IVF/PGD – VLOG #38 – First Suprefact Injection for FET #3

because right now is my very first super fact injection so I was a little slow up posting my last video so these will be going up at the same time today but I just thought I would come on and show you just for anyone who is going through IVF and is maybe not sure about super fact or the super fact injections I wanted to kind of share that part of the journey as well so here we go this is my super fact file now most people or a lot of people do the super fact nasal spray and that's what I did for my previous two transfers however this time around I just decided to do the needle instead because it's just once a day the nose spray is five times a day and it's kind of a pain sorry it's kind of a pain doing it five times a day so I thought I would try this does the same thing so here's the vial I don't know if you can see so this is the super fat and I've already opened up my needles so what you do with an injection like this is you need to draw draw it out of the vial with one needle and then you need to switch tips before you inject that's just how you have to do any type of injection so I have my handy little black case with all my medication in it so that I need every day and right now since this is my first one I'm starting this is all I'm doing at this point so since it's a new vial I need to break off the little top piece and then that will just be cartridge all right so I need to get an alcohol swab have and should have hot outlets sorry alright so you take your alcohol swab now it's been a while like a few years since I've had to do a needle like this and this one I can do myself because the needle tip once I change it is very very small it's like an insulin tape needle so very small not a big deal at all whereas the progesterone an oil that gets done in my butt that one Dave has to give me because that needle is way too big and I am NOT going anywhere near that so and it's a lot more difficult to give that type of needle than it is to just give one under the skin alright so what I'm using is a I'm using a 22 gauge needle to draw it with because the super fact isn't a thick it's as you can see it's a very thin liquid so I don't need a fat Mabel to draw it out with so I'm going to use a 22 gauge and this is just a one inch I should be using a one and a half but it will leave us one inch to take my pedestrian so I have lots of these ones so I'm just gonna try it with a one-inch it should be fine and then I'm going to put on the needle tip of this one this little teeny tiny one and this is a 27-gauge needle so it's very thin and very small and I'll show you that when I get there so first thing you're going to do take your alcohol swab swab off the top of the vial okay and then I'm going to take your top off so like I said this is a 22 gauge trying to see a way that you can kind of see it and then you're going to I need to do one meal so I'm going to draw in one mil of air okay and then I'm going to insert it into the rubber pad that's on there once you put it in then you're gonna tip it upside down sorry it has to kind of awkward and you're gonna push the area first and then I'm going to draw out the liquid now you always want to go past what you need so I need one so I went past there if you could and then I'm going to push it back up because there was a little air bubbles at the top and I want to get rid of those so I'm gonna push it back up until I get to one there we go so I have one milliliter and then just release there we go so I have it drawn up but since they've used this needle to draw looks like there's only gonna be about like maybe five three or four I don't even know doses in one of these Oh five point five now so five five-and-a-half doses in one of these so it'll last five and a half days so what I'm going to do is replace the cap on this the util tip since it is now garbage I have it drawn exactly where it needs to be so I'm going to get my other needle ready so that I can unscrew the top of this one now some clinics or pharmacies have just the needle tips that you can buy that don't come on the syringes so you're not wasting so much I asked for those but my pharmacist that I'm going through for this obviously couldn't get them so I have the full syringe and everything that's just going to be garbage so I'm going to untwist the needle that I used to draw and I'm going to put it into my sharps container so that's somewhere safe and I'm going to unscrew my clean fresh smaller needle tip and I'm going to put it on the syringe that I drew up so now this syringe is just garbage I don't need to waste room in the sharps container because that will fill up quickly and there we go so I have my needle drawn up this is my very first super fact injection my first time giving myself a needle since we did the retrieval like three years ago so uh here we go now this is done subcutaneously so it's done in the stomach just pinch the skin and it's just I know the skin it's not inter muscular which is what makes it a much easier one today so you need your alcohol swab again I'm gonna stand up a little bit so you can I hear sorry it's like really hard when you're taping a video sideways like this for YouTube to like get your whole body in so I'm like on my knees on the floor anyway so here we are so I'm just going to lift up my shirt so it doesn't matter which side you go on the main thing is that you're always rotating sides and that you don't go in the same exact same spot like you know more than once a week or so so you just want to kind of keep going like different spots in my stomach and so I'm going to well before I do that I'm going to take the lid off and I'm gonna push it to make sure it's good so I'm gonna take the lid off and as you can see this is like super tiny this needle okay maybe doesn't look that tiny in there but I think it's just uh what is it even 27 gauge half-inch so it's only a half inch needle so it's not that big it's not that bad alright and then I want to do is go like this sorry I want to make sure you can see and I'm just gonna push until it comes out one drop comes out okay so now we are good to go one drop came out I still have one mil and then here we go so imma lift my shirt no let me think which him I'm left-handed so I'm gonna do with my left sorry I'm not a big fan of needles but you got to do what you got to be right so I'm gonna pick just right around here no big deal I'm just gonna let it dry sorry I'm just making sure held very well like super paranoid right now because it's been so long all right so it's dry so I'm just gonna pinch maybe I'll come a little closer so you can see just gonna pinch it together and here we go now I'm gonna push it in it's a burning actually a fair bit maybe I'm pushing it too fast so I'm gonna slow down a little bit push it in a little slower there we go it's all there yeah there we go I did it shouldn't be a mark no bleeding we're good that's it it's all there so I will replace the lid and this whole thing into the sharps container and that's it that's my first super fact injection if you're doing the nose spray you're doing that five times a day and if you're doing the injection it's just once a day so really they said it's really no different I was a little worried about switching since I know what we did last time worked but I know that it's the same medication so it's not really a big deal but oh here we go couple years of giving up my body to hopefully making another baby and breastfeeding and all of that stuff but you know it's a big step is first needle because it just means everything's starting again and all the stress and anxiety and worry of you know all the what-ifs and all the possibilities it's all just a lot too you know to think about and worry about but you know we have Beckett and he's worth it so I know that it will be worth it this time around as well and we'll just keep going so thanks for watching if you are on your own IVF journey I wish you the best of luck as well and feel free to subscribe and follow me through this frozen transfer that going through right now and I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you have any questions let me know all right guys have a great day bye

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  1. I am so excited to watch you go through this journey! It's in the Lord's hands. My problem are with you!

    P.s. I follow Rachelle & Justin Swannie & they are starting the IVF process shortly again as well.

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