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now on nurses sues birth plan goes awry Charlotte and Jeremy tied a knot and the heavy price to pay for having quads sue Warfield has gone into labor and she's managed to make it into the delivery suite along with her whole family as planned midwife Richard Mountford is only just back in the nick of time from camping to take charge of her delivery Sue's contractions are getting more painful by the minute over at the emergency department staff nurse Mike Peters is performing one of the duties he and his colleagues have to do all too often the last thing you do for your patient who's died in the department is to identify who they are with wristbands for the morticians and the pathologist for later on if they're required and then to wrap wrap the body up in a sheet service or genetically disposed on and there's a whole set of protocols to surround now the earth to understand and go through an Emmy called reporters and they come and correct the body and take over to the laudatory we don't rush anybody in this department if they want to spend time with their deceased and you know they can spend as long as they like and we often leave them but is it is it is the final thing you do for people and I mean they don't know about it but their family do and it's extremely important to get it right and you just tidy them up if they need a little washer a little cleanup to do that I suppose we changed them and put them into a nice guy and so they let myself Russia I mean try me look as peaceful as possible that's one take that water though it's just something you get used to it the last word so if you're like this is a human being they may be dead but just a human being and you're treating them with respect and in a way you do this because you might got to know them quite well you've got God concerned about their condition got quite involved with their care and it's the last thing that you can do for them really is to has to make sure that when they when they go off they go for Cleveland and couple away it sounds daft to talk about it that personal income for the populace basically you're trying to achieve the job doesn't stop when the patient dies there are still things to be done as part of this is wrong it's the day medical students Charlotte and Jeremy have long planned for and eagerly awaited their wedding days after the stresses and strains of getting through their exams Jeremy's nerves are building up again in anticipation of today's big event I don't think anything will compare to my wedding day the nerves nothing how's safer this morning I was just a mess shaking like a leaf and it's funny because as time has gone on more and more relaxed until I see Charlotte looking down look that would be this real test I think last night was quite a big the best man Jasha very much partaking of beverages last night this morning but all clear now feeling fine a lot of water this morning did the trick although the driver of Charlotte's rolls-royce got lost on the way to the church she'll now get to make her entrance will be it a little late I'm hoping I'll hold it together but I think I'm just going to incredibly emotional goose pimples you know it's great I don't really want a loving basically but I think I'm gonna feel quite emotional I might be a bit of a wobble in the voice I think on the tea-things yeah it's exciting back at the delivery sweet Sue's carefully devised birth plan which dictated a natural birth without pain relief has gone out of the window around the back of the baby's head at about 11 o'clock on a clock so he's the back is what should be this contraction because I don't use only two knives when I make sure what's going on he's gonna cast if you want we go can you give me all right yeah well done blows dude I honestly don't think we're getting that drawing Oh Richard we could try if you want I'm going home so Stan you do this innocent you don't really well you go to about eight to nine centimeters with it when you sleep when you get the pain would you push univ ever so we could try and put the epidural and I really don't even get it anytime you are coping are those people you could have been really many well what would suggest but when you sign for five minutes and what happens trying to the head looking at Noah is you didn't read anywhere ten-year-old arthritis suffer a patsy is on her way to Newcastle for tests which could lead to her receiving a stem-cell transplant her consultant Jackie flinch feels that this could be the way forward for Patsy passes arthritis has proved very difficult to treat I feel that at this stage her arthritis and quality of life are so low that she deserves a chance at a new treatment we're now considering a stem cell transplant now this is a type of bone marrow transplant this is a procedure that is not without risks and has been carried out on approximately forty young children across Europe a high percentage of those children have gone through and the arthritis have become quiescent so quiet but there is an Associated mortality with this so it's not a decision that we take lightly it's a decision that we take with Patsy and her family and they will be fully informed and involved at every stage if we go ahead then she can pull out at any stage so that's the next path for passing back on delivery sweet contractions are coming hard and fast no it's not tiny thirty minutes best good [Applause] to the peel of wedding bells the new mr. and mrs. Jeremy Osteen emerge from the church into the glorious sunshine to start their lives together as future doctors [Applause] having passed we're now just taking stock and we know that we've got to gain that's Bristol in about three weeks to start obstetrics and gynecology which is nice because it'd be nice to start life together you might get some peripheral placements after that but it'd be nice just to be together for the first few weeks anyway back at the hospital on Ward 107 for the elderly ward manager sister Michelle Jeffries is feeling the strain of juggling motherhood and the career she's worked so hard to establish I feel like hood putting it bluntly I think possibly I took too much on and I'm reaping the rewards of that working full-time with a little baby I didn't consider it to be as hard work as it actually is sort of trying to manage a child this needs all your attention as well as coming to work and running a quite a busy Ward and they need all your attention and I just didn't anticipate that it would be as bad and I wish I didn't come back full-time now but I still lessons to be learned if I have any more children I will not work full time definitely and I possibly won't be a ward manager I'll just do night shifts my career will be bye-bye and disc concentrate on the family side of things at the end of the day I've got to think about me as well and also Thomas and my husband and if I'm gonna wear myself out I'll be no good to anyone at the moment we're going through a sort of virus on the ward so we've got less staff and more work to do trying to recruit again same old story and you get somebody in and then another person these because that's the way it goes and I don't think that there's enough thanks in the NHS at all the government has saying they've got all these nurses and lots of recruitment but I met there grassroots of it and I know what it's like but the end of the day we're wearing ourselves out and I can see why nurses are leaving and this isn't very positive at all but it's very true this film sort of angry and very sad really I wish I'd chose a different career I really do while mother of quads Nicola makes up the milk for the evening feed for hungry mouths wait patiently for their dinner and a bath before going to bed the relentless nature of Nicola and Stuart's lives now is bringing the family close to breaking point and they're confused about how the IVF treatment could have resulted in four babies you shouldn't have more babies than the number of embryos you have had replaced so it is a fairly exact science it isn't a hidden miss you could have four babies from one embryo transfer it's not supposed to work like that so to find out that we were expecting quads from a two embryo transfer where we'd we had sat and carefully considered how many babies we we felt we could reasonably support and love and all the other things that our child demands we didn't imagine we would end up with four babies unless of course it was two sets of identical twins which I asked clearly aren't ya I feel angry at the fact that we've been put in the position where we can't financially cope we're not a responsible people you know we could have gone for three embryos we decided that the triplets would have been too expensive emotionally and financially so we obviously for the two cities we've ended up with four babies they're beautiful they're healthy it's a very good outcome from a bear situation but we've still got now bear the brunt of the cost of the babies and I feel quite sad that these babies that we'd longed for for seven years and that was a time where we should be enjoying just having them and you know watching them grow and watching them change we're having to worry about this huge expense that has landed on us so you know the one hand I've got that I've got the joy of knowing that I have four healthy babies which of course I'm grateful for and I would never change but on the other hand I have this huge cloud hanging over us thinking how will we ever financially cope and then there's Emily as well and so at a time when we have four children starting school Emily will be off to university hopefully so we're gonna have the cost of financing her going to university and I don't want her to miss out on that at the moment I just feel very angry the sheer number of babies makes even the most mundane of tasks much more complicated and it's at these times that Nicola feels especially grateful for the nanny catherine's help it takes two hours every evening to feed and birth the babies it's a tough time in the day but it's also very rewarding time or a day it's tough because I'm tired they're tired and they all want it at the same time and it's rewarding because they at the bath time when the bath individually is a nice time we actually get to spend a little bit of quality time with each baby on its own and they thoroughly enjoy their baths and watching them splash around and the joy in their faces is fantastic and then they go to bed like little angels so they're very good I wouldn't change it for the world but I am happy with my lot I'm just worried on a rare quiet shift in the emergency department Mike Peters reflects on his job and how things have gone for him over the last year working 7 nights on 7 nights off week after week I don't know another job where I could get quite the amount of enjoyment I get oh this all the challenges that I have to meet in this job but what it is particularly that keeps me going into trouble is I really don't know I mean it really it's not gone off a lot going for it you have to deal with death and dying people all the time and despair and anguish and all those horrible negative human emotions anger and fear and pain and I don't know really I suppose I supposed to be so cheerful that keeps me going I guess you I'm the right person for the job maybe or this is the right job for me perhaps I don't know I'm a much happier man now than I was maybe two years ago I've met somebody that I like very much indeed that I hope to spend the rest of my life with and to care and raise my family successfully the fact that things have changed at home and I'm a happier person I think means that I can do my job in a better way I don't quite know where I might be in a year or twos time it might be that I might have to be a full-time farmer in the future and a part-time nurse in which case this would not be the most suitable job and I may have to leave this to to find something that I could fit my family and around more fully and but I would hope that I would get that side of my life sorted out and be able to follow a full and active career in A&E which is after was my first love really with baby Cole now successfully delivered it's time for him to get to know his new family I enjoy my job very much it's very interesting very rewarding the best thing is delivering babies I mean he's actually delivering a mom safely and healthily and it's there it's a happier in each one is different I mean after 405 is 25 deliveries I mean you know I mean it doesn't get the same but you learn new things each time it's just nice to see the way they react and you know into the job really you've actually got to end there 9 months you've got nice healthy baby as if having four babies to care for isn't enough Nikolas worries are compounded by her concerns over the additional help she gets from Catherine social service is footing the bill for Catherine at the moment with all the other cost we can't afford to pay her own child care as much as we can do at the moment to keep a roof over our heads I mean office this is a unique situation for them but it isn't the way they normally fight out normally they would take the child away from the home and place them with child minders that isn't what I wanted to happen I I'm not ill I don't want to break for my children I just have four babies and I need help with them I found Catherine she just finished her two-year course she's a lovely girl she's very able and she's extremely good with the babies and she's cheaper than taking two to a child minder as the babies are getting older they are against jesting that two of them should go to child minders for six hours a day and I'm not going to have him and like then really they've got me over about I can't afford to pay for my own child care if they say that that is the only thing they're offering when I still went to hit I'll fight I'll fight all the way I won't have them going off the child minders they will stay with me and I will allow I'll find a way of getting the help we need I'm not I'm not going to let them go yeah the best place for any child within reason is is with their mother I couldn't afford to go back to work because I can't afford the child care you know is I don't know I'll do whatever I can to keep things ticking over the way the way that they need they need to go for the best interest of my family I think any mother would do the same after more than a year since her operation theater sister Denise Taylor is fully recovered and working back in the main theater complex but denise is in a reflective mood the last sort of 18 months have been horrendous it started out after the new year dad had a knee replacement my granddaughter had a heart transplant and then I got a mastectomy just to add insult to injury breast reconstruction got a decent pair of boobs out of it but I didn't plan on didn't plan on it happen in that way even though you've got a precancerous condition once they tell you've got the big C of some description you just think oh that's it I've had it and I've just been very lucky physically well and psychologically on top of things Denise has taken up the challenge of a more senior post setting up and running – brand new gynecology theatres nothing in life's a certainty you don't automatically get a promotion in any job you've got to work for it and I think I worked really hard but you never know so I had to go through the rigmarole of the interview and before the firing squad but I came off okay I was really pleased absolutely delighted so I've got two brand new theatres to go to and set up and I'm just so excited I could bust it's just wonderful so getting this ready in this theater won't be for much longer my future now is just mapped out for me I've just got so much going on in my life I've got the job that I've worked for and I just can't wait to get started in in my new environment I shall miss all this of course I miss all this this has been home for for eight years almost and it's going to be very strange but it would be nice to be in charge of your own little domain my life has come in to a completely different vein now I look at things so differently I've always been a mad fool but I'm far worse now I mean why book one holiday when you can book two things of altered completely I don't take life for granted anymore I just get on with it and it's just I'm just lucky to be around really lucky I have the right care and I was well looked after and lived to fight another day the ebb and flow of hospital life continues whatever the time of day whatever the weather through good times and bad times the work can be exhausting and frustrating with too little appreciation and too little pay but the job somehow gets done and as one patient leaves there's always another waiting to come in to be cared for and so it goes on and on and on and on and on click on-screen for more videos of extraordinary humans you

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  1. This seems a lot more disjointed and out of date then these documentaries usually are. Maybe they plan on doing a were are they now segment?

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