Join PregSource: Turn Your Pregnancy Experience into Knowledge

Pregnancy can be incredible and challenging…
and sometimes downright exhausting. Surprisingly, there’s still a lot we don’t
know about the pregnancy experience. In fact, there’s never been a large study
about the realities of pregnancy…until now. The PregSource® research project aims
to turn your experience into knowledge just by answering some
questions about pregnancy. Every time you answer
questions and track your progress, you are making an impact
for moms and babies. Researchers will use PregSource® to help
inform and improve care for generations to come. Joining is free, and you can participate
any time and from anywhere. Personal information is
kept secure and confidential. Every pregnancy is different,
and your experiences matter! Share your voice for research. Visit and join today. Your pregnancy. Your experience. Your care.

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  1. Hello I enjoyed your video! I’m a new mommy blogger doing week to week pregnancy updates right now! I’m currently on week 13 check it out here:

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