24 Replies to “June Wants to get the Children Out | The Handmaid's Tale S3E10 | Part 3”

  1. I love seeing how eleanor was so nonchalant about showing June all the files about the Handmaids and their children…However, my heart goes out to Janine to see her break if June told her that her son has been dead for 4 years would only seal the loss of her sanity

  2. Thank you for the uploads. We are a week behind in Ireland. I'm so excited to get to catch up a little earlier 👍👍👍❤️ subscribed.

  3. JoSePH is a war criminal and he totally deserves to be executed along with 99% of the rest of the OG SoJ. But as we saw in the aftermath of WWII, few if any war criminals are ever actually charged with anything. The Nuremberg Trials were cathartic, but what we don't talk about (to be able to keep our sanity) is that over all, we got maybe 1% of the people who actually deserved to die for their participation in the crimes of Nazi Germany… If Commander Lawrence defected now, with a truckload of children and all his files on Gilead, he'd get away with everything he did. He'd be granted immunity and put in whatever the Canadian equivalent of Witness Protection is, so he could continue to be an "asset" to the state.

  4. Does anyone know the name of the track that starts playing at 0:56?? It also plays when Moira has made it to Canada and is being taken in as a refugee. It is so beautiful. The composer of this soundtrack deserves to be showered and bombarded with awards.

  5. Hi CinePhillia! I would love it if you checked out my page as a newbie Reviewer to The Handmaid's Tale Family! 🙂

  6. This will sound strange, but I’m kind of hoping Janine just somehow peacefully dies at this point. She’s already the most broken of all, and now her son is dead. If they do end up taking down Gilead, she’ll eventually find out, and I think she’ll just mentally break completely. I know it’s only due to the trauma, but she’s one of the nicest ones, and she really deserves to be happy, but I don’t think it’d be possible when she escapes.

  7. " things are always so much more exciting when you are here!"
    It's kind of like what she was told in the market.

  8. I noticed how the marthas feel so bad. you can see that they know whats going on and hates it, but they can't do anything. And how hard June is working to keep it together. the strength and mental restraint that must take! Dear God the acting is amazing!!

  9. the script is full of flaws:no woman was allowed read-not even a Commander's wife- and Eleanor knows that. Not only she does but she is OK with her handmaid.

  10. Both mad women don't see 3 hidden people, beds and bedding in opening few seconds… people hiding in the basement.

  11. why did they cut away from Mrs Lawrence I the scene with June – shes such a good actress it should have stayed on her for the whole basement scene

  12. Janine's son is dead that made me so sad for her she has been through so much pain and she doesn't deserve any of it.

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