45 Replies to “Judge hears Arkansas anti-abortion challenges; state could be left with only one clinic”

  1. Pro-choice is sadly, anti-science. Not a single one of their arguments hold up if it's a human being from the moment of conception. (Which, spoiler alert, it is.

  2. Nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended and about four in ten unintended pregnancies are aborted, often with the request coming from the husband or male partner.

    The vast majority of abortions occur before nine weeks of pregnancy, before any fetus is involved. Nearly 80 percent of such abortions occur before 10 weeks, and nearly 90 percent do so by the end of the first trimester, making clear that anti-choice assertions about high rates of late abortion are false.

    In fact, anti-choice laws and policies ranging from banning early, safe medication abortion, to mandated waiting periods and unnecessary ultrasounds all serve to push early abortions later than they otherwise would be, belying anti-choice concerns about, say, second trimester abortions, because they are in fact responsible for a large share of such abortions.

    Further, most people having abortions already have children. Contraception is not always effective. They already know the true cost of having children. When considering an abortion, families weigh the responsiblities and finances they have, particularly in a society with extremely expensive healthcare and a very limited safety net.

    Preventing conception or having an abortion isn’t just about getting through the “inconvenience” of a pregnancy, as the far-right often asserts. In many situations pregnancy does in fact pose substantial risks to the health and lives of women.

    It is about whether or not a family is able to make a lifelong emotional, financial, and physical commitment – often at substantial cost – to the person who will exist if a pregnancy is viable, healthy and successfully brought to term.

    In the case of a wanted pregnancy, this can be a joyous, hoped-for, and much anticipated event. Under other circumstances, and without recourse to safe abortion care, an unintended pregnancy is a forced pregnancy and a forced birth, and amounts to reproductive slavery.

  3. Roe vs Wade ? Beto O’Rourke said yeah, if the water is shallow enough you can wade across. Otherwise get a boat and row.

  4. As more and more responsibility to work a professional career falls on women, pregnancies will become harder as women delay it more and more.

    There's no money in ending pregnancies. Maybe by selling baby parts which is morally reprehensible.

    There's money in creating viable pregnancies.

  5. Good for Arkansas Leading the way. Light up this wicked world and fight back with everything you have! I hope TEXAS will soon follow your lead.

  6. GLORY TO GOD. This needs to happen in ALL states. It’s a start. We are the new Babylon abortion SHOULD NOT be allowed. Adoption is one of the best solution if you can’t or do not want to take care of a child or better yet ABSTINENCE. Don’t be deceived these abortion clinics sell these babies for demonic rituals.

  7. Boohoo!! Guess those people shouldn't be having sex if they can't handle the consequences of it. This sure doesn't sound like news but rather an op ed….report the facts not your damn opinions nobody cares nor are they in agreement with everyone else's

  8. Yes but why does Planned Parenthood profit from selling baby parts yet is subsidized by the Federal Government, or tax payer?

  9. I have a question for those against abortion. We are producing a population, to where we are becoming like China and India. Is it really fair, to bring a new life, when we need diseases and natural disasters to curb our population so we can thrive. People are careless about protection, and we need more resources than we have to support life. So what happens when it's too late, and too much to sustain?

  10. I look at it this way all this bitching about abortions in right to your body stuff all you got to do is practice safe sex and 95% of the problems gone but you hear these people say well if they can't get a abortion legally will start going back to coat hangers where you know what I say about that to the 95% that uses abortion as a form of birth control have at it motherfuckers if you die from it at least we don't have to worry about you getting pregnant again

  11. I thought this was America the free not United States of Arabia 🤣 let these women do what they want to their bodies and move on.

  12. Little known fact, before roe v Wade abortions were on their way out,. Your own reporting says we're not at replacement levels. Why are you pushing this destructive deadly possession.

  13. do we all, not have responsibility in abortions? ..i cant imagine.. that most women faced with this decision IS an easy one.. however, we cant forget old days of how desperate women would do their own abortions risking their lives thru hemmorahgaging as well..then it would seem to me ..the very first 2 who is to step up to the plate to handle the responsibility of a pregnancy is BOTH the man and women who *willingly produced a PG together(so this excludes rapes)..if y lay down together there is a great likelyhood of getting PG right…in seeings how sex is natural drive–how are we to handle and care for all these unwanted babies-(not stating the obvious-adoptions, foster care etc..) bc truth be told most ppl dont want other ppls babies..they want their own..yes there are those out there willing to do and bless y for this but…again dont both men and women have a responsibility then..i see it from all angles..women walk away..men walk away…society walks or oppresses…all for a myriad of reasons..i would think we need to keep some checks and balances.ie.bcp perhaps with alot of 🙏 on how we handle things and be careful what we wish for especially if were not going to RESPONSIBLY handle sexual matters and outcomes in a 21st century bc having sex and having pregnancies will be around forever…i dont want someone telling me what to do with my body..yet i value life..isnt this where most ppl are in this?

  14. Look at this college lasses first big moment to challenge the patriarchy. She's so empowered like a middle school talent show winner.

  15. Calm down, liberals. No one is coming for your abortions. We just want common sense abortion control:
    Mandatory background checks complete with mental health evaluation.
    Must be placed in a national abortion registry.
    $200 tax stamp and a 1 year waiting period.
    Outlaw assault abortions after the first trimester and limit the number of abortions you can have. No one NEEDS more than one abortion.

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