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  1. After years of miscarriages, fertility specialist appointments, failures and a frustrating and emotional attempt to adopt, we felt we had no choice but to give up on our dream of having a child. By chance I happened to hear about someone who had been to a clinic abroad. I started to research the clinic and the odds of donor egg and IVF being successful. We decided to give it one last attempt and headed to Eastern Europe. The staff was nothing but efficient, caring and supportive. We were over the moon to have a positive test after the first treatment. Two years on, with a beautiful, healthy, little girl we feel eternally grateful! If you are considering a go at IVF donor eggs – don't hesitate. Don't put it off, it could change your lives like it did for us!

  2. I was diagnosed with PCOS. I underwent medical treatment. Unfortunately it brought no result. We decided not to waste more time and turn to de ivf. We decided to go to a clinic in Eastern Europe. Our first meeting was a couple of weeks ago. We did all needed medical tests and our doctor gave us treatment plan. So now we are getting ready to embryos transfer! We chose package for €9.900. We chose it because we'll have 5 attempts of ivf. Also the clinic returns money in case of failure of all tries. I think that's perfect package and there will be no risk for us. The services were pretty good. We were met in the airport. We had free cab. Our apartment was comfy. Also there was an interpreter, who translated for us. The only thing we disliked was long lines. There were really many people and it was so exhausting to stay in lines for hours. But anyway I think it's not that bad. The most important is the procedure to be successful!

  3. I suffer from “Partial pregnancy”, which means that
    fetus never develop. I tried fertility medication ….but nothing happened. So I
    travel to carry on treatment in Mexico , based on tests the only choice was egg
    donation. It was not easy to take the decision, but today I’m happy because my
    child is 6 months ….it's a miracle!

  4. aww, what a lovely couple. Glad you guys were able to become a family. It really is a huge blessing. Hopefully, everything will turn out great after this. IVF in India is rather cheaper. as long as you know the proper place. I am going for surrogacy from Ukraine,biotexcom. Great beautiful women bank is what im looking for.

  5. Hello mam is donation se body me koi dikkat to nai hoti downer ko or Kya else jyada bar donete kr sakte

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