43 Replies to “Joe Rogan & Josh Zepps Go Back and Forth on Abortion”

  1. Josh Zepps totally contradicted himself by saying old white men making decisions etc etc, then later said "' shouldn't I be able to have a conversation ( voice in the matter) as a white guy… Facepalm…

  2. This dude is the only completely honest pro choicer I've seen, that actually looks at the science and has formed his opinion based on it. That being said killing babies is absolutely nuts and is reptilian level thinking.

  3. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the nonpartisan, cool headed nature of this discussion

  4. You’re never going to get pregnant, but you are completely in it as a birthed human being. Removing the man from the abortion rights area after conception leaves only two people involved here, the mother and the “cells”, “fetus”, whatever you call it. And those cells or that fetus are one of two genders, male or female. So.. as a being that could have potentially have been aborted because you have no say or access to your rights in that phase of your life… don’t you feel like you have an opinion ?

  5. We should allow for abortions post birth until 75 years of age. Just in case dudes like this somehow survived.

  6. I agree. Men should not be able to decide what women do any more than women should be able to do what men do. So if I want to ejaculate in public, no woman can decide that's not okay. They're never going to be in that situation, so why should they decide what I do with my own body?

    Seriously, though. I agree that it's problematic that men appear to decide about a women's issue, but that problem lies in the fact that are too few women in public office, apparently. Don't blame the people that have to make these decisions for making decisions you disagree with. Get yourself elected or at least don't vote for the retards that are in office now.

  7. So when it’s inside their body it’s non of your business but as soon as it’s born it’s very much your business matter of fact it’s 50% your business. It’s so much your business that you must pay child support for 18 yrs. how convenient.

  8. “The religious right will always be crazy about the things it’s crazy about”

    Well if being staunchly opposed to slaughtering an innocent, completely defenseless baby (usually out of nothing more than convenience) makes me both “religious” and “crazy”, then I’ll just have to raise my hand and say guilty as charged!

  9. Is the guest truly pro abortion rights or just trolling Joe on this?

    I question his intentions bc his stated stance on infanticide, makes Joe recoil and I would imagine makes people look at is implied point of "why not" if it's ok to kill the baby just before the delivery.

  10. What do you mean no stake in the game? How in the fuck does the man have no stake? Is there a woman who has ever conceived a baby without a man? The only problem with these two fucking idiots are that they are rich liberal fuck who think that murder is ok and that just because I dont have a puppy I shouldnt tell someone who does he shouldnt beat his puppy over the head

  11. It's foolish to say men don't have a right. There are women who oppose abortion. The governor of Alabama is a WOMAN. I see these same "my body" people support the government controlling what we eat, drink, smoke, ingest, think, say..

  12. Why joe, oh why? The man agrees with you on the most important part of your argument, but has better points than you, so you get butt hurt. I respect you so much and idolize you as an intellectual which is why this video hurts so much to watch. But I still love ya bud.

    Other dude: 1
    Joe: 0

  13. It takes two to make a baby! Without a man, you cannot make a baby! If a man is a father, why does he not have a say in his own child's life? A fetus is a life! Why would a woman get upset over a miscarriage, if it's just a clump of cells? Why is it sad when we miscarry, but totally fine to abort? When I was pregnant, I felt that amazing life growing inside me. Yes growing inside me, but not actually me! Separate life from myself. I can't fathom how a mother could do that to her baby. I will never understand how anyone, man or woman, doesn't see a fetus as a human life. A fetus has all the biological traits as any other human being. We need to understand that abortion is killing another human. It's extremely horrific where we are as ppl.. all you parents plz go back to when your baby was first born. Can you imagine killing that beautiful miracle?

  14. Joe got dragged on the philosophical and logical ground of the topic. He was a squirrel in a shark tank.

  15. This is the most interesting conversation on the topic I've heard. Agree with the other guy's logic and disagree with his conclusion and vice versa with Joe (except that I think it's wrong, regardless of the time it's done). More pro abortion people need to listen to this. Would provide a lot of context for other opinions they don't comprehend.

  16. I've never heard Joe sound this stupid. It's a scientific question. Men and Women can both study and understand Science. For fuck sake, Joe.

  17. So Joe how do you feel about the father of the child having an opion or 50 50 rights in determining if the baby is aborted? If the father is on the record of wanted to have an abortion and the mother says no way does the father still have to pay child support?

  18. So, if you have no idea when life begins, Joe, why would you argue to terminate at any point at all? Why not be extra cautious and not abort at any point during pregnancy? And, to say that men have absolutely nothing to do with women's bodies is ludicrous. What do you think semen is for? It is 50% the father and 50% the mother who make the baby, so the father should have an equal say in what happens to the baby in the womb. I know that you are a father, Joe. So, if your wife wanted to harm your child (and her child), would you stand by and do nothing? I don't think you would. Fathers, and men in general, need to be protecting human life.

  19. Omg….i hate this guy. Lol joe is great and i dont 100% agree with what he is saying also but good lord this guys is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!

  20. Plain and simple, men may have their opinions and can say whatever they feel like, but any legalities relating to contraception and/or abortion should only be decided by a panel of women. Seeing as we are the host of these embryos until birth. That's it. Super simple.

  21. This is very complicated stuff; they're both right about that! No doubt! And they each have some excellent points, but one fantastic question or point that I have is this: In the movie 'The Terminator', had Sarah Connor been killed or murdered before John Connor was even born, would that not have meant that John Connor was effectively killed/murdered also? I believe so, yet John wasn't even a fetus yet. And that's something we should all wonder or worry about, I think. I mean, who are all these aborted babies, or who would they have been, or what would they have accomplished? Or caused or led to, or prevented, and everything. Well, only God knows! Or so I believe. 😉

  22. People should be ashamed at all the people they have been advocating for killing. All those people wiped out because men like this sit together and delude themselves into thinking they know when a human is a person and when not. Shame on all of us as.

  23. You know what's interesting, zepps way of thinking actually leads to the endangerment of children's lives. By his law of the jungle terms, why would he even believe in rights at all?

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