IVF SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS | Menopur and Follistim

me me a freak okay it's been a very hectic day but um we are getting ready to do my first injections for IVF and we are like way viewing schedule we should have done it about an hour and a half ago and right now Matt is learning how to even do the injections because it's new kind of injection so take out the cartridge holder and place the cartridge inside fine thirty zena's interested in all the meds first we're totally loaded with medication once you have sent the foulest intent to the correct dose you are ready for your injection yay pinch the already cleaned objection site between two fingers with the other hand insert the entire BD micro-fine pen needle straight into the skin wait for five seconds before pulling the knee ohh this game my god wait for five seconds five thank you thank you uh scars what do we need the gods for so easy toilet paper no no here I'll get a little um trickery okay okay you I cannot believe that this is happening again I am NOT looking forward to taking these shots that follow stim pen is like crazy and scary um does this count as gauze or hold on that's good that's good what you want of these would be better neither of them are cause we know we have mono we have boss we totally of guys hold on I'm gonna stop this we have to use that that's fine anything that will absorb it that's all it's like it's like they just said dogs cuz that's a yes yes fun more polish remover pad okay um cuz we have gauze we've got like a ton of it it was going from when you had surgery stop stalling I'm really nervous everybody really really really nervous oh my god five seconds you sir hold it in for five seconds oh my god Oh hold your weapon what make sure Xena like doesn't like any of it here we are again like my heart is beating super fast you should stand up you should stand up for this please no I think you should please no please on the instructional video they're standing up or laying down okay this is this is super romantic is what this is no I sure sure gotten a lot fatter in the past few months just below the belly button but basically the same spot as the man I'll just join in this play I don't like my shirt Oh am i totally lifting my shirt like Leila yeah I am you're showing your bra mister sorry huh okay oh my god I'm really nervous I'm gonna see mrs. oh my god you guys okay he's getting ready to do it right now I don't know what I should be filming you or me film film film your reaction cuz this is gonna get pretty messy okay I'm really nervous we go 1 2 3 4 5 where's your uh that actually wasn't that bad you guys oh I have it in my hand right here there's so many things happening at once okay you got it all out yeah that was not that bad it doesn't feel great right now but you totally injected it in yeah okay if you don't believe me watch the video no no that's okay now what let's frickin II know I've gotta take the menopur oh that now – yeah everything wound is like stabbing myself over and over okay let's do it okay um we're gonna go on pause while we get the men up here setup Oh matt has a special nurse helper do we have a little helper girl are you helping nurse Xena nurse Xena hi what are you eating hi hi – hi – grape hi – hi – no one know really good yeah okay she'll take it but afterwards is okay just do it after all right we're mixing heichou with a mmm men appear this is I yeah this is how you make babies it's a little trick to the trade I learned over my years of giving shots to patients my husband forgets how to do the menopur I'm a little concerned actually we should watch a video yeah thanks but having your tone yeah just pull it all the way down don't have to do that again don't tell me my business devil woman there we go 1.1 C you know oh geez seen this route seen this ruining all our videos oh she's never around and then we start filming and she starts making noises and barking and licking herself scratching herself Xena you're so annoying dump it in yeah but you go away so you want to kind of stir it in there mix it up like this you don't shake it well I don't think you're doing anything right now stirred not shaken so once it all dissolves then you're gonna suck it back out then you're gonna dump it into the second one so like riding a bike it's all coming back to you now yeah my doctor days I can't help but feel like I look like some creeper with a moustache gay Michelle yeah like drug addict central yeah like we should have some sort of rubber band around you and like okay are you gonna disinfect the contact site of course I look like it's my first day on the job it's seven o'clock well done don't don't distract me I get just the right boom boom there we go alright here we go again oh here we go this sucks really bad oh this one is the one that burns huh huh deep breath in count down from three count down from three I just don't want to just do it oh my god oh my god just flip this one over oh my god alright day one done you did so good thanks you

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  1. I really have no words such a wonderful couple โค๏ธ May god bless you long life together, also could you please let me know how many injections do we need to take, I would be thankful if you could let me know.

  2. Looking back on your videos crying. Just started my shots yesterday! I feel the pain of this video though lol.

  3. You guys give me hope, I really pray for you both that the good lord will grant your heart desires baby dust your way this festive season.

  4. You guys are so funny ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay for successful shot days! You must be almost done by now. Good luck with retrieval! You got this!!

  5. Aw!! You did so good guys!! I am terrified to start injections!!! By the way my dog does the same stuff!! lol your dog is so cute!! baby dust!!

  6. Good job, I got so used to two injections a day I was doing them myself towards the end. Had egg retrieval today and got 7 eggs out of 11 follicles… get the phone call tomorrow about fertilisation. It'll all be worth it for you both soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Im so excited for you guys! You're in my prayers and thoughts! You're an awesome couple and thanks for sharing your journey! xxx

  8. U are a trooper! I remember being so nervous with mine!!! I did all my injections myself. It was crazy.

  9. I was only only on follistim for the first 4 days on a 125 iu dose. No menpur for me. Just curious what dosage are they giving you?

  10. Xena is a sweet girl, she doesn't mess up the videos. In fact, I really enjoy seeing her on them. I hope when y'all have a baby you still give her lots of attention too!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. When i had to take follistim, i must have watched every video on youtube!! On how to use the silly pen!! Its really not all that bad!! The worse injections i ever had to do was the heparin blood thinner!! Hurt and bruised!!

  12. You should try icing the injection site for 30 seconds first. You won't feel it too much after that. Good job! It's going to be worth it!

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