47 Replies to “June to Waterford " at least it wasn't you" | The Handmaid's Tale S3E10 | Part 5”

  1. I love when Serena basically says let's give the Lawerence's back their privacy. Right, because that was basically going in and invading their privacy all because Fred Waterford was jealous and reported his suspicions to Commander Winslow. An example of people literally trying to be in the business of what goes in people's bedrooms. I love when Commander Lawerence says are going to sit in the bed too, because that would really be interesting. Like, how much are far are you going to insert yourselves into our business?

    This is what happens when people don't have a life.

  2. Wow how gutted did Fred look at 4:27 when Aunt Lydia said it was a successful ceremony. 😂🤣😂🤣
    Because it didn’t show the ceremony taking place I’m kinda hoping that they found a way to fool the Dr that examined June.🤞🏻🤞🏻
    I’m wondering if Joseph had a wank, (sorry for being so crude but I didn’t know another way of saying it.) 🙈🙈
    Then June put some of his sperm around the outside of her vjj. I could be wrong but would the Dr be able to go inside her after the ceremony? Wouldn’t Fred and the others be paranoid that if the Dr did that it could lessen the chance of June getting pregnant? Or June did put it inside her because she knows that Joseph’s wife really wants a baby, and she doesn't mind carrying a baby for her.🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. This was really powerful. From Commander Lawrence's perspective, on one level, he is raping June. On another level he is being forced to do this, so both he and June are being raped by the state. HOWEVER, since he was instrumental in creating this state, he is responsible for this,meaning that he is one of the principle rapists of both June, himself, and all of the other handmaids in Gilead,.

  4. A successful RAPE. How charming. This is entertaining? Sick hoes. Well this isnt far off for some of you your rights have been wittled away thanks to the Orange Anus. Enjoy whst little freedom you have.

  5. It's obvious the Lawrence's now wished they were never part of the making of Gilead. This is a spoiler alert for me because in the UK we're three weeks behind the US in episodes of Handmaid's Tale.

  6. Creepy Fred asking if she was all right. She should have said. "Well I am in some pain. Commander Lawrence was HUGE! "

  7. This is the moment that you can see Lawrence human side…he even in a way asked "are you sure?" of course June has no choice, but this scene shows that even ones on the top can fall to the very bottom…

  8. I don't live in the states so I'm behind on episodes. Do we know WHY Lawrence (who seems to have no interest in religion) helped found Gilead? Did he just want to live? Did he do some math and determine that unless something drastically changed due to the infertility plague in x number of year there won't be enough people to maintain the safety of nuclear reactors etc. which will leak and kill everyone left? Did he think America had to keep up with some other countries even more crazy response? say Saudia Arabia or Iran?

  9. June is so used to surviving that she is very judicious about what bridge she burns no matter what has been done to her. For her to let this comment out tells you just how deeply pissed she really is.

  10. June has her eye on the prize. She’s all business. If they all play their part they can do what they set out to do.

  11. I feel like Fred expects June to be thankful for what he did for her. He is convinced that he treated her with respect and actually gave her more than what her position as a handmade requires. So I feel he is truly shocked to find out that June actually hates him. I really hope him , Serena and aunt Lydia die.

  12. He loves his wife more than himself his laws and his rules. He started that and it doesn't sit well on his soul because he was wrong.

  13. okay, you know you've watched too much Law and Order SVU when you are experiencing cognitive dissonance watching Christopher Meloni acting in his new role as part of state-sanctioned rape.

  14. This is such a weird level of trauma… how do you even go about explaining a situation where two people, with lack of a better term, raped each other? The writing in this show is phenomenal some times. Absolutely terrifying, but phenomenal.

  15. This is so disturbing. I feel so bad for all of them but so angry at Lawrence for creating this and that doctor. It’s sick.

  16. I still don’t get why they want this ceremony. Wouldn’t be just be easier to control the handmaiden if they were in the center just popping out babies by ivf

  17. For a man who helped created this world he seems like he feels bad for the things that are going on in it.. very odd.

  18. I get the strong impression that June's strength through this scenario has more to do with being able to rub it all in their faces. She's not just reminding the Waterfords of the laws to save them, she's pointing out how screwed they are by their own hand. They raped themselves. I think that is greater punishment and justice than death or torture!

  19. I think it's so much worse that Mr Lawrence doesn't want to do it either. Imagine feeling like a rapist and feeling raped at the same time

  20. I felt so sad for Eleanor and oddly commander Lawrence. I have to keep reminding myself he created this world and is a piece of shit

  21. Omg poor Mrs Lawrence in the corner having to listen to them. And Lawrence knowing she’s hearing all of this, but can’t stop it.

  22. It's so sad, because Lawerence truly loves his wife, he really doesn't want to do this. And June is trying to say, it's OK I'm giving consent to do this one thing so we can all survive.

  23. This is being Raped by the state. Elizabeth is just amazing. Even though the characters worked out an 'agreement, ' it's still horrifying!!!! Serena is hedious!!!

  24. I'm relieved that June doesn't have Fred raping her this season. At least with Lawrence he asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this because he didn't want to hurt Eleanor

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