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hi everyone and it's been a while since I did my first update on this IVF journey in Spain and that's because quite that was changed but I'm like I'm coming on here today because last night I picked on fights like it is happening and it will take place in August I'm starting meds now so I thought I'd do an update now um but the big change has been that I actually changed clinics so we're still in Spencer and Alicante and the first clinic I've chosen because I've refused and I was in like quite a few Facebook groups and stuff for a board or for this specific clinic and I was happy with them however once I got into like planning everything with them the communication I just felt like it was really poor and there was a few mistakes like my plan since me was the wrong plan and things like that and I chosen them partly because in the reviews people it said they were really like individualized and stuff and it didn't feel like that and because I've always he had scared some other clinics that I've used I've been terrible and I yeah I get I get the heebie-jeebies very easily who don't mind me stroking the cat down here so anyway that was finally sorted which was last week I'm filming today on the Thursday and it was not last not the Monday got on the Monday before I sent that over to and our I knew Ana County clinic and um yeah and I got the ball rolling so I had a Skype session with them the Monday just gone with the doctor and let's just go through our history and stuff and he said like we've got 50-50 chance of this working basically he wants to throw the kit everything but the kitchen sink at us in terms of medication so I'm going to be having the steroids I'm going to be having the collect sane injections which I'm a bit nervous about but all my medication will arrive tomorrow and I'm already on the program over so the rest is just added in from tomorrow which gradually increases obviously until we get to going to Alicante which is in August we literally booked off lights last night because going to this managed end up in the summer holidays because it costs a little bit more and we couldn't really delay it because then my little boy goes to school like he'll be in year one and that's quite a big change so I don't really want to then be taking him out school to go and do this so it was kind of like yeah heads of balance that up I need to do what's best for him so yeah I paying a little bit more however we search around me look to like I've got a hair of my face I think it's the cat we searched around urban bees like private apartments to Ren and self-catering and then full board and stuff and it actually worked out cheaper overall to go for a package holiday and I know they'll have their transfer over there and we have asked to have to put back in some cycles before we've had one some cycles we've had two we're going to stay out there for I think he works out as six nights and it just so happens that I already we already had the week following off of work anyway cuz we were gonna have that week together as a family and then some holidays and then the week after that was meant to be being Josh and just covering somehow this childcare so actually end up with two weeks off afterwards anyway I mean it's do you're not resting coz you're running around a with a five road and but it's not stressful say that's a cool thing as well so other than they collect same being different in this cycle they want me to have inter lipids I'm going to see how much they are in this country I don't assignees have one but before we go I don't think we're gonna be able to afford to do that as well um and looking at the V search like there's not really any certain research on that in fact ever think that I read like last night like two o'clock in the morning as you do googling oh why should I be doing this and it kind of was like yeah not really saying that there was very much difference if any at all and also I did see this nutritionist at this clinic and they've given me a meal plan which is it's partly having to not put on more weight from all these home hormones because I have been putting it on um and when I got steroids I'll probably put on even more so yeah it's just to kind of help with that but it's not a diet diet because obviously it's not good for your body to think it's starting to think while you're trying to make a baby and it's actually has made me feel better anyway obviously all of this is dependent on my 90 by learning touch wood every cycle has been fine and I'm always around the nine millimeter mark which is what they want so it just hopefully it'll be fine this time because obviously we've booked flights and what would you like to see let me go to Spain especially if you are thinking of going abroad and you're nervous about it what are the things you're worried about and the uber I would like to actually see there and because I'd like to try and make it helpful in some way I always feel like if it doesn't work at least it's helped some people by sharing it as well so it makes you feel better so please let me know if there's anything and I've shown day based off on my like fertility Instagram which is could add into the purpose anything to them like that's their thing and subscribe if you want to go on to the next bit of journey with us I guess I don't know what this is bye

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  1. Your cat is a little sweetheart! I’m so excited for you lovely!!! It’ll be nice to have a little family holiday while you’re at it! Sending you guys all the love and good vibes possible xxx

  2. Aww I am thinking about you both as always and I've everything crossed for you. Great your having two put in. Xx

  3. Fingers crossed everything goes well and you have a positive experience – really appreciate the updates it's always useful and interesting to hear other perspectives on the many roads to parenthood. x

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