Iyanla Reacts to a Mother’s Story of Selling Her Body While Pregnant | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

IYANLA VANZANT: Tell me what this, what the problem is. From your perspective, what’s the problem? JACKIE: Well, there’s a disconnect with me and my kids, I believe, and – -Your children? How many children do you have? -I have 4. I got pregnant at 15, in high school. Had 3 kids by the time I was 21. -Wow. Talk to me about that, how does that work? -Well, I had had Nikki, my oldest daughter, and I left home so early I never got a chance to be her mom. You know, do all the things a mom would do with a baby – -Why? -Because my momma wouldn’t let me do anything, she just told me, you don’t know what you’re doing, get somewhere and sit down. -So you were 15, livin’ in your mother’s house. -Right. -You got pregnant. -Right. -And then grandmom kinda, -Took over. -Took over the baby. -I could say I was a bad teenager. My momma just came home one day and she said you don’t like it here, get your stuff, get out and don’t come back. I left at 16. -You left home at 16? -Mmhm. -You and the baby? -No, just me. -You didn’t take the baby? -No, I couldn’t take the baby. JACKIE (VO): My eldest daughter was raised by my mother, because I was banned from the home. Told, you know, you just can’t see her, I’ma keep her from you. She was told for a long time, that your momma just walked off and left you. She didn’t want you. But, I woulda never left her, if I wasn’t told to leave. I would meet Breana’s father 2 years later and he turned me on to making money with my body. -Your daughter’s father introduced you to prostitution. -Right. Workin’ at a massage parlor. I was pregnant with Breana, actually doin’ this. -Pregnant? Workin’ in a massage parlor? -I was, did that up until I was 5 months pregnant with her. -Stop the madness! Stop the madness. So, now you have Breana, and then what happens? -I’m 19, I’m in the streets trickin’ off, makin’ money. -Trickin’? Okay. Do your children know that you was a trick? -Yep. They know. -How do they know? -Ain’t nothin’ they don’t know about me. -How do they know? -I tell them. I tell them. Why? I don’t know. -There’s a lot of things kids need in life, but few of them need to know that they momma was a hoe. [MUSIC]

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  1. This lady is very open and honest about her past. Normally Inyanla has to pull this type of information out of people, but this lady is very aware of what happened and how it happened. Inyanla if she don't tell her kids her past, someone will.


  3. I see once again I’m going to have not watch Iyanla, why can’t a mom be straight with her kids and give background from where she comes from?

  4. I didn't like how she said they mama was a hoe.that girl was trying to survive. It was like she shames her with the truth and threw it in her face when she was trying to get help.i would've walked off.

  5. Theirs a lot that the mama needs to tell their children but few of them need to know that they're mamma was a hoe🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I can relate
    I had my son at the age of 15 my daddy was very upset with me . One day he said I'm going to raise him to hate you and he did . Anytime I would chastise my son my father would intervene and disrespect me in front of my son . Til this day my son and I don't have a relationship I've tried to mend it but thats not what he ( son ) wants for whatever reason . So I made the decision to give him what he wants my advice to you back up and give her space she may or may not come around make sure your heart towards her and the situation itself is PURE

  7. 😁🤣😂😃😄😅Nah…couldn't and shouldn't….just wouldn't…I'll fix my life myself…I don't think I could survive an Iyanla Fixin' not on tv that's for sure. I enjoy watching but I couldn't do it. "…mama was a hoe"😁🤣😂😄😃😅

  8. Iyanla said to one guest that the only person who has the right to tell a child about they momma history is they momma. Now am mad confused cause there's nothing worse than the streets talking and you don't know your own truth.

  9. I need to know why she can’t tell her children she was trickin? Aren’t you supposed to tell your children things that happened to you or choices you made so they can learn from your mistakes? I’d like to hear what Iyanla’s reasoning is behind what she said.

  10. That was one of the harshest things I've ever seen in a supposedly therapeutic/positive change setting. Shame on you, Iyanla.

  11. You did leave her… You had chosen drugs over being home with your child. You parents probably got tired of that

  12. Baby, Iyanla is at the age where she could careless on how her message comes out. If its the truth she's gonna tell it. She's reached the age where she can say what she want and everyone will still respect her!!! I luv it!!! I'll be watching!!

  13. whether people know it or not , you cannot run from your past. Those girls were gonna find out regardless. your reputation never dies. I'm sure there are mad people that know that their mom was a prostitute. I'm sure it is neighborhood gossip. Everybody knows people that are still talked about for the things they used to do.

  14. 🔥👵No one needs to know that there mama was a Hoe💔😔😂😂👵😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆 that part

  15. Damnnnnn.. Iyanla i cant beleive you told this women that her children don't need to know that their Mama was a hoe😦…i mean im flabbergasted..although ypu are right.

  16. This black women is so strong in my eyes. she has been through so much ..God bless her heart and path in life.

  17. Its obvious that theres alot of problems in the black race but you can't fix what you dont acknowledge…..the key to getting well is finding someone to help who does'nt judge YOU,I have found so much of that in the black race and they wonder why one wants nothing to do with them when one needs help…..people seem to be comfortable with ear tickling, the minute you start telling the truth people run for the hills….

  18. That's exactly what happened. Sounds like she is being gaslighted and this usually is done by the narcissist and then all the family members gang up on her by triangulating her.

  19. Honestly you can tell your kids what your past is for them to hear the lesson itself to avoid that path or to warn them

  20. Ok I never comment on anything, but Iyanla goes way too far when dealing with hurt women. This isn't the first time shes called another woman out of her name. Its almost as if she looks at women for being pitiful, and blames them for everything, but every man is a "hurt little boy". Iyanla i'm going to need you to find a middle ground, because you can't heal if you're being biased. I hope the next person this happens too calls her out.

  21. It doesn’t matter who you were raised by, she would have been this wild either way. All we know is that her family kicked her out at 16… honestly, it sounds like she was very defiant and didn’t want to behave like her age… so at that point what do you do? Keep her in the house that she constantly disrespects. Yeah her family kicked her out, but they kept her baby. There was really nothing else the family could do. I know a lot of people will disagree but none of you will ever know what was going on in that home.

  22. Excuse You Iyanla. Speaking of hoes. You were a teenage black mother yourself at 16. I'm sure many people have said that about you especially during the time period you came up in. Yet you share your story in books and everywhere else. Why, she can't explain to her own kids that she lived a promiscuous life. Your are such a hypocrite.

  23. I'm so confused by her sometimes. Just a season or two ago she argued with the mother that felt she didn't have to disclose certain details about herself to her kids and made her tell it all.

    Yet she's telling this one she told too much.

  24. I remember watching a documentary about the bunny ranch in Nevada. This white lady was doing the same thing while pregnant. She was big and showing too. I couldn't understand that.

  25. Yet, in another video, she's going off about how the only person that should tell her kids her story is her. Which is it? I love Iyanla, but her advice is less advice and more so demands and judgement.

  26. That's the same woman (daughter) in the next video about the 8 miscarriages with a different mom. Wow, unbelievable!

  27. I don’t feel sorry for her she’s disgusting. Don’t get pregnant. There’s plenty of options, condoms, birth control, plan b, abortions. She’s sad and pathetic.

  28. SMDH. I agree with Dostoevsky when he said you shouldn't hide the truth from children. You can always break it down in a way they're able to digest. Better than hearing it in the street. My son will know whatever my truth is. We don't hide from harsh truths. We own them cuz only then can u grow and overcome them

  29. Stop with the name calling Iyanla, its unnecessary. This woman has been degraded all her life, she doesn't need to be met with more..especially since shes coming to you for help. Now i know ratings n shock etc but this woman is still a human being cmon

  30. Okay, Iyanla. She chose to keep her kids out of the dark. No need to call her hoe. At least prostitute, damn!

  31. That’s a Cop Out my Oldest Child I had at 13 His Dad was 18 . My Mom was Dead and my Dad Gave Up His Rights. I Babysat kids for 10$ a week for 6 of them. I got took advantage of in the 80s but, Boy I needed that Dough. Smh my Grandma took over my Son at times Yet my 31 Year Old with me Now. He always Knew I was Moma . Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ that She playing the Blame Game instead of apologizing to Her Children for Abandoning them.

  32. Why she got to call her a hoe tho? She said she was basically pimped out by a boyfriend who was probably an older man to her and therefore groomed her for prostitution. I think to call her a hoe is really harsh.

  33. I love Iyanla – Notwithstanding, She contracts herself sometimes.
    She goes on about how secrets destroy families.
    How secrets are one of the most powerful pathologies, that drag families into a dysfunctional dynamic.
    Now she is here, berating this woman, for not keeping secrets.
    For being open about her life and her past experience.
    For sharing that information with her Children.
    Well Iyanla which one is it?
    Keep Secrets
    Be open.

  34. Iyanla sometimes contradicts herself
    Because If she would’ve said no I never told my children. I kno iyanla would’ve made sure she told her children that day about the mother selling herself. Somethings just doesn’t always need to said🤷🏾‍♀️

  35. Did Iyanla just come for reality TV?! Most kids friends family and world-wide viewers realize momma was a hoe from reality TV

  36. I don't like Iyanlas approach on this one. She really needs to go to school and learn CBT and get a legit degree in counseling. She is NOT trauma informed at all. How you gone call this lady a trick and a hoe? And she was kicked out and turned out?

  37. Can’t really have an opinion until I’ve watched the whole episode because I need to know if my questions were answered:
    – how old were the kids when the mom told them about her past? Less than 14, not cool. 14 and older, that’s fine.
    – how did she talk to them about her past? With a lesson on how to live life better, that’s fine. Just yelling it at them, not cool.
    – Was there any further elaboration on the “…mama was a hoe” statement? No, not cool. Yes, what was the elaboration?

  38. Iyanla really thinks Jackie's mom, same woman who told her daughter that she abandoned her… wouldn't also run and tell her business about that too? I swear, Iyanla would say "that wasn't your story to tell" and now she wants to say Jackie shouldn't tell her own story. Foolish. She just doesn't think about the full picture sometimes.

  39. I like Iyanla but she was dead wrong for calling this honest and vulnerable lady a "hoe." She did not leave her mother's home voluntarily but involuntarily. Remember Wendy Williams have judged and made nasty comments about people. What goes around comes around.

  40. Wow Iyanna could you have taken the knife and twisted any further in her soul. Last thing a kid wants to know is their mama was a Hoe..

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