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  1. Do not get kidney stones!! Drink lots of water daily and with lemon even better. They hurt sooooo bad and I’ve had 3 babies! Avoid ever having this happen to you.

    Too much coke, coffee, ice tea and not enough water will cause kidney stones. Too much salt and meat also can cause some forms of stones. Avoid getting one trust me it has been over two months of pain for me and I only have one. Many people have several of them and it takes longer.
    Basically the doctor said if your pee is not clear you need to keep drinking until it is clear every day every time. If you can a gallon a day is recommended with lemon is even better.

  2. the first stone i had was a big sucker, passing it was terrible enough. but the worst part imo was when it got stuck in the bladder…

    drink your water kids, lemon juice and water…

  3. This kidney guide “Κemkemsο Wiza” (Google it) mays not really work for everybody, but it works great to me. I was able to pass a stone that is too large to pass through soon after using this solution for a few weeks. I am grateful that I did not underwent the surgery, saving me from shelling out a hefty amount of money and making me comfortable..

  4. I have a kidney stone on the move right now. I would need to be dead for three days to feel better than I do right now.

  5. My partner is suffering from kidney stones and she asked for for this kidney guide “Κemkemsο Wiza” (Google it). Over the last 2 months she`s had two lithotripsies without any succession breaking down her 7 mm stone. About two hours soon after using this, she noticed a difference the soreness was subsiding later on that afternoon..

  6. I have nephrolithiasis. I pass stones nearly ever single week. I'm signed off work since 2002 . I've had every test you can have, and they cannot find out why

  7. I had a kidney stone a few years ago.I usually can muscle through,but,he's right,it does feel like Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan both kicked me in the back! I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy. Oy,it was bad. Until I passed it.A 5mm stone through a 2mm uretha tube. 😡🤪🤪😧

  8. Shall I reference to Family Guy joking about Muddy Waters passing a kidney stone while singing with his band.

  9. He hits it on the head about the stones I had them 5 times and it's the most painful experience you would ever have happen to you.

  10. Pure freshly squeezed lemon juice, as much as you can take, followed by
    water. First thing every morning for a week. It is a miracle your
    Doctor will not share with you because he needs $12K from you. You cash
    cow, you!

  11. Passing a "big one" is equivalent to a woman giving birth with no meds. That being said, birth is always the same intense pain (well, unless you're doing a c section on meds anyways). But passing a stone can vary. Tiny tiny stones can be a somewhat mild pain. Small stones can hurt a lot. Big Stones, well, that's like the feeling of a porcupine walking backwards through a garden hose!!

  12. Had a kidney stone that was 3mm and it took 3 hits of morphine to get rid of the pain. The pain was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced as a woman!!! The woman doing my cat scan said women say its worse than giving birth. I hope I never have to go through it again!!

  13. Just passed a 6x3mm stone. No pain at all, just pressure around the pelvis. Took 1 month in total, it came down the left urether. My advice: lemon juice and beer, with a mixture of olive oil/lemon zest/maple syrup. Feeling happy!!!

  14. I would rather break my arm in half again in lnstead of having them but i get them every couple yrs and it looks like a meteor show so during that time i want to shoot myself

  15. Just passed my first kidney stone 2 days ago. Still have mild back pain from it and I chug water constantly because I fear another so much

  16. my little adventure of kidney stones is as follows i had….(10) and the biggest size….(12mm) the size 12 stone was actually cutting its way through until it got stuck right before the bladder i had to have kidney stone removal surgery the pain was unbearable.And by the way no pain killers doc didnt like to prescribe them.

  17. Yea my dad went through this one morning then quickly found out the hard way you shouldn't take Vicodin on an empty stomach!! He said the puking was worth the relief lol well not for me, I'm the one who had to keep pulling over for him enroute to the hospital

  18. I’ve had two kids without meds and have dealt with kidney stones. Kidney stones are a walk in the park. Don’t compare it with childbirth.

  19. My mother said the same thing about her kidney stones. She would rather have another baby then have that pain.

  20. 500mg of magnesium citrate and vitamin B complex once a day with the meal should keep calcium oxcalate stones from forming. I had many stones and some as big as 9mm.

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