Jeffrey Epstein Found In Fetal Position, Semi-Conscious w/Marks Around Neck In Prison Cell

a pedophile was found in a prison cell in a semi-conscious state with marks around his neck that pedophile wasn't just any pedophile that pedophile was former billionaire I'm saying former because I'm not quite sure if he still have access to that cash or whether he would ever get access to that cash again but former let's say aqua rich playboy billionaire pedophile found in this jail cell with marks around his neck in a semi-conscious state welcome to the soapbox my name is Jamal Thomas this is the progressive soapbox guys if you dig this content you find yourself coming back to this channel often please consider supporting this content to paypal patron even a dollar helps these videos get demonetized often not to mention liking and sharing if you indeed like the video so reports are coming out that Jeffrey Epstein was found in his cell semi-conscious with marks around his neck now it is unclear what happened and they are trying to piece together what happened there's several theories that are in play one theory is that Jeffrey ups need trying to off himself based on everything that took place and you know if you think about it theory has some legs to a tummy and ultimately you have somebody with some millionaire who essentially function in the life of a millionaire being there there was literally detached from the rest of the population he told the light that is separate and distinct from us from the standpoint of class and all of a sudden all of that gets stripped away at a whim and you find yourself in a prison cell with a guy who murdered a lot of people and put the bodies in the basement for in the back yard it's a change reality that this sudden and drastic in an individual may try to off themselves as opposed to dealing with the consequences of that that's possible the second possibility is that somebody tried to off Epstein pedophiles are not necessarily suffered in a prison environment people don't necessarily like pedophiles and there's a history of violence towards pedophiles and in Jeffrey Epstein a case you're talking about a sex ring where it seemed spanned multiple states let alone potentially even outside the country itself and even potentially a situation where other people would take advantage of the fact that Epstein was the sweat meaning we have no idea how far this went and this seems to be a lot of media and political figures that Epstein was in contact with flying on these airplanes including Trump including Clinton and it seems that these people some of them knew seemed some of them knew I guess my point is with all the attention that this has been getting there is not a person in that prison that doesn't know that Epstein is in that prison let alone many of them look at him as being worse of the worst meaning yeah I've murdered this guy and I put the body in the basement and I ate the penis and all that but bad guys a pedophile that takes place in prison so and I'm saying this from having watching prison shows and seeing guys who are pedophiles I've been talking to the camera talking about their experiences in prison so that's possible um third possibility there's suspicions that he's working for Intel many necess fishin's that he was working for intelligence agencies I didn't make I'm not making this up that sounds conspiratorial but it's not Acosta made point that this guy's above my pay grade and was told to get this kind of sweetheart deal now cost allied after the fact meaning later on will use like the prosecutor is saying that or saying that this was something that had to take place this was the best deal he can get it everything else but at one other point it costs the kind of main point that this is something to do with intelligence is somebody working for intelligence or is it possible they do work for intelligence this is kind of them trying to get their hands on the off him before him getting the opportunity to kind of out various other people that may be involved in this I throw that out there who knows look the cops are still trying to figure out what happened on the more overt level the most obvious is probably either he tried to off himself or sub-tribe it in the prison tried too often and in this case they don't know what happened the cops are still trying to get to the bottom of it meaning they still doing investigations and talking to people in the prison itself to figure out what happened the person who was his cellmate used to be a cop apparently that cop apparently murdered a bunch of people and put him in their backyard he's like I have nothing to do with this but everybody they even argued that it's possible that he's trying to do this in order to get a easier sentence or not the easier sentence but trying to move himself to a different prison um maybe I mean at this point they're trying to figure out what this is they're trying to figure out why is this pedophile lying on the ground in a semi-conscious state with marks around his neck stay tuned they're investigating there's no point in jump into any of the potential conclusions at this point all of them are just trying to be worked through them so if anybody is telling you one way or the other at this point they are guessing look I hate doing stories where I can't necessarily be definitive about what took place and I know it this one I'm I'm arguing with myself more so because the my to say anything about this is just picking my head and I feel like I would prefer to be able to say this happened or that happened but oftentimes you suck in situations of these are the potential scenarios and among these scenarios you know which one do you educate is there's no way to know what it is I can only give you what it possibly could be what's more likely is it more likely that he tried to off himself or that he was assaulted I think those are probably the most likely to items if he tried to kill himself or somebody tried to kill him I will tell you this though there are a lot of people in that black book and it was on that ledger on those airplanes that are probably like fuck if you get my point because the last thing they want is him talking the last thing that any of them in that black book one is Epstein running his mouth and talking and I would imagine not everybody in that black book course is dirty per se you run into people just in the course of your affairs and you don't necessarily have close contacts with all the people that you run into it doesn't necessarily mean you don't give him your business card or something like that so I don't think that by any means but are there some people in that black book that are probably terrified the FCA may open his mouth yes Charlie Rose was that black book Charlie Rose and was working with Epstein to get people that he can abuse at his agency where he was looking for people to hire to be as a system do I honestly believe that Charlie Rose was the only Charlie Rose in that book no and don't honestly believe that those people in Charlie Rose case were adults but it stopped at adults I'm sorry I don't that's a belief by the way I don't know that it's a flat back so don't misunderstand me but if there was one I suspect there were others other people knew they knew and didn't say anything and but people want to chest up the Michael Wolfe stop that that Trump was the one that turned Epstein in understand what that means if indeed Trump was the one that turned Epstein in he turned him in after a real estate deal went bad an Epstein start threatening Trump if that is true however it would mean the Donald trum knew in advance that Epstein was abusing pique were children it was a pedophile and didn't say anything until it became an issue where they were in contests with one another that's not a rah-rah Trump that's actually pretty nasty leave if you enjoy the content like share I'm putting this article at the bottom but this is being talked about on a few places at this point thanks a lot oh and one last point pay attention to the story all of these stories got to be demonetized when I put up just by very mentioning Epstein yes everything that it just said is true everything that it just said is a mainstream media CNN will report the story and not get demonetised but my black ass does it I get to monetize pay attention to the story though and I'm following the story because there are political implications Nancy Pelosi's Doherty comes out and says hey guys some people may shake out from this that you like but you know has me this way if she's even coming out saying it there's a reason she's saying it he has all sorts of political and media connections this story is not just the media story the story is also a political story because they're baby people who are in the political space that fallout from Epstein there are a lot of people who would have been perfectly fine if Epstein had offed himself because at the very least it would have stopped with him and it would have been able to get to them the last thing they want is Sam out there talking stay tuned the story looks very weird weird from the standpoint of how he got his money where can Stanford and why he's on like the council Foreign Relations we're doin stamped one of what he has to do from the standpoint of intelligence weird innocence that people don't even understand why he knew some of these people how these connections were in place where he made his cash he didn't even go to school being in college like like there's a lot of oddities with the Epstein story that doesn't quite add up and it seems within the context of the investigation that is going to take place there may be some stuff that come out that gets buckets you know it hits a lot of big names all right and it a trilateral commission I'm sorry trilateral commission thank you fact-checking real-time 11:00 audience is great all right I'll end this here doesn't want video to be long I just wanted a somewhat of an update all right guys thanks

37 Replies to “Jeffrey Epstein Found In Fetal Position, Semi-Conscious w/Marks Around Neck In Prison Cell”

  1. Has anyone considered the possibility that his survival was intentional? I mean, if they want to off him before he can roll over (if he were to even agree to such a thing), they'd be inviting a lot of suspicion into his death and previous events, given how high-profile a person his is and will be until after he's been sentenced.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to establish a history of suicide attempts and self-harm so the suicide story would be more believable?

  2. be careful who you befriend in life, one must always step back and measure out whats on the agenda, and foresight was obviously lacking in these ardent evil beings. So hope people will start thinking better.

  3. I think he did it to himself. If the prisoners did it he would be dead. put him on suicide watch, so he cant try to take the easy route. make him go on trial, and testify and snitch on all them other sick sumbitches.

  4. Oh my God, you would be so surprised if you knew how many times women are sexually harassed and people around look the other way. They had to know it was going on but they put it into the somebody else's problem field. I'm sure it happens with other marginalized groups too and people outside those groups never see the half of it because a lot of times it doesn't happen in front of anyone.

  5. Yeah, he's associated with a lot of POWERFUL people. He's a mark to be erased to alleviate these associations.

  6. What great news! I hope he survives and wants to die every day for the rest of his, hopefully unnaturally long, life. Oh please, oh please let there be an endless line queuing up for his various body parts every day, every moment he is not being officially watched and may he become a favorite of all!

  7. I think he was assaulted and they make it appears that he did it himself to get a better deal of suicide

  8. Best case Scenario, the official Narrative about that Attack is true and Epstein is now motivated to sing like Bird in order to not get that Treatment for the rest of his life

  9. I believe its a trick to get sent to a better prison. I think if he was wanted dead hed be dead already, d ex cop who alledgedly did it was d same lawyers epstein used in d past.

  10. the exact nature of Clinton's 'distinguishing mark' will make its pathetic return to the news cycle soon enough

  11. Lots of contract killing happen cat in prison. I suspect that a some rich cat paid to off Epstein. I he is going to survive it will be by naming names and getting some type of protective custody.

  12. My insurance agent looked me dead in the eye and said "If you have ever met a Clinton, your life insurance policy goes up by 40%; but if you never tell us about it you have a good chance that it won't matter. We wouldn't cover a death the way you die anyway."

  13. They might help him fake his death just like they did with Miss Maxwell's father who is part of the Zionist Elites when they were going after him for high crimes he mysteriously fell off a boat and supposedly died… This would not be hard for them to do they have done it before they will do it whenever it is necessary to get someone off the radar screen especially a high-profile person like Epstein who can spill the beans on the whole cabal if he really wanted to but he won't do that trust me

  14. Jamarl must Not be Street Wise, cause Everyone knows that They KILL ALL PEDOs in Jail & His Time will Come & it's no mistake they put him with a Murder cause if this one didn't get him, the next will*It happens All the time to pedos #StreetSmart

  15. I would have thought that a very high profile prisoner like Epstein would be monitored extremely closely.
    And why was he sharing a cell with a murderer?

  16. If authorities don’t have a video camera recording 24/7 on this guy, then they’re not being very wise. Any seventh-grader will tell you to keep a camera on this prisoner.

  17. Does anyone else find it strange that although we live in a surveillance state with cameras everywhere, in case after case, when we could really use this tech, it somehow does not get recorded.

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