IVF/PGD – VLOG #37 – Trying for Baby #2 and FET prep

hey everyone it's Stephanie here first off I want to thank you for joining me if you've been following me for a while now you probably already know about our journey to get our Sun and through all of our losses and about five years of losing babies to a fatal genetic condition and I just wanted to come and hop on because it's been a long time since I've done an update Beckett is 17 months old now and I'm sure you all want to see him but he is napping right now it would have been very difficult to do a video if he wasn't but I will try to get a video of him again soon for you so you can see how much is grown so what I want to talk to you about today is I wanted to let you all know that we are about to start the medication and prep for our second ivf frozen embryo transfer so I've kind of been on the fence on how much I wanted to share and post this time around if any of you have had or gone through IVF or a frozen embryo transfer or really any fertility or infertility problems you'll know that it's quite a difficult journey and whether you chose to do it privately or publicly if you chose to talk about it on social media or not that's all really a personal preference and everybody feels differently about it and I know people also judge me about for example how much I have shared in the past and how open I am about our journey but I always was able to kind of put that aside because of all of the people who would reach out and tell me you know how it maybe helped them in their own journeys and that to me was worth it as well as it really gave me an extra support system knowing that you know I didn't have to pretend that none of it was happening in my first three pregnancies I didn't tell anybody and I went through it alone obviously but Dave but as we were going through the losses we only were telling like close family and lots of people didn't know and with all of that it just goes to be very difficult and at that point is when I had decided that's it you know I need to start talking about it and so I have decided that I will continue to share because it's really not fair to you guys all of my followers that um that I shared all the way up to Beckett and then not continue sharing so I will try to keep you updated throughout this frozen transfer process and the journey to getting pregnant with our second possibly third child so here we go I am on day I believe 19 of my cycle and on day one I called it into our clinic I am Canadian and I live in Medicine Hat Alberta which is close to Calgary and our clinic that we went through with a Becket was in Calgary so we will be going through the original fertility program in Calgary again since our remaining embryos are frozen there so I start my first medication on Friday and that is going to be these super fact super fact now what my last two transfers I've had two transfers my first transfer did not work it ended in a chemical pregnancy and then my second transfer resulted in Becket my son and I've always done the nose spray but the nose spray you have to take five times a day so you have to take it every four hours and it's really quite annoying to take constantly and so I decided this time around to go with the injection because it's just once a day so this is just subcutaneous so we'll just be in the stomach the really small needles not a big deal kind of like the needles that you do at the beginning of IVF when you're doing Agra travel and that kind of thing so this will just be once a day in the morning and then I will also be starting the aspirin my clinic has you take the low-dose baby aspirin as well starting on the same day and then I will be on those two things for 15 days and then probably around July 12 so about 15 days well Friday's when I start so 15 days later I will start the estradiol which is also known as estrus basically it's just a estrogen pill and what this does is well so the super fact I should say basically shuts off your own hormonal system so that your body isn't really producing the hormones the way that it would normally and so when you add in the estrogen what you're doing is replacing that natural estrogen that your body would normally create and so if you followed my journey and my last two transfers you will know that my body was very stubborn for transfer and my lining was not thickening so I had to go up to a higher dose of estrogen both times and I ended up being on it for an extra two and a half weeks each time and that was like the max that they would let me go to get my lining thick enough so they want my lining they weren't your lining to be two seven millimeters and mine like literally after two and a half extra weeks just made it for both transfers so I'm kind of expecting that I may have lining issues again however I did have a full-term baby and your body does change after having a baby so I'm trying to stay hopeful that maybe my lining will just cooperate this time but in any case they're starting me on the highest dose just to be safe which is 12 milligrams and that's like super high most people I believe sir our only take about four maybe six milligrams of the esterase and so yeah I'm taking like Oh probably at least double of what the normal dose of starting is this is a tough medication it makes you extremely tired it can make you nauseous it can make you just like super date is do you know like when you're just standing there and you don't even know what's going on because you're just in a major days that's kind of what it did to me last time so I'm really not looking forward to being on this one again but what do what I gotta do so yeah 12 milligrams I take four milligrams orally and two milligrams vaginally in the morning and then I repeat in the evening so I will take it twice a day six milligrams much time and hopefully that will help my lining the other thing I'm going to do like I said if you watched any of my videos if you want to know about my previous transfers or our journey leading up to why we did IVF or any of that just click on my videos and I have a ivf playlist that you can check out and see but last time I literally tried everything and those extra weeks leading up to my getting my lining thick enough before transfer I tried Brazil my nuts I tried palm juice I tried pineapple core I tried castor oil packs what else like red raspberry leaf tea like literally anything you can think of that anyone's even ever mentioned might have helped your lining I tried and really none of it worked the only thing that I feel maybe worked was taking a high dose of vitamin E pills so I'm going to take about a thousand eight hundred to a thousand milligrams of vitamin E oil pills like liquid liquid gels or whatever and I feel like that might have helped me the last time so I'm going to take it because I think it really can't hurt anything so that's really the only thing I'm gonna try aside from the high dose of estrogen alright so that's that and then I think if all goes well and I started estrogen around in July then I will have an ultrasound around July 25th or so and that ultrasound will be to check my lining so that's two after two weeks on estrogen and once they do the lining check it will determine when transfer will be so if my lining is good then transfer will be a go they have to check with the embryologist and see what their schedule is like because my clinic only does five embryo transfers a day so that have to check and see what day kind of around the time I need to go would work and then I need to start my progesterone in oil injections six days before transfer so if my lining is good on the 25th they might say okay start your progesterone on the 26th and my transfer might be July 31st July 31st is the absolute earliest day that we would be transferring and if anyone's ever taken these they know how badly they suck so progesterone oil is really really thick oil and these needles definitely hurt a lot more their intramuscular so I refute I can't give them to myself some people do I don't know how you do it but it's a it's a thick oil so it's not like a really thin thing like my b12 would be a super thin and so dave has to give these to me and it gives them to me in my hip or but like butt area and if I end up getting pregnant and it works I stay on both the estrogen and progesterone until I'm 10 weeks pregnant so like last time that's definitely not the super fun part of the pregnancy but it works and Beckett is here so I know it's all worth it and hopefully it will all be worth it again and my clinic also gives a antibiotic for five days it looks like one capsule twice a day for five days and this is just leading up to transfer I believe to make sure that you don't have any infections that could prevent the transfer from working all right so that's kind of my protocol and the meds and the timing for this upcoming transfer the only other thing that I didn't talk about yet was how many embryos we have left we plan to transfer and all of that so we have we technically have three embryos frozen however one of them when it was sent for testing back a few years ago when we did our egg retrieval there wasn't enough information to test that embryo and so really that embryo isn't one that we can use just because we're not able to take the chance that that embryo would have shortly polydactyly which is the fatal gene that we carry and test it for and so since they weren't able to give us an answer on that one it's just not an embryo that we can use so it's frozen right now but really we have two healthy pretty good quality embryos left and frozen and waiting for us so we've really been toying with do we put one in do we put them both in and we have decided to transfer both of our last two embryos at the same time so we will be transferring both embryos at the end of July maybe the beginning of August whenever depending on my body you could call me crazy I don't know I still go back and forth when I think about it and they say that the possibility of twins is still only about twenty maybe thirty percent chance of them both sticking but I've been very back and forth on the pros and cons of transferring one or transferring both and I guess I can just quickly go over some of our reasons as to why we did decide on two just in case anyone out there is also you know really struggling with that choice now it really is a personal decision on what's best for you and your family and based on your history and maybe like why you're doing IVF and all of that like I also have to remember that I'm not doing IVF because I can't get pregnant or because I can't carry a baby or anything like that I've been pregnant six times you know I've been through the first trimester five times and it's no that's not why we did IVF we did IVF for the genetic testing so it to me might have a better chance of working just because I know my body can't carry a pregnancy and get pregnant now um one of the factors for us deciding to put them both in is that Dave is 38 now I just turned 35 and while that's not old especially in the IVF world you know lots of people in their early 40s get pregnant through IVF but that's just not something we really want like you know we've already went through five years of trying before we go Beckett and it's been a really long road for us and we're ready to just kind of be done with that part and like live our lives and enjoy our children but you know what Dave doesn't really want to be four in as four years having you know a baby and you know if that's what happens and that's how it's gonna be then that's fine but if we have the choice we're going to you know just try to put them both in and see what happens and the other thing is like we'd be perfectly happy with two children but we've been through a lot to get these healthy embryos so if we just put one in and it works for example and then like we have that one healthy embryo laughs like we're not just gonna leave it we just can't after everything like it that took a lot to get to this point so I just couldn't leave that one embryo without giving it a chance which means that's nine months of pregnancy and then you know a year to a year-and-a-half of breastfeeding before I can stop and do another transfer so you're looking at me being in my late 30s and then transferring again and going through all of that and so that was one factor the other another major factor is for just my health I ended up with a c-section with Beckett it's very painful and my scars still really hurts a lot of the time and I just don't want to go through two more c-sections if I don't have to as well as if you remember for any of my followers I did have placenta in Krita with my pregnant after my pregnancy with Bria after I delivered her Bria was our last loss I delivered Bree at 16 weeks Simon she was born sleeping and after that I ended up with placenta in Crete and so my risk of getting that again is a lot higher than you know just a regular person because I've had it and then anytime you have a c-section your increase you increase your risk like a way more again and so if I was to get placenta accreta in a pregnancy there's a good chance if it was to go to full term that they would do a c-section hysterectomy or sea hist so they would take the baby out and they would take my uterus out right after and so I worry that if that does happen then I won't be able to use my last embryo yes I know there's surrogacy and all of that stuff but if I can carry them and you know just get it all done then I would prefer to just do that at this point so those are kind of our main reasons anyways for going ahead with it now I guess my biggest fear obviously is that it doesn't work and neither of them take if that happens we will have no embryo no frozen embryos left and we will be back to deciding whether we just have beckoned and he's an only child or whether we go through the whole process again of the egg retrieval and all of the testing and then we could end up with no embryos are some or too many or whatever and it's just a very stressful very financially difficult situation as well when you start doing PGD testing and PGs testing and embryos you're basically doubling your cost of IVF so it's about probably around $30,000 at least minimum and that's in a closest clinic to us if we decided to switch clinics and travel to another one you're looking at all um more travel costs obviously from that now money isn't obviously the biggest deciding factor but it still is you know kind of crappy so just so much to consider and we're really really just trying to stay positive and hope that at least one of our two embryos does stick and if they both stick then you know I guess we will be having two more and we'll just have to deal with things day by day so that's it if you have any questions just post them in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them I'm probably gonna mostly share this transfer journey on youtube so make sure you subscribe to my channel if you want to see what's to come for us I might post a little bit on Facebook and Instagram but definitely not as much as they did in the past I feel like anyone who wants to follow this part of our journey can come on over to youtube and find me over here and yeah I guess I forgot one other thing my big box of needles so yeah alright thanks so much for following click subscribe if you want to follow our journey and don't forget to go back and check out any of my past videos if you have questions about you know how we got to this point and thank you so so much for being here and supporting us through not only having Becket but now through trying to complete our family with what will hopefully be our last IVF transfer all right guys I will be in touch probably in a couple days when I start my super fact I'll check in and let you know how it goes bye

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  1. 💜 Best of luck to you and Dave. This is going to work and Beckett is going to be a great big brother.

  2. Curious, how many embryos did you transfer w B? Good luck and all the best wishes to you! Cannot wait to hear the story of a brother or sister!

  3. No judgment here, only support. I love how you can't leave one healthy embryo out there–tears me right up. How precious are you and those sweet little ones! Blessings and good luck to you and yours.

  4. I'm so excited Stephanie for you guys. I get it I was the same way when we lost the girls. Now we have 3 beautiful babies as you know. Cant wait. Thank you for sharing. Love and hugs from Oregon.

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