so it's 66 degrees out a storm is coming it just started pouring down rain I am a avid AccuWeather user so I don't use weather comm or any other weather app like the one that comes standard on your iPhone don't use any of those I always use the AccuWeather and it's so accurate like the it'll tell you it's gonna rain like rain starts in seven minutes or whatever it is almost to the minute like accurate on when that rain is gonna start and then it tells you like how long it's gonna last within the next 90 minutes and if it's gonna be light or heavy it's just really awesome not sponsored by taxi weather just a really great weather app we're gonna hang out and play in the garage since we can't really be UTS IDE but this is second best things that can keep them safe in here by myself yeah it's gonna be an interesting two weeks I was just taking them for a walk and we went like down a hill and then back up the hill and it's something that's normally no problem for me but I had on that portion of the walk like three contractions and that's probably not good like at this day when you start having contractions you're supposed to like lay down and drink water that's like the biggest thing I'm worried about with this this next couple of weeks is I'm not I don't have I mean I have family close by and I'm sure they're gonna super helpful but it's not like having Brad here I just I won't have the luxury of just sitting down and taking a break when I need it necessarily so I think that's like the biggest thing that's worrying me is it's just like being able to take it easy and rest if I need to it's probably not gonna happen so we're gonna do the best we can I actually just listen to Linda you're so stinking cute with your helmet on on the way home I listen to the most perfect Janet Lee very episode or podcast or whatever you want to call it and it was about a mom who had twins and a newborn mm-hmm and also had some like Thank You Barrett can you Clint come out here and close the door three-year-old twins in a newborn and also like was sick during her pregnancy had to be in the hospital for a month her husband was military and was gone quite a bit that three year olds ended up staying with her mom for an entire month so they had gone through a lot of transitions in like weird life circumstances and then this new baby comes home and so both of the twins were acting out just in different ways and they were boy-girl twins the girl twin was just screaming just like totally emotional over the top and then the boy twin was testing limits by like doing things he wasn't supposed to be doing and looking right at her while he was doing them like testing her and the episode was just basically about you're not gonna be able to do a whole lot about changing the behavior and them expressing their emotions what you can do is change your perspective and Janet Lansbury's whole thing is when they're Express emotions like in the form of crying or whining or screaming or yelling or whatever it's not necessarily our job to to make it better for them it's our job to be there for them if they need us and help them work through those emotions but not necessarily to make them happy 100% of the time I struggle with that like if they're unhappy I feel like I need to fix it and that's something that is just not necessarily true you have a helmet on helmet sometimes they just have to express negative emotions and letting them know that it's okay to let this out I guess is like her mantra just like helping them through them and helping them know that they can feel sad and mad and angry if they want to and frustrate it that's all normal and it's not our job to fix it and it's not a reflection on us necessarily as parents so it was just really good I definitely needed to hear that I listened to it on my drive back from picking up the car and just helped me get my mind off of all of this and and just this next two weeks in in some ways I'm kind of excited because it's like one on one time I get to spend with the kids but it's also definitely going to be challenging not having my built-in help yeah look how cute she is Lindell yeah Lindell hey do you see bear back there can you say bear you say bear bear yes good job yeah all right night one we got dinner ready I was gonna make like a Mexican Bowl tonight like a Mexican black bean and chickens all kinds of black I said black beans already I think okay it's a good stuff but we just didn't really have time so I'm made black bean burgers made them they're the morning start pre-made black bean burgers got those for the kids along with some avocado tomatoes and just kind of a smorgasbord and then I turned it into a salad for myself I put some hummus in there too so should be pretty good I think the kids are hungry and you guys did really good let me make dinner you did some good are you hungry blend all you hungry so while Brad is away one thing that will for sure make my life easier is the brand new Robo rock s6 robot vacuum and mop it max out your house and remembers its path we literally watched a blueprint of our house unfold on the app while the vacuum mapped it out it was insanely cool if you'll notice you can even see the outline of lindos giraffe on her bedroom floor so why this is so cool is that if you want you can select individual rooms for the vacuum to go to and clean I have a feeling our living room and kitchen are going to be needing a lot of love that in the next few years it has technology called Z shaped planned path it's so organized and how it goes about the room it's not like bouncing around randomly every speck of carpet gets cleaned and it ends up handling spaces 20% faster this way speaking of getting every speck clean it has 2,000 Pascal suction that's enough suction to get deep into the carpet and pull up every bit of pet hair I told Brad I wanted to hang on to a regular vacuum for like deep cleaning but I visually saw how much pet dander and dust it pulls up this vacuum is so thorough that I don't even need my regular vacuum it's going in the garage sale not only is it extremely high suction it's surprisingly quiet which if you guys know me I'm big on sleep so if this thing runs at night it's not gonna wake up the whole house it's 50% quieter than the average vacuum and even has a quiet mode cleaning and emptying the vacuum when it's finished is a breeze the brush has a softer leaf so you can easily prevent hair entanglement and floor damage as if it wasn't amazing enough already it has a 140 milliliter water tank and either a reusable or disposable mop pads of course we will be using the reusable mop pads that you can attach for simultaneous mopping and vacuuming I love leaving for church and setting the vacuum to go ahead and vacuum and mop I'll work on it's hard to say if the mop is my favorite feature or if it's this bad boy virtual barriers rather than having little towers that you have to physically place and then bare just picks them up and plays with them anyway you can go to the app and place a virtual barrier as large as 33 feet or as small as just over a foot and the vacuum will leave this area alone you can get $50 off by using the link in the description box below this will also get you a free gift of two reusable mop pads visit the link in the description box below and go check it out well we just got done doing the hokey-pokey it is Thursday I just got home from work my mom watches them on Thursday afternoons which is awesome because it's a little bit more time it's a little bit more time she gets to spend with them know that we don't live in her house – it's only for hit only ends up being for like four hours because I work the second half of the day so like 1:00 to 5:00 anytime I come home there but I mean like this all the time those hurt in your feet Oh does this hurt your feet do you want them off hey you know it's kind of weird being in between your toes is that what it is kinda sounds like he doesn't want those on hang on a sec is that better nothing worse than a poorly fitting shoe huh yeah so we're gonna have to put different ones on um do you want to get your other shoes you want to get your other shoes there's one right there and one right there can you get up can you grab your shoe so we can go outside it's right outside that's one shoe good job later oopsie oopsie oopsie oh we're distracted can you get the shoe please thank you okay let's put it on let's put it on okay MA these just get really stinky after one use get a little sweaty inside there and then I have to clean them basically every day I know those are bear shoes that don't fit him anymore I guess okay this one more shoe it's over there you see it will you get that shoe please Wendell she's trying to pick it up with all of the other shoes in her hands thank you very much thank you I appreciate it hey bears bear come here buddy you want to put this shoe on come here all right let's get ready you got we're going outside I know it let's put you on let's put you a little foot in there ah not really that little is it okay here we go Randy anyway now I got to get my shoes on we're going outside to go for a walk it is the first I guess it's been like 24 hours since Brad's been gone actually by the time you guys are watching this he'll already be back we're intentionally very ahead on footage so that it wouldn't be it wouldn't be just like super obvious that I'm here all by myself so I was thinking for dinner tonight I have pre-made Ella's Anya oh boy so and put it in the freezer so that I could just throw it in the oven and we would have dinner and that's probably gonna last us a few days worth of food you want in that freezer just get another one so I think I'm gonna grab that get the oven preheated it needs to cook like an hour or something so hour and 15 plus another 10 so I really we eat dinner around 6:30 I really need to start it like right now oh that's really cute that wrote a little note on it I put like the instructions on how to bake it he wrote you can do it I love you that's cute alright let's get this puppy in the oven hey bear what is that what is it what is that a bicycle that's right that's right bicycle good job buddy yeah what do you do in Lindell junebug what you doing just chewing on some interior decor that's cool hey you two we decided to pop over here for a change of scenery my dad's out to dinner and my mom and Brooke my niece are out kayaking so we're just gonna like mosey down these stairs here yeah remote so I walked down here pulling them with the wagon coming down is a lot easier you notice I say cup I walk down here there's a big hill to get down here that I'm gonna have to go back up the last time I did that I had like three contractions on the way up the hill that sounded like the motorcycles like backfiring just then motorcycle my dad was going to take to dinner nope think you got it so anyway like the hill is no joke and I gotta remember to take it easy when I'm having contractions try to relax and I think I'm gonna call my doctor it's too late now but I'm gonna call them tomorrow to just get a reminder I might have already mentioned this just get a reminder of like what how many I think it's like six per hour but I just want to make sure I'm looking out for things I need to be looking out for when I'm having contractions and anyway on the way down here though it was my right sciatic nerve that was really bothering me when we were moving and it was like a couple of days of just really not being able to walk around very well and then like it's like the baby move you're okay but you got it I'm not here if you need me I'm right here it's like the baby moved and everything was good I had no sciatic nerve pain for a few like maybe a week and now it's my other side of nerves and it's really got a hitch someone mentioned their grandma said something about like a hitch in there something my grandma said something very similar got a hitch in my giddyup that's what I feel like I gotta get back up that hill pulling 50 pounds in a wagon there's no way around it so on my way back can't go over it Linda when you turn around and come down backwards like bear was doing baby come sit down no sit down yes sit down thank you good job you can and then turn around and come down back okay yes you could yeah let's just do it the old-fashioned way whoa I don't really like that I'm so glad we don't have stairs at our house cuz this is nerve-racking you guys yeah let's go backwards turn around good job like that I'm just gonna keep doing that huh I mean whatever works so what we have left here is some toys which I think I'm gonna try to try to like figure out a way to put these in something we want that big chest thing at our house gosh it's a mess down here they're probably trying to get things back into working order hoping they have brookie set up in this room that's nice so we're going to bring this and put it on our screened-in porch and I think keep a bunch of toys and stuff in it and then maybe we'll just get something similar to that to keep here so we can keep some toys over here and then of course there's always the year the error as to you ing s out there I guess we could go ahead and do that but it's just real bright right there it's not your bum bow and a lamb there's a lamb this is like all new toys this is awesome would you come here everyday this would be the perfect place to run a daycare wouldn't it maybe except for that thang okay so we had these giant boxes on the porch I could not for the life of me think of what I had ordered Wow Lindo that's you that's you the day you were born don't I know that's Lindell tune yeah that's so precious you cannot play with the scissors bare I'm so sorry they're not safe yeah let's open it let's open it okay I want to see bears two really big boxes do you guys want to play at the box no no no a baby that's right yeah I need to figure out how to hang this now a baby beautiful okay let's open the other oh my that was really cute so this one was here obviously and right before I was taking that one this one out of the box Linda was putting in at the box a bail bail bill bear that's right oh my gosh you were so little okay let's be careful let's be so careful let's go ahead and get these on the wall so they're going over here this wall is really huge so I'm gonna put one of each of them there and then I think I'll kind of Center it and maybe put a third thing and temporarily and then do the new babies photo eventually at the end all right everybody everybody away dodo dodo you


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  22. Rach – I went into your description and clicked on the link to buy the robot floor cleaner and it never offered me $50.00 off at checkout. Was there suppose to be a code to put in?

  23. I raised my son as a single parent due to a divorce since he was 18 months old when the baby and I flew back home to Oregon from Texas where we lived for only 1 yr. . I found an apartment, found a sitter that my girlfriend uses, and got a job all within a month. Sometimes I think back to when he was little and wonder how I ever did it by myself. Grateful my parents could help at times as well as my brother and sister. It certainly made me stronger. You are doing a great job Rach but please sit and rest more often.

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