for you. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey, including meds and doctors visits, you are teaching me alot!

    For her entire life my wife has been told that she is an IVF baby. On a recent trip to see her mom she learned that her and her twin brother were naturally conceived in the hormone ladened lead up to IVF. After 5 years of marriage we had dismissed IVF due to cost in favor of adoption. We are kinda rethinking that now. Thanks again for your videos. I really am learning alot.

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