46 Replies to “Jainnie giving birth to Sequalo foal.”

  1. They actually can’t help her cause uhm they want her to take her time so it doesn’t hurt as much

  2. I saw all your guys comments and I agree with all you guys wtf call a vet like her horse is like omg don't just stand ther help me omg makes me want to cry I made to much comments sorry

  3. And you stand ther for nothing like nothing is happening omg like really never have a horse if you don't no how to help a horse win it is birth kids shut the fuck up

  4. and your not going to help the horse like really she can die and the baby idiots you guys never went to school like wtf

  5. everyone doesn't shut the fuck up like bro I can't hear what the fuck is happening like bro tell your fucking kids to shut the fuck up

  6. Pretty sure the mare knows what to do whilst giving birth. It's us who barge in and take over cus it's not going 'quick enough.' For gods sake just let the mare give birth in peace.

    Oh and here's a shocker…. giving birth bloody hurts, of course the mare is in pain and exhausted. Everyone who gives birth is!

  7. Was the mother okay. Her laying on her side too long can hurt her. Poor thing they just don't know do they.

  8. Dummen Idioten ihr könnt froh sein das die noch leben ihr solltet nie wieder Pferde haben weder Fohlen bekommen bei euch

  9. Oh la nunuche qui ne perce pas la poche et n'aide pas la jument 😡
    Et poulinage dans le sable… très intelligent 😠

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