Jiz – The Abortion Episode

motherfucking previously a motherfucking Cheers and now back to motherfucking Cheers I don't ask for much cheese why can't we have a baby Oh duh because I like abortions Oh gross look you know the rules only life things come in my pussy and only good things come out yes look by being a douche right now something fuck up how'd you find me God fuck you Jesus I'll have this baby if it kills me and my baby eat my pussy shut the fuck up get down here and the fuck you excuse me expanding my line oh fuck off Barney no teacher where you gonna go cheese will find you she'll hunt you down and kill you I better write a note dear jeez me Deidre and Barney are off getting abortions love Chrissy yeah that'll fula alright we're gonna go off to my brother Bobby's house he sucks cock for money why would anybody do that because he's a faggot deidre yo bitch will you add it's time for your abortion what the hey look what I found when I was going through your shit man abortions oh fuck no and in that baby oh god damn it man the fuck is your brother I can't fucking hungry I want to know what a hot dog Hotel pepper here is so good hey Bobby this is my fat friend Chrissy and my retarded friend bunny so come help me what someone actually wanted to sleep with you yes I wanted to sleep with me goddamnit girl you all baked like that look what do you want from me I want you to help me raise my baby faggots out babies and babies heads tags everybody knows oh oh look at the little bag oh thank my car oh oh you reek of tuna your little Leslie died of AIDS faggot look he's gonna suck my cock and shit on me for only $100 Kemp club action area merchants are $300 well look at this we got $300 the wheat fuckin stole from Rio now get away from that fucking facial waster oh you make a very good argument oh but they have Volvo's when it talks trainees walk oh well fine be that way fucking little dirty little kids how dare you take my chances away I could be the toilet of your dreams let's go word right side are leaving let's just remember this one day when you least suspect it you will shit on me oh what a fucking freak show I mean that comes with the territory when you sit on people for a living can I sell my shits are really hot stop talking about shit's and start talking about my goddamn baby look I know I'm your brother but I just really don't care you know so like get an abortion I don't know because jazz does now boy sheds her sail Oh you cunts find that bitch there was nobody in the sweatshop oh my god just thank god you're here there's some guy is he's talking about the abortions oh fuck could I help you you're giving these girls abortions I prefer self-induced miscarriages where are you aware that you are not to give cross abortions without a medical license or after the eighth month but that's when you pull them out when they're ripe I just said it abortion yeah oh I just had one too here here's the picture of my fetus this is highly disturbing information as of this day forward you are not to give another goddamn girl an abortion can i fuck the black one no all right fine what the fuck am I gonna do my little income is based on selling abortions oh well I'm really glad you came to your senses and decided to flush your baby oh no baby fuck shit I'm I want to get rid of it as fast as I can hey Jess I'm ready for the abortion oh she's not home we'll just jump over the fence and give yourself a miscarriage oh what a great I think I'll try it Oh baby watch a fuck you crazy bitch yeah what's wrong with y'all I just don't want my baby anymore yeah oh brother helped her realize that's me well you're at luck because I'm headed to Jess's abortion concert right now huh fucking swing kill the baby kima patty Oh gross so lighten up faggot let's go pro-choice a baby out of a bitch you're ready to go on yeah let me just get high first oh yeah I see your motherfucking camel toe fucking groupies Oh what the fuck have you been you stupid dumb fucking kind I found every last having babies is for retards I realize that I don't want to fucking have some goddamn baby on my goddamn back well let's get rid of it let's get a motherfucking abortion abortion do it today let's get an abortion whoa you should get an abortion every girl should get an abortion do it today get an of course there's my concert proven to you that I need to give abortion well I'll make you a deal alright look I'll do anything I'll do anything just name it just do it you're gonna give me abortions if you let me watch those two girls make out I'll Rio I hope you're okay that we're never gonna have a baby it's okay bona fide mouth with their what Oh that'll be $300

27 Replies to “Jiz – The Abortion Episode”

  1. I come back to watch these when I'm feeling sad and need a guilty laugh. Jiz is the Deadpool of 80s kids' cartoons.

  2. Soooo offensive , which makes it soooo damn funny. I can watch this over and over and still laugh over and over. Truly a classic!

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