Jinger Duggar Goes Hollywood, Rocks Pants and Heels at Movie Premiere!

when the world learned that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy viola would be moving to Los Angeles it was rumored that her parents feared would affect the ultra liberal metropolis would have on their evangelical country raised daughter and this is probably exactly what they were afraid of yes Junior is still wearing pants a fashion choice that reportedly had Jim Bob and Michelle clutching their Bibles and begging the Lord for forgiveness when she first made it back in 2015 and now she's rocking those pants with hot pink heels at red carpet movie premieres just as her parents feared Jinger Duggar has gone Hollywood okay so the debut screening of a new discovery documentary called Serengeti isn't exactly the major social event of the year hell it's not even the biggest lion related movie premiere of the past week but coming from a home where most forms of secular entertainment are frowned upon attending the premiere of a movie that features zero crucifixions we assume represents a major change of lifestyle for ginger and it also sends a strong message to her parents who have reportedly been highly critical of gingers decision to move to LA the couple has mastered the art of sparking a dozen conversations with a single Instagram post the most important information we can glean from this one is that ginger and Jeremy are thoroughly enjoying life on the west coast Edie had a great time at a Discovery premiere of Serengeti last night Jing er captioned the pic Jeremy posted a photo of the two of them holding stuff Lions inside the theatre discovery Serengeti was so masterfully created he wrote alongside the pic as they announced back in March the rulers are in Los Angeles so that Jeremy can study at an area Divinity School in recent days God has made it overwhelmingly clear to us that he is leading us out of Loretto they said at the time law much baron council the next step for our family is to relocate to Los Angeles to attend Grace Community Church as Jeremy pursues Graduate Studies at the master seminary that's about as chaste an announcement as anyone could possibly imagine and yet somehow Jim Bob and Michelle were still upset allegedly so yeah we're taking a little pleasure and the possibility that they might be posting pics like this just to stick it to juniors parent is a bit

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  1. Good for her – she is a married women and not a child  under his rules.  It is up to her and her husband. Time for each child when becoming adult age,  to find their own way in the world, doesn't mean they lost their beliefs —-Get over it Jim Bob.

  2. I am sure her parents are fine with her choices. Pants were her parents choice and not hers. They love her anyways.

  3. When will you all give up on this story ? She's been wearing pants a long time . Her parents love her no matter what . Reportedly ? You mean you listen to so called insiders , friends from church , like I've read in the past . While living with her parents , they follow the rules . Once married , they do what they want . Husband wants . Derick was the suck up to Jim Bob as you all reported . Now look at Jill . Parents , sisters and brothers all still see her , talk to her , invite her over . Get over it .

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