so it's only just hit six o'clock and we are on our way to any cars on the road the sun's only just coming up quite so that she money on the baby but my anaesthetic review today and then we're gonna just spend the day in central just chill them they're so peaceful but she really liked it this it's actually so peaceful she's happy now because to go you never ate was not before what you do is literally like seven minutes of your time we went in at 200 pounds later and for those who watch first dates if you're a fan you're just sailing past just rollin past you know strong finish grandma insisted and we have the bow we have that 200 pounds we would have done my part we tell you a bit more in a minute but we've just come it's up that train was some whore yeah ready was it's too hot everyone was just so crammed together I do I generally forms and a boss up I'm glad we don't have to travel in an hour I feel sorry for men in suits or women in suits in it they're coming over I don't like you I'm gonna feel a few prides ago don't you dare dine by linking hello guys know about that life oh my god boy nah nah I'm off to see later she's pink she's flippin bird whisperer I'm leaving her so that a few years ago at one of the parties okay they all crowded me at the line I sit McDonald's and I'll say I'm at the nose and they all surrounded me like why would you do that you fish my camera phone because we don't live in the actual center of London we actually appreciate it more you know so like we don't come up here a lot really we do not really we got more copy okay we don't know we don't basically go see the science even though they're on our doorstep so it's nice just on days like today over here I'm such a Taurus so Dave an estate review literally took seven minutes like 200 pounds and you keep 200 power we're just I'm crossing my salutes Bridge quality so checks to my height my way my blood pressure oh they told me to open my mouth I was like okay and before they were going to look at her eternally they live down there and I was like she's like it but I'm not I said we're gonna enjoy a day of London and we'll see you guys next with you


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