morning everyone so this is a very special video and Jason's there with me and we both look really tired because we just woke up so sorry about that but I'm sick because we are gonna take these morning today I am six days post five-day transfer and I have been testing my trigger shot Oh and yesterday I tested for the first time with a first response and it was positive when I thought it was going to be negative but these are more sensitive than the chi-chi's that I've been using so we're hoping for today is that it is gonna be darker than yesterday so I am going to dip this is a fresh one hasn't been used yet okay dipped and it's just sitting right here sorry I'm kind of like Jason we all wake up we all get tired faces hi you say bye-bye okay I'm gonna wait to look or should I just look waiting that's so hard so yeah just a little background information find these past egg retrieval they put in a blast business they just put in one and we decided not to go for two because Jason and I are both young and we are prime candidates for IVF considering what our issues are and so we had really good odds with just one blast so we decided to just do one not go for twins this time if you know it doesn't work this time Oh

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  1. Hi love, I was just wondering, since the first time you conceived naturally by taking fertile aid, did you take it the second time ? I know that you did ivf but did you try taking it the second time at all?

  2. Oh, goodness! To see the disappointment on your faces was so tough. It's easier to watch knowing your pregnant and doing well! xx

  3. Oh Euans face is just precious. He was not playing. Lol I didn't like to see the sadness on your faces. Even for that second.

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