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  3. I loved watching this video and how you explained it all. Some people still frown upon the modern fertility treatments and the procedures but we need to spread awareness about IVF and surrogacy. It brings more good than harm and we need to accept it worldwide.

  4. Well, balanced video! I'm still going for it this month at a center in Kiev. So, yes! Anyway! Now, we are going abroad already for our process later this month. So, yes! things are well explained here. But, many and many couples go for it every year I believe.

  5. Well, this is really a helpful video. Explains pretty much of it. So, yeah! I'm also undergoing surrogacy abroad at a center in Kiev. So, yes! Can relate things. That's so right! But, still benefits are more, I believe. That is why people go!

  6. There could be many risks in IVF. but only one benefit. But that's okay. A baby for a benefit is enough for us haha. Thank you for sharing this amazing video with us. It was really informative. Looking forward to watching more videos from you people.

  7. Hello. Thanks for uploading this video. I enjoyed watching it. It was really informative on the other hand too. A lot of people including me didn't know about these risks and benefits. A friend just got her IVF treatment. I wish I had found this video earlier for her.

  8. hello there, this is an extraordinary video. It will be useful for some individuals. My sister is fruitless. Presently she is considering picking this procedure for treatment. My all the best for each one of those reasoning of picking the treatment. Keep my sister in your supplications. What's more, continue sharing such astounding stuff.

  9. We are wanting to do the IVF and we require a sperm giver for that. I have such huge numbers of inquiries, and my primary inquiries and concerns are: Does IVF have any socio-enthusiastic results for the youngsters in the future?Why would kids conceived from IVF have any scatters, if the sperm contributor was tried on hereditary defects? Much obliged to you for the considerable video.

  10. dr is doing a great job very helpful video it helps to remove misunderstanding on IVF .and amazing thing is that Biotexcom is doing a great job in this. Then help you lot. They provided me with all the necessary information before starting my procedure.

  11. Hello, guys. Thank you so much for this video. It's really informative. I'm glad you posted it. I got to learn so much. Keep up the lovely job. It's great to see these kinds of videos.

  12. This is an amazing video with great information. The person should know all these things before choosing an IVF treatment. I had my son via an IVF procedure. The doctor at Biotexcom clinic guided me through very nicely. He helped me at every step. And because of which my treatment was successful and I became pregnant. I believe that the benefits outweigh the risks!

  13. That's an informative video for us all. Thanks for posting. You are right we should know all the do's and don'ts of any procedure before stepping into it. I am glad I had my IVF done by BioTex. They take all the responsibility to guide their customer through their respective methods. They provided me with all the necessary information before starting my procedure.

  14. I adopted the "tοsορο wucu" (Google it) when my partner and I made the decision it was time for a baby. Numerous lives have become better because of this plan and if you would like to find out why, just go to Google. After enhancing my dietary and following the formula for three months, I discovered that I was about to become a parent. Even though the likelihood of conceiving is lower at my old age, this program were still able to help me make it possible and make my life a whole lot better.

  15. I am 50 and my wife is 40 from Brazil. We are trying to have IVF for our first baby in January, 2018. I am very anxious about my wife. I love my wife lots!

  16. Hello Dr. Meenu Sharma this side, my age is 51. I lost my son last year October 2016 . now m trying ivf with Donner egg, Dr. Made embryo with my husband spurm. My problem is my utres lining not appropriate, what I do to improve my utres lining? Please help me.

  17. I am looking for a real great Ivf and I am 38. Me and my Husband would like to have a children .I had an an eopic pregnancy.And having an Ivf would be the only way of having a baby .I wanted to know if this would lead me in to way of having a baby!!!Can you help me I live in Kearny,N.J.

  18. hello Dr. Randall, a lot of studies say that fresh embryo implantation rates are higher compared to frozen. So what do we look for implantation success or issues with child… very confused please advise

  19. I am looking for a really good IVF doctor. I am 36 and married and me and my husband would like to have a child together. Ivf is the only way I can possibly have a baby. My tubes are damaged to badly for a reversal . Can you please do my IVF? Or can you lead me to a really great doctor. I live in Tennessee and can travel anytime.

  20. We are planning to do the IVF and we need a sperm donor for that. I have so many questions, and my main questions and concerns are: Does IVF have any socio-emotional outcomes for the children  in the future?Why would children born from IVF have any disorders, if the sperm donor was tested on genetic imperfections? Thank you for the great video.

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