30 Replies to “Jania Meshell Dealing With Postpartum Depression 👶💔”

  1. But let her tell it SHES A1 and doing very good lol okay! She be soooo mean to ppl that’s that karma baby 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Having a baby just to keep a bm never works for these thots. That’s what they’re REALLY pressed about.

  3. She truly could be going through something she did just go through an entire pregnancy sad and crying we as people need to stop speaking on other people’s feelings we don’t know this girl or what she is going through only what she allows us to see all I know is during and after having a baby especially a first time mother your body your mental state and your energy is off and at least she can admit it so instead of bashing her y’all should be sending her encouraging words and praying for her 💯❤️

  4. I believe its postpartum she has had a long journey in the spotlight and need to just disappear for awhile. This child has not only been criticized by her ex but the entire world telling her what to do and how to feel. There is no length or time for postpartum as you body undergo a chemical change so does yor personality, thought, feelings etc.

  5. I feel sorry for her she a single mom with no help besides her mom Jania was alone her whole pregnancy and plus YB was calling her all kind of names like it was her fault they separated god took Jania from Yb because he didn’t treat her right and it’s gone be hard on kacey because his dad have so many others kids I never heard Yb said one thing about kacey since he was born why because thats Jania child also he was mad at her because he fucked up I pray she find love soon she deserves that❤️FreeYB🙏🏽

  6. Jania it's okay, you can bounce back……go back to praying and slaying…. but first get some help so y8u can understand what has happen to so you can deal with it. She's not faking….the person she was trying to prove something to is locked up. The chase and competition is gone…those you thought We're 100 are zero's they only tagged you because they were jealous of young boy and you were their bate. Your fine ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU THEY STILL AIN'T GOT SHIT ON YOU….KAY ALL LOVE YOUNG LADY💜 FUCK THEM BABY MOMA…Jania Go back to praying and slaying.💜😙💜

  7. False false false postpartum doesn't happen 3 months later signs show minutes hours days weeks later not 3 months y she couldn't had made a mistake & is feeling bad y is this postpartum I'm old enough with too many children to know this anit it!!!!!!

  8. Hmm, they way she was turned up in Miami, never thought. Nah, lovesick and fear of her child's father being locked up… #BEREAL

  9. I was really starting to root for Jania because I felt like she wanted to change during the last stages of her pregnancy, but the last few weeks that ‘old’ Jania has started to resurface. It’s irritating that she has so much potential, yet she’s going to sabotage the fuck out of any REAL success that she could gain.

  10. I think jania and yb are a lot alike.. I think they both been acting out to get under each other skin..they are in love with each other..she wasn't with him for his money, u could jus tell she was n still is , genuinely in love with him he felt that love before which was from his grandma ..and he knows that n know that he fcked up is why he wanted a jania wannabe..they both want to be with each other.. "Sidebar" YB NEED A REALITY SHOW!! MONA SCOTT WHERE YOU AT!?.. PERIOD!#loveandhiphop

  11. Pain builds more when u mask it instead of heal it. She been doing the most since having the baby. Maybe she felt NBA was gonna come back once she had the baby and snapped back but now reality sunk in that it's over and she have to move on. She was acting unbothered when the whole situation is really messed up and sadness is normal.

  12. i knew it was something else going on with her its a hard world out here being young with a newborn and honestly i think she just heartbroken she love the shit out of yb everybody no but I 🙏 she get better for her son and her fuck what social media and everybody saying u got to live for u out here💯

  13. Slow down Jania..💕Take some time for yourself and baby Kacey💙..Keep 🙏🏼and many BLESSINGS 😍

  14. She needs intense counseling. You can tell something’s amiss with her. She is all over the place. Maybe she’s bi polar.

  15. God Bless you NeNe 🙏 Cry as much as you need to get it all out to cleanse your soul so you can be ready for your next Endeavors in A Life You Deserve!🙏💞 "If God With You who can Be Against You!" Just stay Prayed up NeNe God already carrying You & Kacey💕💪

  16. You got this nene ❤️ Your a Strong Woman queen 👸🏼💚I will be praying for you Nene 🙏

    #TeamNene ❤️

  17. She just need rest and spiritual help! Because I said, she’s all over the place!! She need to slow down breathe and relax!! Enjoy 😊 her baby and new life 🙏🏽

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