30 Replies to “Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Uses Her Fake Pregnant Belly to Her Advantage”

  1. But in the scene where jane and rafael where in the doctor room and she had to show her naked belly and it looked so fkg real 😂😂🤰

  2. Когда уже выйдет новый сезон?????? Привет с ЯНАО России

  3. I've noticed how much she actually looks like demi lovato. Idk what it is, the way they talk their voice and the eyes… Some type of latino look

  4. One of my old after school teachers told us a srory about how she was getting her hair done and this random woman came up to her, put a hand on her stomach and said "congratulations" my after school teacher told her that she wasn't pregnant. The woman was so embarrassed she ran out of the salon.

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