IVF Twins: One Month Old

Oh you if you went straight to the NICU she had a super eventual tachycardia sqg which just means I'm a regularly fast heartbeat they did get her heart rate under control pretty much right away using a drug called amiodarone which we give to her now at home as a maintenance drug she had to stay in the NICU mostly because they needed to make sure that she could be properly take a bottle before they sent her home with us you our Niki was great because it allowed grandparents to be with our children without us so one of us didn't have to be there it was a grandparent someone was with Sydney a lot my mother especially after everyone had had come and gone after that initial time that they were born my mother spent so much time with she spent one week in the NICU and came home on Monday which was three days after Bill and I and Gianna were discharged I got to see Gianna as soon as she was born pretty much as soon as they brought me to the recovery room they brought her to me we did skin to skin right away I breastfed her right away my doula was there to help me and she latched on like a champ and did a great job Oh gianna definitely needed pretty clothes and she was wearing them right up to that one month mark and that was when they started to get a little bit tight around her belly for the first couple of weeks Gianna definitely needed creamy diapers but after the first couple of weeks she switched over to newborn diapers should probably go to born pretty diapers a little bit longer but the newborn diapers for five they are both still in newborn diapers at the one month mark and Gianna now weighs six pounds and four ounces at one month and Sydney weighs six pounds and 13 ounces it was so great to get both of them home my heart was so full when we finally were able to put both girls in the car seats and drag them home it was such a good feeling good once and for all busting out of the NICU with both big girls they're hungry a momma a daddy and a B G everybody's happy a first month and Gianna was really my quiet calm peaceful baby she was awake she was happy quiet calmed Sydney was kind of the opposite of that she was definitely my agitated baby who cried a lot and I wouldn't say that she was colicky but borderline colicky where if she was awake she generally wasn't too happy the things that really help calm her were human touch she loves to be touched she still does she likes to have her feet rubbed her Hendra she likes to have lotion put on her she really enjoys human touch and affection she also really enjoys music I found that I sang to her or played to her or put music on in the background that really helped calm her they both definitely lost a lot of the air in that first month they have like an old man crown around their head they just lost the hair on the top of their head and a lot of dry skin – especially Gianna she peeled a lot they didn't have their first bath until they were about three weeks old Sydney seemed to really enjoy her bath time Gianna not so much it was one of the only times that I really heard that girl cry her cry and still sounds like a new or ninten even does after one month mark Sydney's crying to me never really sounded like a newborn that girl can go from zero to 60 in five seconds she's either on or off she's e they're really happy or really mad and there's just not a lot of it between the hurts both girls really love to cuddle Sydney more than Gianna and they're both very cuddly they both take pacifiers that use the suti pacifier for the first two or three weeks in an ape now switched over to the smallest damn pacifier if I wasn't using a pacifier someone would be crying and screaming 24 hours a day Sydney definitely likes her pacifier and wants it and need it more often than Gianna does Jonah doesn't really use her pacifier and very often and finally they are really great sleepers we're following loosely the baby wives and our schedules so we would wake them every three hours pretty much like clockwork they would stay awake just for a little while especially in the very beginning their wake time was their feeding time for the most part they would go right back to sleep especially since the beatings taking would take so long they don't wake once I put them down I don't have to put them to sleep after we kind of got the hang of things they really wouldn't stay awake longer than an hour and a half from the time they started feeding and then I would put them right down to sleep I just think keeping twins on a schedule is the best option for us I think if we had not done that in the beginning that someone would be awake all the time and the sleep deprivation that we already were suffering from would be unbearable because it was just really hard at the beginning I think that about wraps things up for highlights from their first month of life we are loving having the home and all those precious newborn snuggles try not to take those moments for granted even when I feel tired I just love holding them and having them in my arms and sometimes I still can't believe that they're here and that they're mine it's just the best feeling in the world thanks for watching we'll see you guys at the 2 month mark bye excuse me girls lot very ladylike

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  1. Mom remember like i said take care of YOU as wellIts ok to let them cry ok??If u need to take a shower like avideo you have here but one of them is crying Like my doctor said take a shoer and dont rush take care of yourself, leave them on the buggy on their bed, even on the floor he said the best safest placeThey will be fine, after you done, then check or do whatever they need:)

  2. Congratulations on ur adorable baby girls😘😘. Many blessings to u folks! Love ur story. Thank u for sharing:)

  3. Beautiful babies!!! congratulations! God bless you all! we are ttc currently and would love to be blessed with twin girls!!!!!!! Thank you for giving us hope!

  4. I seriously just got chills, been watching your journey. how many did you tranfer? we have our first FET coming up!

  5. So lovely to see them thriving – I dont know how you got time to make this — I barely had time to have a shower :O)

  6. been watching your journey for a looong time..brings me joy to see you with your girls. such a blessing. happy for you. God bless!

  7. This just makes tears well up in my eyes! I am so so happy for you!! They are beautiful little girls!

  8. loved seeing your daughters! so cute! I agree, a schedule is a must, I don't know how people just "wing" it!?

  9. If this isn't enough to keep me going and believing that it can happen with this tough IVF journey I don't no what is I'm so happy for you

  10. gahhhhh my ovaries!!! this video gave me serious baby fever. I start IVF later this month and I'm soooo ready! gimme my baby already! 😂

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