IVF Success Stories – Melissa And Tsikki’s In Vitro Fertilization Story

This is Mccayla, and she is 10 months old.
She was born December 27th, 2011. She is definitily our little miracle child and her most recent
milestone was walking around and putting everything in her mouth. (Laughs) Deep down inside of course, I’ve always had
that feeling that I wanted to experience being a mother. I was very determined in my own
way, but Dr. Littman encouraged me, and she said “You are going fall pregnant. We are
going to get you pregnant.” – She literally told me that on the phone, and it just brought
a smile to my face. We contacted a couple of other fertility centers
and to be honest, a lot of them were not as gay friendly – and that was the first question
that we asked. There was absolutely no question at all when we called Red Rock, they made
us feel so comfortable. I had to just stay positive and not stress.
That was the biggest thing. Dr. Littman – one of her encouraging words I remember, was “Keep
doing what you’re doing in your everyday life and when the time is right, it’s going to
happen.” For me, the time was now. (laughing) Say Hi Dr. Littman! We love you! (laughing)

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