IVF/PGD – VLOG #40 – First PIO (Progesterone in Oil) Injection for FET #3!

hey everyone Stephanie here so today is my first day of progesterone or progesterone in oil shots and I thought I would do a video because I've been documenting this journey and I wanted to keep you updated on what's going on so since I am starting my progesterone today that means that yesterday was my last day of the super fact which was the needle but I was just putting in my stomach that suppress ovulation and so yesterday was my last day for that I did not take it this morning so tonight at six o'clock ish I will be getting my progesterone needle and now this one is a lot different than the other and it's not just subcutaneous in the skin it's in the muscles so it goes in your hip muscle and it's one that I can't give myself so Dave has to give me that this needle it's a lot bigger and a lot more painful as well so the one thing with the chest room was the super fact was super thin and as you can see this progesterone it's an it's an actual oil so like an olive oil would look like it's a lot thicker which makes it more painful when it's going in gives you a lot of like big hard lumps and all bad a lot of people will ace the area for a long time before and then put a heating pad on after I didn't do that last time and I was okay it did get a lot worse as I got closer to the end of doing them and so if I do get pregnant from this transfer I will stay on this and my estrogen pills until I'm about ten weeks pregnant so there are quite a few of these that you do need to take if it works and hopefully it does is much they hate taking these we obviously want it to work and then the other thing that I started today it was an antibiotic so it is doxycycline don't you sigh clong I don't and it's twice a day so morning and night for five days so I'm taking it today and like since I'm starting progesterone today that means my transfer is going to be on the sixth day from today which makes my transfer on Friday of next week August 2nd and I'm nervous and I'm excited um it could have been as early as Wednesday but they were all full they only do five transfers a day at my clinic so they were all full for Wednesday and Thursday so I hope something till Friday which kind of sucks but it is what it is I had a good lining out my checks I'm super happy about that and then totally okay with waiting a couple more days if we have to so yeah so I'm taking these and the crappy thing about this sound periodic is that you can't take it within two hours of any other pills or any dairy and I loved area yogurt for breakfast and I love cheese so it's a little bit hard and then I also have a lot of other pills that I take too so I have to take those as my breakfast I'm kind of taking this like mid-morning and then maybe before bed or something to space it out away from the other pills so it's kind of a pain but basically the antibiotic is just to treat any unknown infections that we maybe don't know about and just to give your body the best chance of accepting the embryos and your best shot at pregnancy so there's that yeah so I guess I'll just quickly draw up the needle and show you how it's done in case you're not sure in case you've never done a progesterone injection before maybe it's your first time maybe you're doing IVF yourself or maybe you're just following my journey and want to see what it's all about so I'm going to open mine you know now this they didn't really have the right needles that I needed so this is a one and a half this is a 22-gauge one in one inch needle sorry and this is what I'm actually going to need to use what I'm getting it so I need to save this one so I'm going to take it off and this is what I'm going to use to actually when I get the injection and I'm gonna switch it out with this 18 gauge blunt tip needle so this is a blunt tip and the reason you do that is because the progesterone is really like I said it's really thick so it's hard to draw so I'm gonna twist this one on as you can see this is not a funny it's got a blunt tip it doesn't have a like a pokey pert and it's way thicker than anything you're gonna want to be sticking in your hip or your butt so just want to confirm it is one milliliter okay so here it is out of focus but gesture over here just for an injection my Lighting's kind of crappy here okay so bad is the one that I have it's gonna take my alcohol alcohol swab clean off the top and then I'm gonna drop the needle so the best way to do it is go to one first so that you have some air that you're putting into it and it's harder to push through because it's such a thick needle okay now you can draw this is called drawing it you can do that with the smaller needle but it would take a lot longer because it's such a thick oil so even with this as you can see it's a lot harder to draw and for some reason it's not really coming out very long even with the 18 gauge it's still super thick it's not really wanting to come maybe I have it up too high sorry you can see like it's coming it really slowly okay still not quite enough oh boy it's just not like fun um I didn't miss these at all okay I think I have enough so I'm gonna go oh maybe not I don't remember it being so hard last time to dry it up maybe I'm doing something wrong if there's anybody who's done these and you know what my problem is it's like not wanting to like suctioning back up so if you have any tips on maybe what I'm doing wrong or if it's just because it's such a thick oil okay I have enough so I'm gonna push it back up to have about the right amount here okay now I'm gonna pull it out okay I think I'd maybe just didn't put enough air in it so maybe I needed to draw more air into this I'm afraid right so if you can see I have a little more than one but I have to switch it out and also it had a really good tip from somebody on a YouTube channel if that was you thank you so much but they said before you take off the tip draw back the needle to get all of the medicine out of the actual tip of the needle so you're not wasting so much because if I just twist it off I'm gonna lose everything that's in the needle so I just did not so thank you if you were the person who gave me that tip so like I said I'm gonna get rid of this not so nice looking one needle and I'm just gonna twist it off now okay and switch it out for the needle now most people are a lot of people used one and a half inch to inject I'm only using a one I'm a little fatter than I was probably like 10 pounds heavier than I was when I started my pregnancy with Beckett so I'm kind of worried that maybe I should be using a one and a half inch needle because I do have a little more fat here than I did before but I'm gonna use a one inch anyways right now and see if I feel like maybe there's gonna be a problem then I'll switch to bigger but like if I can get away with on one inch then I'm going to because who wants a one-and-a-half inch needle that's crazy so here we go it's big enough for eight like so I'm gonna push it you know I should have this here I'm just gonna push it because I did draw a little extra so I'm just gonna push it until it gets to one to make sure it have it coming out now even pushing it out right now it's like way so I drew too much but that's fine I'll have extra I always do okay so there we go now it is all set and ready for Dave to inject so I will be back in a few minutes and we'll get it done hi guys so we're back and I recruited Dave he's just heading to work right now but he's gonna give me my needle really quick here so like you saw before I've already drawn it up it's ready to go I'm feeling nervous and I have no why how do you feel about giving to me I feel okay oh do you remember how no okay makes me feel a lot better okay so basically you put your butt crack your butt cheek in four and then you go on the outer quadrant above your butt crack so that's what we're gonna do I'm gonna give it to him and then the other trick with progesterone and oil is sorry you can't really see me you have to he has to push it in really slow because like you someone I was trying to draw it it's like really thick and it's not when you can just like shoot it in you have to do it over you know probably a good 30 seconds or more um so here we go goes in the muscle yeah so this is intramuscular like I said this is a 1 22 gauge 1 inch needle so I'm just gonna tuck this up here okay and like I said below fatter than when we do this with Beckett so I probably should be using a 1 and 1/2 inch needle but I'm gonna kind of like you come on this side no like not okay alright so my butt cracks here so basically draw it in for somewhere in this area if I lean forward I'm going no yeah I think this I think it's okay I just watched someone else's video they were like laying down on the bed so I might try a lot tomorrow if this hurts a lot this has things I didn't you didn't yeah that's me massage anywhere to like five minutes after there's a big bump you're gonna need that after all four oh boy okay for sure you know okay oh I'm so nervous I feel like when it pops over it is so hot okay Oh hopefully so now he's drawing the needle back to make sure okay so to make sure there's no blood in it if you hit a blood vessel you need to pull it out and switch the champ and go in another spot so it's very rare I think it only happened once when we're taking these twice okay I only remember once but Dave says twice so two times it happened in the ten or whatever weeks that I had to take them I guess it's probably like eight weeks total sorry so it was burning a little bit just because it's such a thick oil tomorrow I think we should try that trying to stay still it's hard against the wall okay so I'm going to massage this really hard for a while a couple minutes anyways to make the oil kind of okay well Dave this thing would work so easy say bye OC bye and I should also ask you why you're here because lots of people haven't met you yet how you feel about transfer coming up and transferring to terrified thumbs up okay so some people put heating pads on it like I mentioned earlier just so that the whale kind of like heats up and stays soft instead of like you know getting hurting or whatever I don't know yes so that is it we will do it again tomorrow at the same time and it might try laying down if you have any tips for ways that work for you let me know but this wasn't so bad it's not so bad like at the beginning but after you do it for weeks and weeks and weeks you start to run out of spots because there's only like an area this big on each hip that you rotate between so eventually you're going to start coming and doing it in the same spot so that's why I'd get to worse and worse Larry after like I should have with the camera I'm kind of like bending over funny okay so that is it I will be back and give you another update after transfer on Friday today's Sunday so which is luck it's scary and we are definitely running you too just like kind of fast forward a little bit and see if it works and get to the next step so thanks again for watching make sure to subscribe and continue following our journey for our second baby our next idea transfer bye guys

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