Justina Valentine Drops a Flirty Freestyle for Trevor Jackson | Wild ‘N Out | MTV

(upbeat hip hop music) – [Announcer] Your Friday is about to get a hell of a lot more wild thanks to tonight’s back to back
episodes of Wild ‘N Out. First up, it’s Trevor
Jackson and Deon Cole taking on Nick Cannon and the red team. – My man, Trevor, is so super fly– – [Crowd] How super fly is he? – He had to be, he got it from me. (crowd cheers) – Aye, look, my man, Nick
Cannon, is so super fly– – [Crowd] How super fly is he? – Man, he got an African vampire slayer to come on the show, look at that. Look at that, tell me you
never seen one of those. Look at them boots.
– Look at them boots! – [Chico] Look at them boots, super fly. – Alright, check it out,
ATL, my man, Trevor Jackson, is so super fly. – [Crowd] How super fly is he? – All the girls say he amazing
and hot, he sing and act. He might be the next Jamie Foxx. You comin’ for his spot,
he gon’ tell you, “No way.” I love a man who act, he
always know how to role play. (crowd cheers) – Can I stand in the
middle for my super fly? – Sure.
– Okay. (crowd laughs) Trevor, alright, so my guy,
Nick Cannon, is so super fly. – [Crowd] How super fly is he? (clears throat) – That he put me on the
same stage as Trevor ’cause he knew I was gon’
try to shoot my shot. Hey, brother! (bell dings)
(sirens ring) – [Announcer] Then, it’s all your favs from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. (lightly claps) – Oh, my bad, I just thought
you were a vending machine ’cause you be lookin’ like a snack. (crowd laughs) – You be lookin’ like a snack! (crowd laughs) You be lookin’ like a snack! (crowd cheers) – Pull me on up. (crowd cheers) Now, see I could use all kinda lines ’cause you ain’t gonna turn me down in a wheelchair, you feel me? (laughs) But honestly, I can’t
holla ’cause I got a wife, and she up in this bitch, you feel me? (crowd laughs)
(bell dings) (crowd cheers) (crowd laughs) – Look, I been on this
show for a long time, and I done heard all the head jokes. I know my head look like
a big toe, all that. I just, you know, I
just gotta let you know since I got so much extra head, I was wondering if I could give you some? (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] After Wild ‘N
Out is a brand new episode of SafeWord where Tiffany
Haddish and Jamie Foxx make thing things awkward. – Here’s what we did, before this show, we swapped each of your phones. You guys are currently logged into each other’s real Twitter accounts. So Foxx, what y’all got? (hip hop music) – Okay, so we goin’ at one
of the greatest of all time ’cause his brother’s here too. “@ChrisRock, finally saw
your Netflix special, eh. “Hashtag, not my top five. “Hashtag, Jordan’s funnier.” (crowd gasps) – First off, this is gon’
like get my followers up ’cause they gon’ be like,
“What,” and I’ma be like, “Yep, Jordan is funnier.” They’ll be like, “Who is Jordan,” and I’m gonna be like,
“Jordan Peele,” easy. (crowd laughs) – [Announcer] Oh, and P.S.,
Basic to Bougie is back. New episodes drop every
Tuesday on YouTube. Check out a little preview. – Basic.
– Basic. – To Bougie.
– Bougie. (finger snaps) – Tim!
– If you don’t remember, we’re gonna be trying
three different versions of a basic food and
three different versions of a bougie food, try to
determine which is the cheapest and which is the most expensive. You might notice a little
something different. – Hey, y’all! – They had to get some
cuteness on the show. – I’m here to spice it up. – MTV’s own, TRL own,
Justina Valentine, everybody. – Thank you, baby.
– Make some noise for her. – I’m a huge fan of the show. You both have a little bit of basic and a little bit of bougie
so I like what you’re doing. – You right.
– Well, Tim’s clearly basic. – Yeah, he couldn’t even hit this. – That was hurtful, that was a hurtful– (sheep bleating) (bougie music) – We’re goin’ blindfold,
they gon’ put food in us. We gotta figure out what it is. Tim, dap, Tim, dap, Tim, dap. Justina, where you at, dap.
– Right here. – Lock it in.
– This is nice. – Get to feelin’, get to feelin’. – The sausages again?
– Is this you, is this you? – That’s Tim’s hand.
– Tim, let go of my hand. – Oh.
– Thank you. – These are dog treats for sure. – They are cookies! That’s a good way to start the day. (bougie music) Tim, we got cookies! (clanking) Did y’all just beat the
cookie on the table? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Alright, look, let’s dive in. – You know what we should
do, we should Godvia in. (comedic drums) – [Announcer] Catch Wild ‘N
Out and SafeWord tonight, starting at 10/9 Central, only on MTV.

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  1. I been waiting for Trevor to be back on the show . If I was on the episode with him I be tryna get him to 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. I seen the clip earlier today, but I think it was a semi full one. All I kept thinking was, "ain't she wit Con?!" I think they briefly show his face in that clip and it's hard to tell. It's like, "nah, I got CONfidence, but damn gurl! National tv?!"

  3. Justina got piped my Timothy , conceited , and dc young fly just by the way they act towards each other and maybe some others

  4. Shorty should just be working on her rap career cause she be blazing 🔥 but then again she needs to stay on wild in out aslong as she can

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