James Van Der Beek’s Wife Kimberly Says She Almost Died After Suffering Miscarriage

James Bondy of ex-wife Kimberly says she
almost died after suffering miscarriage for more news and updates please
subscribe to our YouTube channel after James John derailed his wife Kimberly
Devon their big suffered a miscarriage the 42 year old actor was leading lady
took to Instagram to take their pants to their support thank you everyone for all
of the love she said in the beach’ Tuesday I don’t even know how I’m going
to begin to respond to it at all so I think I’ll just have to do it here
Kimberly Duncan fear we lost her baby boy and said I almost lost my life she
also said she would share details of what happened in the emergency room
another time James broke the news and Monday’s episode of Dancing with the
Stars my wife Kimberly and I went through
every expectant parents worst nightmare we lost the baby he said at one point
the little soul that we had expected to welcome into our family took a shortcut
to whatever lies beyond you never know why these things happen
that’s what I’ve been telling my kids all you know is that it brings you
closer together it breaks you up and it opens up your
heart it depends your appreciation it makes you more human it opens up your
half heart it deepens your appreciation it makes you more human
well the contestant said he hadn’t planned on dancing tonight he said his
wife told him I am not done watching you dance from her hospital bed he then
dedicated his performance to his wife even though the second performance was
met with his high praise his first routine did not received the same
feedback from the judges James and his dance partner Emma Slater landed at the
bottom of the leaderboard and ended up in the bottom two with our group and her
partner Sasha Farber the judges then decided to save Ali and Sasha from
elimination and send James home we’ve been through this before but never
this late in the pregnancy and never accompanied by such a scary horrific
create threat to Vonda Kimberly and her well-being
he continued grateful that she’s now recovering but you only just began
unpacking the layers of this one again for morning news and updates please
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