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  1. Loved your video 😍😍
    I am on 2ww my Beta will be on 10th June 2019 …
    Please pray for me guys for Positive Beta ….🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. I cried several times watching your story so beautiful ♥️ infertility is so hard and to finally get your happily ever after is amazing yall are so blessed

  3. Hey… Hi I'm Prashant from India… I have seen ur video so much time… Can u share ur child pic… My wife also get pregnant.. & we have also Twin's… If u can share photo..

  4. Hi! This is such a great story! I just found out I’m pregnant with my first after my first ivf! Did you have one embryo transferred?

  5. What a blessing!!!! My daughter went through IVF! Her and my son in law frozen his sperm 8 yrs. ago because he was diagnosed with cancer. He is Cancer Free!! They did the IVF in Sept. 2017 and the first two tries didn't take but the third time it did. They too, where going to have twins. For Mother's Day 2018 they surprised me with the best gift ever! baby A didn't make it but, we are blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She is now 2 1/2 months. old. We call her our miracle baby! Your story had tears of happiness for you and your family! Many blessings to you all! God is so Good!!!

  6. Wow! How ironic it is for me to watch this BEAUTIFUL love story on tge day of these gorgeous babies birthday! The best video I've watch hands down! I can't wait to me my little Pumkin in April 2019 currently 16 weeks 💜

  7. https://bit.ly/2QBempj

  8. Ommmmggg this is the best video I have ever seen on YouTube ommmggg soooooo cuteeee im so happy for u guys
    Please do an update on the twins (:

  9. You guys gave me a lot of positive hope
    Me and my husband have also decided to go for IVF
    Please keep us in your prayers

  10. This is the best IVF Journey I’ve seen! Great job and congrats! Thanks so much for sharing with us! We are on the journey now!

  11. This is the best thing ever! Currently going through IVF and can’t wait to share my twin stories as well. At work and was struggling (and failing) to not cry. They’re so beautiful 😘😘

  12. Everyone should have faith in itself. every bad time has to go someday all we have to do is wait for our time. and never lose hope. all such hopes were given to me by Biotexcxom. it helped me a lot getting through my infertility.

  13. It gives me tears of joy. I am really happy for you both. Your story encourages me a lot. Soon my friend will start her journey too. We, women, are a strength for each other. I hope her journey will go smoothly with Biotexcom clinic. Wishing well of you and your family. My best wishes to you.

  14. Wow! Many congratulations to proud parents. To wait for the moment of truth, in anticipation of conception. It such a sweet time. You are going through so many emotions at once. Ivf is a good solution for those couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time. But the key to its success is your health and fitness. When you are producing healthy egg and sperm, there is a chance they don't fertilize. Ivf will only assist in inserting the embryo. It will sustain if it is strong enough. So one needs to keep on talking food supplements with it as well.

  15. Oh, so cute! I love twins. It's sad I couldn't have any baby on my own. I had a long struggle with infertility. Ended up having surrogacy at BioTexCom. And the experience was just amazing. They are very co-operative people. The doctors and staff were very skilled. I am very grateful to them.

  16. Watching these success stories really made me pleased. It's great to see these treatments are helping people in creating families. It was my dream too, to be a mother and thanks to my clinic BioTexCom for making things possible for me.

  17. I am feeling joy after watching this video. Having your own kids is the dream of every couple. But not everybody is able to fill it naturally. Biotexcom is working hard to fulfill his wish in every infertile couple. God bless them. I love their team. And I really appreciate their efforts.

  18. What a perfect video entailing the beautiful journey. I have started my surrogacy journey as well with Biotexcom. And my surrogate is a gem. I have found the facility with great doctors, cooperative and dedicated staff. I congratulate you on having the double bundle of joys!!

  19. This was a very beautiful video! It made me tear! I am so happy for you both. I can not even imagine how happy you two would be. It is truly a blessing to be parents. I am suffering from infertility as well. I have gotten my uterus removed due to cancerous polyps hence I can't carry my own baby. I am opting for surrogacy at BioTexCom. Just hoping it all goes well.

  20. Aww, that's cute. You have twins. It makes me remember the time. When I had my surrogacy treatment from Biotexcom. It was my best decision in life. The wonderful experience at the best clinic in Europe. They are really very cooperative. The staff is expert in their fields. I am really very thankful to them for helping me to have my biological child.

  21. So amazing! This was really beautiful. I could hardly stop my tears. Thank you for this amazing video. I wish I could have enough opportunity to share a similar journey. I have been looking for the hopes for so long. But I failed every time. But this time I am up for surrogacy procedure. So I could put up my hopes on this surrogacy procedure.

  22. This is a really beautiful video. I am in love with the babies. IVF is an amazing procedure. My sister had her IVF at Biotexcom clinic. She has a beautiful princess. It is an affordable clinic. And top-ranked clinic in Europe. The success stories are just countless.

  23. at first its sad that you tried but you did not concieved.but its more than good that you tried to use your luck with IVF and finally congratulations for the twins. at the end i want to tell about the clinic in Ukraine named as biotexcom. this clinic is giving the best results

  24. One of the main issues people are facing is nowadays is a selection of a good clinic. Many clinics are dealing in a different way. Some have offered these treatments with a different and expensive package. In the same way, some have offered these services at less expensive rates. Biotexcom has a higher success rate of infertility treatments in Europe. Their services are less expensive. They are doing a great work

  25. I am really moved. You are so beautiful. Many congratulations to you. I went back into memories. The time I gave birth to twins. I went for IVF too. Biotexcom took care of everything and the babies were born healthy. They are 4 now.

  26. You got new subscriber here. I love your video. It was so helpful for infertile couples. And I also recommend all biotexcom clinic. Because my friend had babies through surrogacy from biotexcom. Best of luck to all ladies. Do not be stressed to be brave.

  27. Hey there, How are you? Hope you will be fine. It's great news. I am very happy for you. You have made an amazing video. I am very thankful to you. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

  28. Hi. This story made my day. Success stories are always a pleasure. They always make my day. You should keep doing the good work. Keep inspiring people. I was motivated by biotexcom. They supported me throughout my journey. I cant thank them enough.

  29. There are many parents. Who get their dream come true. But only go to the BioTexCom clinic for treatment. Their team is very kind-hearted. It is the best clinic. Their team is going to London. It will be on 18 and 19 f August. Stay blessed.

  30. That was really beautiful. Congratulations on becoming a mother of twins. Well, this is the best moment for you. You should feel very proud to become a mother. Indeed, it becomes all possible due to IVF. So this is really a big news.

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