Jessica Kresowik, MD

– Our department bought a
practice of Dr. Paul Figge. He was a reproductive endocrinologist who was looking to retire. Sort of as Dr. Figge
was retiring I came to sort of replace him, and
primarily see patients in our Quad City location. I know sometimes infertility
feels overwhelming, it feels isolating, it feels depressing, but that we, and really all the staff down in our Quad City
location, are exceptional, and are there to help. I would say my passion at work is trying to really understand what the patient’s coming in with to formulate a type of plan
that’s gonna help them. I’m pretty enthusiastic and
maybe a little detail oriented, and I think those
qualities then allow us to make sure nothing’s been missed and formulate a plan
that’s really gonna help. We certainly have patients that have been struggling for long periods of time, have tried different treatment modalities and not had success, and when we finally have a success, you know, I can certainly
think of a few patients that that’s just, really icing on the cake. There’s multiple benefits to choosing the University of Iowa
for infertility care. One is that we’re able to
offer comprehensive care. So some practitioners may be able to offer some subset, or facet of treatment. And for us, if one treatment
modality doesn’t work then we can go to the next step. And also, as a provider, I feel that I can honestly counsel patients
about what I think would result in the best option, or the best likelihood
of success for them. We have an outstanding program here and a program that’s committed
to healthy pregnancies. We do a lot of single embryo transfer, which I think is to our benefit here. And as a patient I would want to be at an institution that has success, but also does consider
my safety, and my health.

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