IVF tips | Are more eggs better for IVF Success?

Doctors usually give women fertility
medications during IVF to mature multiple eggs. But is it better to have more
eggs? Tune in to this episode of InfertilityTV to find out! The eggs sitting in your ovaries right now are immature eggs. Normally, only one egg
matures each month. This means that you have one chance that this is a healthy,
good quality egg one chance that it will be fertilized one chance that it will
develop and grow into a healthy embryo and one chance that it will implant into
the uterus to produce a pregnancy Chances are pretty good that with only
one egg, it will not get past all of the hurdles necessary to produce a pregnancy Ultimately, you only have to have one healthy embryo to produce that pregnancy Now, let's say you have 10 eggs and 8 of them are mature eggs five of them fertilize and two of them grow and develop into healthy good quality embryos With 10 eggs, we have a much better chance of finding the good
healthy embryo that we want. So, yes, if you're doing IVF, getting more eggs is better than having fewer eggs. This is the reason that women who tend to
produce fewer eggs, such as older women or women with poor ovarian reserve, get
pregnant less often. It's a numbers game! If getting 10 eggs is better than one,
wouldn't a hundred eggs be better than 10? In theory yes, it would be better, but
we run into some problems. Women who mature a large number of eggs in
response to fertility medications are at greater risk for a problem called
ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS Women who develop OHSS can develop
serious medical complications. While these complications can usually be
treated it is better if we could avoid OHSS in the first place So, the best IVF doctors will try to come up with some middle ground Get enough eggs to increase the chances of finding some healthy embryos but not so many that a woman develops OHSS This can be a tricky balance. The InfertilityTV bottom line? It is possible that one egg can get you pregnant and it's possible that a hundred eggs won't but in general, the more you get the higher
the probability of success. You just have to find a way to do it safely to keep your risk for OHSS low You need to be doing a few other things to maximize
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  1. Hi, I’m vom Europe so my English is not that good. Could you explain the Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and what does it mean for women with endometriosis? I’m 33 years old an in November 2017 my AMH was 3,83 and in December 2018 it was 6,13.

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