Kate Middleton PREGNANCY TEST WITH A TWIST!!! – TELLING William she is PREGNANT – The Bumps Along

Kate Middleton pregnancy test with a twist telling William she is pregnant the bumps along the way according to Business Times the World Health Organization argues that women should wait at least 18 to 24 months between births if Middleton follows that standard then she is not eligible to get pregnant until October whatever happens insiders remain adamant that Middleton wants Lewis to have a younger sibling Middleton has watched her two other children grow up and develop a close bond with each other over the years she reportedly wants the same thing for Lewis who may be too young to bond with his older siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte Kate Middleton of course has not commented on the pregnancy rumors the royal watchers are convinced that she will make an announcement this fall while it would be wise for Middleton to wait a few months some fans are convinced that she is already expecting Middleton did not wait the recommended 18 months when she had her first two children and everything turned out just fine there is also some speculation that Kate Middleton wants to ride the publicity of Harry and Markel's recent birth by announcing her own pregnancy as quickly as possible there is no denying that this would give Middleton and William a bump in the press it would also take some attention off the other rumours that have been plaguing the royal family as of late she's already a mother of three but rumors have been rampant suggesting that Kate Middleton could opt to have a fourth child with her husband Prince William while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge haven't made any indication yet they're expecting or even planning to have a fourth child together that still hasn't put a rest to any of the stories after Prince Harry and Megan Markel welcomed their first son Archie Harrison together odds rose that the other royal couple would announce another pregnancy because many believe the Duchess would catch baby fever after welcoming her nephew a year on from the birth of Kate and William's third child Lewis Harry and Megan's firstborn is the biggest story in the world right now but fair spokeswoman Katie Bayless said at the time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have warmly welcomed the new arrival and now there is speculation that the little royal may have got the couple feeling again we make it seven halves that Kate and William will have a fourth baby which would excite royal fans who can't get enough of royal babies she added though it would mean she wouldn't have her fourth child until 2020 if Middleton is interested in having a fourth child she can conceive at the end of this year if she follows guidelines set by the World Health Organization according to the who the ideal spacing between pregnancies is a minimum of 18 to 24 months middleton would hit the 18-month mark by October of 2019 meaning a baby announcement isn't entirely out of the equation some people are starting to suspect that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child odds that the Duchess of Cambridge will announce her pregnancy in 2019 have been slashed to 2/1 leading many royal fans to believe that an announcement is imminent Kate and William already have Prince George Princess Charlotte and Prince Lewis and Prince Harry and Megan Markel are expecting a royal baby in the spring if it's true and Kate Middleton is pregnant her new baby will be sixth in line to the throne however other than the bookies slashing odds there aren't many clues that the Duchess is expecting in the days before Megan Markel announced her pregnancy she wore a buttoned-up coat to disguise her growing tummy Kate Middleton on the other hand does not seem to be dressing to hide a bump she has also been seen out and about over the past couple of weeks which would be unlikely if she were pregnant when she was expecting George Charlotte and Lewis the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from an acute form of morning sickness it's likely that if she were pregnant again she'd have the sickness again and would be resting at home however Kate is only 37 years old which means that there's plenty of time for her and William to have another baby and even if she's not pregnant fans of the royal family have still got a new arrival to look forward to in 2019 Prince Harry and his new wife Megan Markel are expecting their first child in the spring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge already have three children under the age of five Prince George he turned six this summer four year old Princess Charlotte and one year-old Prince Louis another baby would definitely keep Prince William and Kate Middleton on their toes to say the least Middleton is the first royal to have given birth to more than three children in the last 50 years now whether or not Prince William wants to have another child is a whole different issue the handsome prince has said plenty of times in the past that he thinks his children are rowdy and spoiled and that they get far too many toys for their birthdays and holidays he even said that their family was planning a special birthday party for Princess Charlotte and her friends and that things were expected to get loud to say the least additional reports also say that Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank are also thinking about getting pregnant by the end of this year – with so many Royals pregnant or giving birth it's getting hard keeping up with all of the Royal baby bumps thanks for watching please like and share the video in social networks we'll be right back to you as fast as we can

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  1. Just the FACT that Prince Louis' name kept being MISPRONOUNCED in this link to ME, just PROVES everything said in it is UNTRUE!

  2. Kate needs to plump up BEFORE she gets pregnant. She is too skinny. She is like an empty vessel. When is she going to contribute other than children?

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